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Anthargange Trek Details

The landscape of the trek consists mostly of volcanic rocks that have cooled off to form massive boulders. There is a unique network of caves that have formed in this hilly region which are a major draw to the area. It is, therefore, common to combine the Anthargange trek and caving. Some of the caves are massive, while others are just narrow enough for a person to crawl through.

The trek provides a variety of activities for adventure lovers, such as cave exploration, camping, rock climbing, rappelling and bouldering. Bouldering involves you climbing the massive monolithic rocks left behind by the volcanic rocks. You can also engage in chimney climbing. This is a relatively new sport limited to only certain regions. Here you will explore caves, squeezing between rock formations to further your journey. The sport tests both your agility and endurance. For those interested in spirituality, the Kashi Kshetra Temple nearby is worth a visit.

Once you reach the top of the hills, you get to see the beautiful sunrise and views. Once you finish exploring you will make your way back. On your way you may be lucky enough to spot a few animals that dwell in certain parts of the cave.

Anthargange Trek - An Overview

Location: Anthargange Mountain, Kolar District, Karnataka

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 70 kilometres

Famous for: Breathtaking views, its network of caves.

Trip Duration: One night

Trek Distance & Duration: 6 kilometres, approximately 4 hours to complete the trek. Timings and distances may differ due to multiple route options.

Altitude: 1712 metres

Difficulty Level:

The trek covers 3 kilometres each way, taking you through some rocky paths and culminating at the cave site where you will go exploring. You will have to have moderate fitness levels to compete this trek.

How to reach Anthargange:

1. Take a taxi from Bangalore or can take your own private vehicle and cover the 70 kilometres in approximately two hours.

2. There are local buses that will take you to the village of Kolar which is 4 kilometers away from Anthargange.

3. Kolar is the nearest railway station and is well connected to the major cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai Pune, and Tirupati.

4. You can alternatively travel to Bangalore and then hire a cab or drive yourself to Anthargange.

Anthargange Weather Conditions:

1. June to November is when Anthargange has heavy rains.

2. March to May is when summer takes over and temperatures can reach 37 degrees celsius, making trekking difficult.

3. December to February is when Anthargange welcomes the winters. It can get quite chilly at night, though.

Anthargange Trek Route:

Route 1:

1. The Crazy Hills Resort route is the relatively easier one and has a perfect motorable path.
2. The last patch of the road, however, deteriorates and you need to be extra careful if you are in a vehicle.
3. This path is on par with the altitude of the hill and there is not much of a climb as compared to the other route.

Route 2:

4. If you take the Dakshina Kashi Kshetra Temple route, you can park your vehicle in the vicinity of the temple compound and make your climb to the summit.
5. The water caves are accessible through this route, however, if you are trekking at night you will need a guide as the caves are away from the main trail and can prove difficult explore.

Best Time for Anthargange Trek:

Since the terrain on the Anthargange trail is rugged and somewhat challenging, the best time to trek here is during the winter. The weather is pleasant and the cool climate should make it comfortable for hiking the trails of Anthargange.

Anthargange Night Trek - Itinerary:

1. Pick up from Bangalore at 11 pm.
2. Reach the Anthargange basecamp by 2.30 am and begin prepping for trekking expedition.
3. The trek starts by 3 am followed by the water cave exploration.
4. The trek finishes by 5 am post which you can take part in activities like chimney climbing.
5. Watch the beautiful sunrise at around 6 am and then head Back to the basecamp.
7. Grab breakfast and leave for Bangalore by 8.45 am.

Things to carry:

1. Garbage bag to keep litter while trekking
2. A torch to guide you through the night trek
4. Comfortable trekking shoes and a backpack
5. Raincoat/poncho
6. Water, energy bars or dry fruits

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Anthargange is during the monsoon ( June to November). The entire landscape comes alive with greenery and makes for a photogenic background. You can visit Anthargange during winters as well, if you love chilly breezes and the cold.

Anthargange Trek Map Location:

Anthargange is 70 kilometers from Bangalore, close to the town of Kolar. The town also has several tourist attractions such as the Someshwara Temple and the Kolaramma Temple.

3 Amazing Things to Do on the Anthargange Trek:

Bouldering: This activity has you climbing the monolithic rocks that surround Anthargange.

Campfire: Once you finish your trek at Anthargange, you can soak in the warmth and revelry by a campfire.

Cave Exploration: Exploring the massive network of caves can be exciting and awe-inspiring.

Safety Measures:

1. Before embarking on any trek, always run a basic fitness check. Consult your doctor if needed.
2. Investing in protective gear like trekking shoes and track pants will help you prevent injuries during the trek
3. The trek will take you through some thorny vegetation, be sure to be on the lookout.
4. Be well rested before your trek. Fatigue might set in and spoil your experience otherwise.

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