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Kunti Betta Trek Details

Trekking through Kunti Betta is a magical experience as you make you way through the serene yet exciting trail. On Kunti Betta trek, trekkers can hike through trails that are rich in history and offer an amazing view of the Thonnur Lake.

One of the first landmarks you come across on the trek is a well-known temple that is a pilgrimage site for Hindus. The route that begins near the temple passes through sugarcane fields with canals and paths that were once used by the Pandavas. Halfway through the trek you reach lookout points that offer majestic views of the valley.

Treks are no fun without a bit of a challenge and Kunti Betta features hiking trails that are a mix of exciting and easy to moderate in difficulty. Experienced tour guides lead the way through the most scenic routes. There are also plenty of camping activities to keep you entertained.

Kunti Betta Trek Overview:

Location: Pandavapura in the Mandya District

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 125 kilometres

Famous for: Kayaking, Historic hiking trail, Panoramic views of the Thonnur lake

Trip Duration: One day

Trek Distance & Duration: 5-6 Kilometres both ways, 1.5 hours each way

Altitude: 900 Metres

Difficulty Level of Kunti Betta Trek:

At a moderate difficulty level, some portions of the Kunti Betta trail might be a little hard to maneuver through. However, for most parts, hikers will find the route fairly easy for trekking.

How to reach Kunti Betta:

1. Kunti Betta is a short 3-hour drive away from Bangalore. You can either drive down or hire a private taxi. If you are driving down, park your car at the school near Kunti Betta Hill. You may be charged a parking fee.

2. There are several buses that ply from Bangalore to Mandya and Srirangapatna. From these stops, you have to hail a taxi to Kunti Betta.

Kunti Betta Weather Conditions:

1. The monsoon in Kunti Betta sets in from June and lasts till August. During the season, the place sees frequent light showers and the weather can be quite unpredictable.
2. Summer lasts from March to May - it gets moderately hot during this season.
3. In the winter, temperatures drop and the climate is great for trekking.

Kunti Betta Trek Route:

1. Start your trek from the temple at the foothill of Kunti Betta. This route is the most popular one to Kunti Betta peak.

2. Keep your eyes open for inscriptions and artwork on some rocks along the way.

3. Stop halfway through, at the many lookout points from where you soak in views of Thonnur Lake.

4. There’s a point along the way from where you can take two routes. One is through the paddy fields and the other is through dense vegetation.

5. You will know you are close to the peak when you come across boulders and dense bushes, about an hour into your trek.

Best Time to Trek:

The best time to trek in Kunti Betta is during the early winter. The climate is at its best and the place looks majestic. It’s also the perfect time to do a bit of sightseeing along with your trek.

Kunti Betta Day Trek - Itinerary:

1. Depart Bangalore at 5 AM, picking up passengers from 4 points along the way.
2. Reach the campsite at Kunti Betta by 8 AM, have breakfast before heading out for the trek.
3. Begin the trek by 10 AM with briefing by the trek leader on the dos and don’ts.
4. Reach the peak point at 12 PM, enjoy rappelling and some activities.
5. Head back down from the peak at 2 PM to reach base by 4 PM 
6. Have tea and snacks before departing for Bangalore at 5.30 PM 

Things to Carry:

1. Drinking water
2. A sturdy pair of sports or trekking shoes
3. Moisturizer and Sunscreen
4. Depending on the season, a windcheater or light jacket
5. Tissue paper or a hand towel
6. Camera (optional)
7. Sunglasses and a cap (optional)
8. Energy bars or dry fruits (optional)

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The trek package includes the following:

1. Meals at the campsite
2. Rappelling and outdoor activities
3. Trek instructor charges
4. Transportation to and from Kunti Betta by bus

The trek package does not includes the following charges:

1. Meals on the bus
2. Insurance
3. Any cost not mentioned in the inclusions above.

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best Time to Visit Kunti Betta:

During the monsoon, the weather is cool but the rain makes it difficult to trek through the rocky Kunti Betta terrain.
The best time to trek at Kunti Betta is in months from October to May. The weather is fabulous and it is the perfect season for added activities such as kayaking and rappelling.

Kunti Betta Map Location:

Kunti Betta is not too far away from Bangalore, it is no wonder then that the place is a popular place for weekend treks. It is only around 125 kilometres away from Bangalore.

3 Amazing Things to Do on the Kunti Betta Trek:

1. Rappelling: At Kunti Betta you can participate in rappelling. Rappelling at Kunti Betta is not for the faint hearted, as coming down the rocks is quite exhilarating.

2. Kayaking: The rapids at Thonnur Lake are great for kayaking. Go during the winter for the best experience. Those looking to enjoy kayaking alone can ask for the single boat. You need to be experienced enough to handle a kayak, though.

3. Boating: Those who aren’t comfortable with kayaking can ride on dinghy boats across Thonnur Lake. The route passes through scenic landscapes.

Safety Measures:

1. Give your body enough rest before attempting the Kunti Betta trek.
2. For the trek, you will need to wear a sturdy and good pair of trekking shoes.
3. Carry all your prescribed medication along, as there is a chance that you might not find chemist stores around the Kunti Betta trekking trail.
4. Check with your doctor before participating in any trek if you have any medical conditions affected by strenuous activity.

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