101 Things to Do in Pune

The Definitive Guide For Things To Do in Pune - Meet Your City! Curated and carefully chosen by our editors, this 101 list represents the best of the best that this city has to offer.


Adventure Paragliding at Kamshet

Kamshet is known for some of the best adventure activities in Pune. Paragliding is among the most popular. With well trained assistance and all the fun training sessions you’ll be paragliding like a pro in no time!

Catch some Live Music at Hard Rock Cafe

As one of the best Rock cafe’s across the country, a city’s party packed vibrance would mean nothing if not for a Hard Rock Cafe and it’s thumping beats. With popular artists and bands in the country taking over the stage, Hard rock cafe offers the best unwind state with some music & beer!

Korigad Fort exploration

The 660 ft fort is at an altitude of 3038 ft near Amby Valley. This is among the famous trekking spots with scenic views of the hill ranges nearby. The cave exploration along Korigad is also one of the most preferred things to do by adventure junkies.

Party at the Blue Frog

Blue Frog is among the best party venues in Pune. The place has been living upto its reputation of hosting some of the classic parties in town. Their food menu is something to look forward too along with an equally complimented Bar Menu.

Trek to Rajmachi

The scenic trek to Rajmachi Fort is one of the most popular treks among Punekars. The lovely fort is situated at an altitude of 2710 ft. Offeriing a tunning view of the Shayadri mountains, the trek is a must do when in Pune.

Party with some live music at the famous Irish Village Brewery

The Irish Village Brewery in Pune is always on a party buzz. They happen to have the best beer in town that pairs perfectly with the fun DJ and party events that they hosts through the weekends. Craft beer, wheat beer, lager, you name it and they’ve got it. This is also a great place to watch some live sports screening with you squad.

Trip to Lonavala

Lonavala is a stunning hill station escape near Pune. With views of hills and panoramic view points of the surroundings, Lonavala serves as a great weekend getaway from Pune. About 64 Kms from the city of Pune, a road trip is just the amount of scenic that one would want while escaping from a crowded city.

Chill out at 1000 Oaks

Got some good party scene on your mind? Then 1000 Oaks is the best place to be. This would be the perfect spot to grab a drink and unwind with your favourite squad. Their scrumptious North Indian menu definitely deserves a mention after successfully filling the hearts of people over 2 decades.

Escape to the Torna Fort

Torna is one of the largest forts in Pune. The hill in itself stands at an altitude of 4,603 ft, making this fort one of the tallest in Maharashtra. The fort is just 50 Kms away from Pune. The fort is also one of the perfect monsoon trekking spots near Pune.

Pub Crawl, Party and go on a Beer Trail

Pune has some of the best breweries and party places. Known for it’s nightlife, Pune is also a hub for new pubs and clubs that keep emerging and doing great. Pune is the best city to go in for a pub crawl and beer trail keeping in mind the perfect breweries and party spots among the popular pubs.

Enjoy the scenic views of Thoseghar Waterfalls - 500Mts - 137 Kms

Thoseghar waterfalls is one of the most stunning waterfalls at about 20 Kms from Satara. Monsoon is the best time to be at the falls to enjoy some absolute calm in the middle of dense green and a hilly surrounding.

Gather your sports squad for a match at Balewadi Stadium

Balewadi Stadium is one of the oldest and well known venue for sports. The stadium has been the proud host of the FC Pune City of Indian Super League and many more popular sport teams in India

Chill out at the best pubs at Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is the party hub of the city. You can catch a glimpse of the awesome Pune Nightlife right here. With pubs ranging from the oldest mellow one to the newest fancy lights, Koregaon has it all. This side of the city comes alive during weekends with some serious party vibes triggering the crowd.

Run a Marathon in Pune

Get enrolled on of the massive marathons in the city. Venues like Balewadi Stadium hosts some of the biggest running meets every now and then. Participating at one of these marathons in the city would let one have a first hand experience of being a part of a mass running group in Pune. There are also other orgnaizations that host great running events.

Epic Day Out at Adlabs Imagica

If nothing on a chilled out weekend, you can spend the day at the amazing Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli. The super fun rides and entertainment, is the perfect escape from a routine work week for adults as well as kids. Enjoy the water rides and land rides. There are also facilities to stay over if you're planning for a weekend out at Imagica.

Get on a fun Hot Air Baloon Safari at Lonavala

Lonavala also offers some great adventure activities that the visitors can enjoy. Get on a Hot Air Balloon ride and catch the perfect birds-eye view of the beautiful landscapes.

Hangout at the charming Marz-o-rin cafe.

The practically 100 year old building plays the perfect host to relax and unwind with some out of the world level sandwiches. As old as the menu has been, the cafe serves great food and has put together lovely ambience for people to enjoy and catch up over some cold coffee.

A day at Diamond Adventure Park

Diamond Adventure Park is top on the list if you are looking for a fun day out. With some of the best games and water rides, this place is quite impressive and also comfortable to keep the kids and the family entertained through the day.

Catch a stunning view of the city from Parvati Hills

Parvati Hills is one of the most lovely getaways if you are looking to escape the bustle of the city for some time of quiet and serenity. The hill is at an altitude of 2100 ft. and gives the perfect birds-eye view of the city of Pune. The 103 steps that gets one to the top of the hill leads to the Blackstone Devdeveshwara temple, built in 1749

Get on a Scuba Diving Adventure

Trigger a bit of the adventure junkie in you! An experience of Scuba Diving through scuba diving organizers that are popular in Pune, would let you in on the unique aspects of being a part of a great fun. With well trained supervision and safety measures, a Scuba Diving session could completely let you in on the best side of being an adventure lover. Absolute Scuba Diving India is one of the organizers who are also popualr in the country.

Visit Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Managed by Pune Municipal Corporation, the 130 acre Zoological Park houses 3 sections including a zoo, animal orphanage and snake park. This is one of the best spots to pick for a day out in Pune. The Park also has a animal rescue team that helps with injured or orphaned. Some of the endangered exotic wildlife can be spotted right here.

Catch one of the Meditation Sessions at Yes 2 Life

Providing a very peaceful surrounding, Yes2Life lets you de-stress using meditation as a medium. The sessions focus on letting one practice the art of being and to be able to connect with the inner self.

Attend an event at Gyaan Adab Centre

Gyaan Adab Centre has been focusing on helping women enrich their lives through literature and arts. Their ultimate aim however is to let everyone celebrate the gift of literature in any form possible. The interesting events and projects by Gyaan Adab includes interactive discussions, book reading, communication activities, expressing through art and more. Most events focus on building community relations and helping women step out and explore life. Being a part of an event here, is sure to leave you inspired for life.

Watch a play at Swatantra Theatre Group

Swatantra Theatre was formed in 2006 with an idea of rekindling the dying art form of ‘Hindi Theatre’. After having successfully producing several Hindi plays, the group has established great standards for the Hindi art industry. They also conduct Theatre & Film courses and workshops keeping in mind aspiring artists who are looking for a platform to learn the best kind of the art.

Explore Karla and Bhaja caves

The Bhaja Caves date back to the 2nd Century. The group of 22 rock-cut caves are among the national monuments. With a buddhist history pinned, their archaeological importance is massive and is a must visit when in Pune. The Karla caves is also a group of rock-cut Indian-Buddhist caves. The oldest of them is said to be dating back to 160 BC and thus is among the few on the archeological importance. Exploring these caves are a unique experience if you are a history buff. Picture Credits: flickr - Soham Banerjee

Laze around at Pagdandi - Books Chai Cafe

If you are looking for piping hot chai, paired with some peace to sit and read a book then this the best place you’d ever find. The Pagdandi Books Chai cafe is truly one of its kind. With a wide range off amazing book collections for you to choose from and a menu that would keep you munching with no regrets, this place is a haven to book lovers and thinkers in their own zone of thoughts.

Karaoke at Classic Rock Cafe Co.

With great ambience and a great crowd coming together to chill and party, Classic Rock is one of the best places to hangout in the city. If you’re in the mood to get a bit fun and crazy then you need to be at one of the Karaoke nights here! They are known for some great coffee and yummy food too.

One day trip at Mulshi dam

Mushi is one of the most important dams in Pune. The Dam along the Mula River contributes to a major part of irrigation and producing electricity. As one of scenic places near Pune, a visit to Mulshi Dam would make a perfect one day tour or a small peaceful getaway from the city.

Weekend getaway to Lavasa

Lavasa is one of the most beautiful planned cities in the country. With architecture that positively is impressive serves as one of the best getaways for the people of Pune. The city resembles a lot of the Italian Town Portofino. To just be able to wake up to the scenic and serene hills along Lavasa is something one cannot miss out when in Pune

Cheese Out at ABC Cheese Farm

Got some cheese cravings to sort out? ABC Cheese Farm boasts a cheese platter with about 70 varieties of Cheese. They also host an annual Cheese Festival to top the awesome cheese they serve throughout the year. The menu deserves a special mention, they serve the best food perfectly suited for a food lover.

Attend a dance session at The Dance Floor

The Dance Floor is one of the happening dance schools in Pune. They offer some great courses on various latin dance styles. These sessions are also workshops and introductory classes for beginners. If you're looking to hit party dance floor over the weekend, then Dance Floor is the best way to brush up some moves.

Tech Workshop & Talks at Indian Institute of Science and Research

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research organizes great tech workshops, talks, Hackathons, Startup meets and more. Sign for one of these events if you are looking to get insights along intellectual concepts. Events for all kinds of educational streams including creative art and entertainment happen on campus. One of these events is bound to get you in on a social circle of like-minded people.

Street Shopping at Fashion Street

Fashion Street as the name suggests is known for the thrills of fashion trends it offers to shopping lovers. As a hub for most of the trending fashion in the city, Fashion Street shows some stunning variety of fashion factors and options fashion lovers can go for. Picture Credits: http://journeyfoodmfc.blogspot.in/2016/07/mfc-at-pune-cultural-capital-of.html

Boating at Panshet Lake

40 Kms away from Pune is the beautiful Panshet Lake. The lake lets you enjoy some super fun water sports. Boating along the lake is among the best things you can do to unwind while you are here. This is also one of the Popular Weekend Getaways.

Visit the ISKCON Temple

A visit to the iconic ISKCON temple in the city of Pune is a must when in the city. The peace and calm that the center offers is totally worth. The temple is located away from the bustle of the city, which is perfect for the public to pay their homage in a calm and quiet state. PC: http://centers.iskcondesiretree.com/pune-nvcc-temple/

Trek up Tikona Fort

Around 60 Kms from Pune is the Tikona Fort. At an altitude of 3500 ft is the triangular shaped scenic Tikona Fort that is also one of the popular trekking spots in and around Pune. The nearest is also the Kamshet village. A monsoon trek to the fort makes for a perfect adventure escape not too far from the city.

Explore the Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is one of the monumental architectures in Pune. The palace was built in 1982 and has some of the best architectural specifics. The palace also houses a memorial of Mahatma Gandhi where is ashes are kept. The 19 acres of land and building has exquisite Italian arches and well maintained lawns and is also the best place if you are looking to buy Khaadi and handloom textiles.

Seminar at Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries Agriculture Trade Tower

The venue is popular and has been hosting some of the most happeneing seminar in the city. Seminars on streams ranging from IT to Stock Investments happen here. This could be a great oppurtunity to meet and network with experts and

Run at Pune Running

Pune is one of the few cities that actively lets the public be a part of massive events on a regular basis. Last sunday of every month is the ‘Pune Running’ - event when all the running enthusiasts in the city come together for a run. As one of the most fun events, every fitness freak should be a part of this.

Catch live DJ at High Spirits

Pune has some of the best party places in town. High Spirits, one of the most happening pubs hosts great DJ shows. With great ambience and a menu that would add to a perfect party vibe, High Spirits lets you have a great party experience.

Attend a meditation session at Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram, named after their founder Osho, emphasis on living in peace and to be able to meditate in tranquility. Attending a meditation session at the Osho International Meditation Resort would help you completely shut out a restless mind and pull your mental strength up.

Breakfast at German Bakery

Craving for some yummy in your tummy? A laid-back breakfast at German Bakery can just sort your day out in no time. An outdoor seat and a quaint breakfast with the best delicacies is something you'd want to start of a day in Pune with. Don’t forget to try their Keema Pav and Mango Cheesecake!

Drive along Pune - Mumbai Expressway

If getaways are too much of work, then a quick drive away would be the perfect instant plan. The Pune - Mumbai Expressway has a scenic view that can in no time put one at ease.

Experience Nightlife at Mi-A-Mi

As one of the top clubs in Pune, Mi A Mi at JW Marriot lives upto its name with every party. They proudly host some of the popular DJ’s in the country. The luxury party venue has the best bar menu and food to go hand in hand with the kind of classy they promise for a party!

Grab a snack at the old Cafe Good Luck

Cafe Good Luck is one of the oldest and famous cafes in the city that still serves the best quality food in town. Established in 1935, this place is known for the most delicious bun maska, bun omlette and Iranian tea.

Trip to Bhimashankar

Bhimshankar, the source River Bhima is not very far from the city of Pune. The temple is popularly known for its exquisite architecture, skillfully done by the ancient Vishwakarma Sculptors. The literature along the structure of the temple dates back to 13th Century. This place is also one of the popular trekking spots. The highest point leads the trekker to the Nagfani ‘head of the snake’.

Enjoy City's Skyline from Sky Garage

Sky Garage is one of the most dreamy rooftop restaurants in the city. With the perfect view of a lit up city and some great food on the menu, Sky Garage sets a stunning vibe to an ordinary evening.

Trek up Matheran

As the smallest hill station in India, Matheran is a great getaway from a bustling Pune city. At a distance of just about 120 Kms from Pune, the hill station lives upto its name, which means ‘Forest on the forehead’. The dense green and nature has turned this place into an eco-sensitive hill station.

Visit Nana Wada

As a part of historical importance in Pune, Nana Wada has been stealing attention of history and architecture lovers in and arounf the country. This perfect model of the Wada achitecture is situated right behind the famous Sahniwar Wada. Built in 1780 by Nana Fanavis of the Peshwa Dynasty, this archtectural marvel proudly hosted the early modern education that emerged in this ara too.

Attend the Strawberry Festival at Mahabaleshwar

The hill station along the Sahyadri mountain range is said to have one of the most beautiful evergreen forests. Located just 120 Kms from Pune, Mahabaleshwar is at an altitude of 4439 ft. Known for the best strawberries in the country, Mahabaleshwar proudly hosts an annual Strawberry Festival that every travel lover should be a part of at least once.

Paintball at Magarpatta City

Magarpatta is one of the biggest privately owned gated society in Pune. With all amenities inside the campus that includes schools, hospitals and malls, Magarpatta City is spread across about 600 acres of land. Paintball Pune Fun Adda offers a fun time of paintball that you can gather a squad for a day out plan.

Enjoy a day out at the Pune Exhibitions

Pune as one of the vibrant cities has a very happening buzz all the time. Events that are suitable for a wide range of interests including art and culture, entertainment, education, photography and more, happen to take over the weekend scenes most times. If you are not really into partying the night away, then you need to be at these exhibhitions to catch the vibe of the city during the day. Enjoy a day out even on a photowalk at these events, makes for a great day out plan.

Explore Satara Fort - movie Bajirao Mastani was shot

The Satara Fort is among the popular forts in Pune. The city dates back to the 16th century and has some of the most beautiful forts. This is also where movie Bajirao Mastani was shot. The Kas Plateau adds to the scenic beauty if the city of Satara.

Shopping at Tulsi Baug

Tulsi Baug is one of the shopping hubs. Located in the heart of the city, the bustling shopping area practically sets the city on a cheerful buzz. Starting with some unique Maharastrian cooking items to jewelry, the market shows a wide range of shopping options.

Watch sunset at Kashid Beach - 100Kms

Kashid beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Pune. At a distance of about 100 Kms from the city of Pune is the perfect beach escape that offers the perfect sunset view and makes for a great weekend plan.

Be a part of Janawani Pune heritage walk

Heritage walk at Pune is something every Punekar must do at least once. The old colony area has some of the most beautiful sightseeings to offer. The old buildings, architecture and a total laid back life at that part of the town, lets one enjoy the lifestyle that Pune used to have. These heritage walks happen almost everyday.

Walk along Tekdi and enjoy some fresh air.

At an elevation of 2600 ft is the hill city of Vital Tekdi in the city limits of Pune. The observation deck serves as the perfect spot to be at after a morning trek up. The scenic view and a spot away from the city makes a perfect weekend plan.

Party at the NH7 Weekender

The city of Pune proudly hosts the NH7 Weekender. Every EDM lover is bound to have known or followed the event. But to be there to experience an out of the world party that simply intends to blow your mind is something that should not be missed out on.

Be a part of Pune Film Festival

Pune Film Festival is also one of the big events that attracts creative and enthusiastic crowd from all over the country and also from around the world. The festival starts with a bang and goes on for over a week exhausting the lists of screenings of movies from around the world.

Take Up Cooking Class Sessions.

Cooking Classes in general lets you experiment and learn the best ways of becoming a better cook. If baking or cooking is your passion, then catch up on a session to master the art. Pune has some of the best cooking classes and studios that let you take crash courses or even to be a part of a cooking workshop.

Be A Part Of Conferences at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park

The Westin Pune Koregaon Park is the perfect venue, if you are looking to build your business circle or network with people in a specific industry or a stream. Starting from medical conferences to startup meets, The Westin hosts events that are based on specific expertise that will let one connect with the network.

Try some Iranian Cuisne at Sisha Cafe

Shisha cafe at ABC Farms has the best iranian cuisine on their menu. With a great ambience, lovely surroundings and a good crowd, this place is also perfect for a lovely romantic evening.

Spend a day at Della Adventure Park, Lonavala

Della Adventure Park as the name suggests, offers a lot of fun adventure activities. The place serves as a perfect weekend getaway plan and promises fun for all kinds of adventure lovers. Some of the adventure activities here include dirt bike, rappelling, flying fox, land zorbing, paintball & more.

Adventure trek along Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley is one of the toughest treks in the region just about 198 Kms from Pune. The valley is known as the 'Valley of Shadows' because of the distance that is between the rocky trail, that doesn't even let sunlight seep through. Avid trekkers and adventure junkies' perfect adventure plan. The best time to trek along the Sandhan Valley is between November and February.

Relax at Kamla Nehru Park

The Kamla Nehru Park is one of the best places around to go for a jog or a brisk walk in the morning or let the children play around. The lawns at the park are well maintained also making it a hangout spot for a pleasant evening.

Weekend trip to Divegar Beach - 160 Kms

At a distance of 160 Kms from Pune is the scenic beach destination Diveagar. With wide stretched beaches and clean untouched nature would sure put anyone in a tranquil state. Secluded, less populated beaches make a wonderful getaway to detox the city stress. PC: https://www.flickr.com/photos/abhijittembhekar/3518595685

Check out the mind blowing artwork at Pune Biennale.

Pune Biennale is an annual art expo. The event features some of the best artists from around the country and has artists from all corners of the world bustling in and out, contributing to the fields of art, theatre & literature.

Catch a live Classical Music Concert

Pune happens to be one among the cities that have socities that promote classical music and culture among the youth. They point out the significance of the rich Indian heritage with their stunning performance. These socities gather together to perform, teach and learn the lovley art form of classical music that has been a legacy to our Indian culture. Catching a live performance organized by one of these socities would make for a perfect evening unwind in Pune.

Camp at Panshet Dam

Panshet Dam near Pune is one of the perfect spots for an overnight camping. An activity that attracted quite a number of travellers, also attracted adventure activity organizers and camping facility organizers very quickly. As one of the most preferred adventure junkie thing to do, Camping at Panshet Dam has also become a great camping experience.

Trek along Harishchandraghad

About 170 Kms from Pune is one of the best and challenging treks. The 2 day trek trails through some challenging steep ascend that might tire the trekker in no time. While this is a difficult level trek the views are very rewarding and the trek is open throughout the year.

Open Air Movie Night at Lost The Plot

Bringing back some nostalgic romance or some sweet family time is the open air Theatre. The movie is aired on an open air terrace that lets people find their own cozy spot to snuggle up to and watch movies, creating the most comfortable ‘home’ experience while at it.

Experince village stay at Junnar - 91.7 Kms from Pune

Junnar is one of the quaint small villages, 91 Kms away from the city of Pune. The village stay at this place lets you in on a lovely experience of soaking up all the peace and calm that a village stay could offer unlike a ruffled city life.

Get on a Speed Dating Event for a fun evening

Looking for a fun evening meeting new people in the city? Be at one of the speed dating sessions that happen over the weekends across the city. This is could be a great way to meet new people and some great conversation over a drink.

Experince Lohaghad at it’s best during Monsoons

At an altitude of 1033 ft, Lohaghad is among one of the best hill forts in Pune. The fort shows the best views during the monsoon and is also a popular one day trip destinations from Pune.

Go one an adventure Night Trek.

Pune has some of the most epic spots for night treks. Apart from just the adventure, you are bound to catch some time for stargaze or watch meteor showers. Spots like Bhopdev are best suited for star gazing while on a night trek. Night treks make for a perfect weekend plan when in Pune, if you are thinking about escaping crowds.

Night Camping at Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake, surrounded by some of the scenic landscapes happens to be one of the best spots for camping out during the weekends. Gather your camoing buddies for this one. There are quite a lot of adventure event organizers who help with stay along the Pawna Lake camping spot.

Photography Session at Sappers Retreat

Sappers Retreat is one of the most well known venues that host various Photography events every now and then. The place is scenic with a number of perfect spots to learn photography. Be it landscapes or even finding great frames, this place seem to have a charm that would help with learning photography. Sign up for one of the photography sessions.

Savour Sunday Brunches In The City.

Sunday brunch in the city is something you can look forward to for after a super fun saturday night party. Brunch melas keep happening in the city. To top it off are the regular laid-back brunches with wine that specific resautrants in the city host regularly. Unwind at one of these brunches in the city that also gives the perfect balance of friday vibe and a sunday calm.

Explore Raighad Fort

The Raighad fort at about 2700 ft is among the beautiful hill forts. The 1737 steps lead to the top of the fort. While the fort was ruined after the british capture, the fort still stands in all beauty making it one of the most prefered trekking and sightseeing spots in Pune.

Take a dance lesson at Latin Verve Dance Company

The dance company offers a variety of Latin Dance courses and if you looking to get the groove kick started, then taking up a course with Latin Verse could be the best move! They also organize Latin Dance workshops.

Chill Around at Ishanya Mall

While street shopping is still fun, there’s nothing like lazing around doing some serious window shopping at malls. You’ve got a couple of hours to kill and want to do nothing, then Ishanya Mall would be the best option to chill around at.

Attend An Event At Waari Book Cafe

Waari Book Cafe hosts great events that support art, literature and theatre. To top it off are the events exclusively for Kids. The events range from open mic sessions for kids to book reviews that gater a great bunch of literature lovers in the city. You need to be at one of these to enjoy thuroughly.

Attend Poetry Event by Bullock Cart Poetry

If you love poetry then you should definitely be at one of Bullock Cart Poetry's events that happen across the city of Pune. They also host oepn mic sessions that lets participants show case their work.

Sign up for a Workshop with Living Bridge

Living Bridge hosts great workshops and sessions that would help people with various interests. They have a wide range of sessions on Photography, Filmmaking, Creative Writing and more. If you are looking to start of with a passion in any form of art, this could be the best place to begin with. They cater to bother beginner and advanced level learning.

Some book love at BDB Book Club

Book reviews, panel discussions and thoughts on literature and gatherings that encourage literature lovers to voice out are well hosted by the popular BB Book Club in Pune. You need to be at one of their events if you are looking to meet like minded people or build a network of similar interests.

Trek up Rajgad Fort - 54 Kms

One of the most popular forts in Pune is the Rajgad Fort. At about 54 Kms away from the city of Pune, the Rajgad fort at an altitude of 4,600 ft, stands tall, protecting the ancient history of Pune.

Karaoke Night out in the city

Gather your fun bunch friends and be at one of the Karaoke nights in the city! There's music, food, drinks and a fun chance for you to hit the stage with some crazy songs.

Group Fun at the Mystery Rooms

Solve puzzles, search for hints and breakthrough a mystery game at the Mystery Rooms. This place is an ideal venue to have a fun team outing from work or even a great entertainment time for kids. They have various activities at different difficulty levels that the groups can choose from. Makes for a great weekend fun activity!

Chill out at Nagoan Beach

Nagoan beach boasts a clean cost and some super fun water adventure sports. While it is not very far from Alibaug Beach, the beach has a contrast of crowds and is pretty laid back than other beaches that are close by.

Unwind at a Music Festival in Pune

As one of the most popular party hubs in the country, Pune hosts some of the massive music festivals throughout the year. Starting with NH7 Weekender to episodes of Sunburn, the list of music festivals go on. You need to be at one of these to catch the entire city on a music high and party buzz.

Tech Workshops at Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium

Suman Moolgaokar Auditorium is one of the most popular venues that hosts some great workshops, book launches and many more. With great facities and a hall for a well packed crowd, gatherings and conferences at this auditorium happens to be one of the best ways to learn and network in the city.

Catch the buzz of the city at MG Road

MG Road in Pune, is always bustling with life and is on a constant buzz during the day. With shops to be at, Malls to explore and quaint food joints, make sure the entire day is sensible panned out to simply do nothing.

Laze around at Phoenix Mall

As one of the recent and biggest malls in Pune, Phoenix has a plethora of stores one can pick from to shop or to simply get an idea.You can also catch some free live music at the Phoenix Mall.

Night trek along Ghangad

Ghangad is one of the most fun treks and is also famous spot for a night trek. In the heart of the Tamhini Ghat is the Ghangad that shows one of the most scenic views along the trek. Night treks are organized along the fort that lets the trekkers experience catching a lovely sunrise after a trek and camping through the night.

Fun trek to Sinhagad Fort

Pune is one of the cities that is surrounded by way too many Forts. This one however, is one of the most beautiful and popular treks that doesn’t bore in just one trip. The scenic drive and the fort along with its stunning architecture lets one overlook the ruins that might have added to the beauty in fact.

Catch Up On Sports at TOSS Sports Bar

This most popular sports bar in town has some great sports events happening. A perfect spot for budding sportsmen to meet and connect. The theme around the venue is all about Football, Cricket, Badminton and more sports streams. Live screening of matches see a packed venue on highspirits.

Sign up for some fitness fun at The Room Pune

The popular fitness and lifestyle club is finally here in Pune! They offer a wide range of fitness regimes that fitness lovers can choose from. If you are just starting out on some fitness measures, this is the best place to begin. They also have fitness classes for kids. Over the weekend they also have comedy events and special fun training sessions to motivate the crowd.

Catch A Live Theatre Performance

The city among the number of perks also happens to be a hub for art and cultural activities. With popular theatre groups rising from the city, there are great theatre performances happening. Pune also has specific venues that only host theaterical events. Be at one of the theatre events to experience the legacy and impact art has made in this city.

Attend A Fun Workshop at Ekattha

Ekattha - the design fakotry hosts great fun workshops that ranges from painting, art, baking, fashion talks and many more. A weekend workshop session here is sure to let you learn and network with like-minded people in the city. These workshops feature experts in the field and lets you in on a great learning spree if you are just starting out.

Explore Tamhini Reserve Forest

As one of the newest Sanctuary in Maharashtra, Tamhini is one of the perfect spots for Birdwatchers and nature lovers. The scenic reserve forest is also a conservation reserve for endangered species. Just 65 Kms away from Pune, the forest is scenic with a beautiful garden and a temple dedicated to Vinzai Devi. The place attracts birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts from all over the country.

Walk along Okayama Friendship Garden

Also known as Pu La Deshpande, is one of the largest gardens. The garden is of a 10 acre land, with natural canals running across. This scenic place is one of the best places to hang out and relax when in Pune.