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Kundadri Trek Details

The Kundadri hiking trail is famous for its natural surroundings and it is also a pilgrimage route. Hikers should not have a problem getting to the top as the route is straightforward. However, some trekkers might find it strenuous to move through wild vegetation and rugged terrain. On the trek you walk past small streams and you’ll even come across the Varahi Dam.

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Although the trek is not dangerous, avoid hiking during the monsoon. Parts of the trail can get slippery and there might be bugs and leeches crawling along the route. For an easier way to explore, drive up halfway by car or bike and then take the flight of fifty odd steps to the temple.

On the trek to Kundadri Peak you will pass through some of the most amazing natural landscapes. Trekking is not the only outdoor activity you will enjoy, you can also visit the Jain temple and camp overnight at a nearby campsite.

Kundadri Trek - An Overview:

Location: Close to Thirthahalli

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 356 kilometres

Famous for: Ancient Jain Temple, easy-to-trek paths

Trip Duration: Two days, one night

Trek Distance & Duration: 14 kilometres, approximately 6 hours to complete the trek

Altitude: 975 metres

Difficulty Level:

Even though the Kundadri Trek is easy complete, certain parts of the terrain can be slightly difficult for some. First time trekkers might find the 14 kilometre (both ways) walk a bit long. However, the scenic landscapes along the way make the trek easier to complete.

How to reach Kundadri from Bangalore:

1. If you are driving down from Bangalore take the National Highway NH-206 for Shimoga and then a detour to NH-13 to reach Thirthahalli.

2. Buses for Shimoga start from the Kempegowda bus stop. From Shimoga hail a taxi to Thirthahalli.

Kundadri Weather Conditions:

1. Summers can get hot and generally last for about 3 months (March-May)

2. The monsoon brings in relief from the heat. Monsoons begin from June and last till mid-September.

3. Winter is cool and enjoyable and it sets in from October end and lasts till February.

The Kundadri Trek Route:

1. The route to the top of Kundadri Hill is straightforward.

2. From the base of the hill, follow a rugged path that leads all the way up to the gate of the Jain Temple.

3. If you feel like it, mid-way through make a stopover at Varahi Dam. The air and the ambiance around the dam is refreshing.

4. Just before you reach the gates of the temple, there is a small portion of land that has rocky terrain, be cautious while passing through it.

Best Time for Kundadri Trek:

The best time to trek to Kundadri hill is in the winter - September and November are ideal for trekking. The weather is good during these months and the misty mountains are a joy to admire.

Two Day Itinerary for a Kundadri Trek:

Day 0

1. Leave Bangalore for the homestay in Kundadri at 9 pm.

Day 1

2. Reach the homestay by 4 am and rest for a while.
3. Begin the trek at 6 am to reach the Jain temple by 9 am.
4. Have brunch at a spot outside the temple, do a bit of sightseeing and make the climb down by 1 pm.
5. Reach base by 4 pm and have snacks and tea.
6. Head back to the homestay for fun outdoor camping activities.
7. Eat dinner and go to bed.

Day 2

8. Wake up early, have breakfast at the homestay and return back to Bangalore.

Things to Carry:

1. Clothes and toiletries for two days
2. Moisturizer and sunscreen (optional)
3. A strong and sturdy backpack
4. Sunglasses and a cap (optional)
5. Camera (optional)
6. A light jacket or a sweater
7. Prescribed medication

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The trek package includes the following:

1. Meals and accommodation at a homestay
2. Trek guide charges
3. First-aid support
4. Transportation fees
5. Forest and government permissions
6. Camping activities

The trek package does not include:

1. Insurance
2. Meals on the bus
3. Any other item not included in the inclusions section.
4. Brunch at the peak

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit to do the Kundadri trek is in winter. During the season, the climate is at its best and the misty mountains are a joy to witness.

Kundadri Trek Map Location

Thirthahalli, where Kundadri Hill is situated is located away from Shimoga. Getting to the trekking spot is not difficult. You can take a bus or drive down. Kundadri is about a seven hour drive away from Bangalore.

3 Things to do on a Kundadri Trek:

1. Explore an old Jain Temple: At the top of Kundadri mountain lies an old Jain temple that has interesting architecture. Spend about an hour exploring the temple and the ponds nearby.

2. Watch the Sunrise: If you can make it to the top of the peak early, make sure you catch the stunning sunrise from Kundadri peak. It is a joy to watch and is a good opportunity for a great picture.

3. Visit the Varahi Dam: While trekking up Kundadri Peak, make sure to spend a few minutes relaxing by the Varahi Dam. The place is an ideal spot for a break from the trek.

Safety Measures:

1. Follow all the instruction of the trek leader.
2. Wear comfortable and strong trekking shoes.
3. Although not necessary, wear gloves with a good grip. They come handy for spots that you have to climb over on the trail.
4. Carry all your prescribed medication, there might not be chemist around the trekking spot.
5. Make sure you carry enough of water for the trek.

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