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Savandurga Trek Details

Savandurga comprises two hills, the Karighatta (Black Hill) and the Billigudda (White Hill). The climb up both the hills is an amazing experience. On the trek to Savandurga, you will encounter terrain that for most parts is moderately challenging with some portions being easy to hike. The trail provides a fantastic opportunity to novice and experienced trekkers to relish a thrilling trek. For novices, the trail is the perfect place to improve their trekking skills. Seasoned trekkers will love maneuvering through rocky terrain.

On the trek, hike through forests, climb up rocks and gaze at exotic migratory birds. From the top of the hills you can admire the lush greenery and explore the ruins of the Kempegowda Fort. Certain portions of the hill offer gorgeous views of lakes, forests and villages.

Expert guides lead you through interesting and scenic routes that make for a memorable experience. There is also a small tour of the ruined Kempegowda Fort - a famous historical attraction near Bangalore.

Savandurga Trek Overview

Location: Magadi Road

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 50 kilometres

Famous for: Largest Monolith rock in Asia, complicated rocky terrain, the Kempegowda Fort, picturesque views.

Trip Duration: One day

Trek Distance & Duration: 6 Kilometres, 2 hours each way .

Altitude: 1226 metres

Savandurga Trek Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level of the Savandurga trek will depend on which route you take. There are some routes that are moderately difficult and there are those that are difficult to hike on for amateur and moderately-skilled trekkers.

How to reach Savandurga:

1. The drive from Bangalore to Savandurga is two hours long via the Mysore Road. This is the quickest route to take. There’s parking available at the base camp of the hill and it is safe to leave your vehicle there for a few hours.

2. There are BMTC buses that ply from K.R Market in Bangalore to Savandurga. Tickets are reasonably priced.

3. There is also a train that goes to Savandurga from Bangalore Railway Station. You’ll have to walk from the Savandurga station to Savandurga hills.

Savandurga Weather Conditions:

1. The weather conditions in Savandurga are cold in the months from November to December.
2. Monsoon in Savandurga is between the months of June and August.
3. Summer runs from March to May, but temperatures are mildly warm.

Savandurga Trekking Route:

Route 1:

1. The easiest route is from the Sri Narasimha Swamy temple.
2. Although some portions of the hill on this route are rocky, it is not all that tough to negotiate the climb up to the top.

Route 2:

3. The trekking route to Karigguda is for experienced trekkers. You need to climb slippery boulders and walk through steep slopes without any support.
4. Both the routes have their own charm, you can decided the best one for you based on how skilled you are at trekking.

Best Time to Trek:

The best time to go trekking to Savandurga Hills is during the summer. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities and trekking.

Savandurga Day Trek - Itinerary:

1. Leave Bangalore at 5 am and pick up passengers from stops along the way.
2. Reach base camp by 7 am and have breakfast.
3. Start the trek by 8 am.
4. Reach the top of the hill by 10 am.
5. Explore the ruins of Kempegowda Fort.
6. Have a lunch by 12 pm and head back down to base by 1.30 pm.
7. Reach the base by 3 pm, have tea and snacks.
8. Depart from Savandurga for Bangalore.

Things to Carry:

1. Drinking water for the trek (1-2 litres of water should suffice).
2. A comfortable pair of trekking shoes with good grip.
3. Toiletries (Sunscreen, lotion, insect repellent, etc). 
4. A cap and sunglasses (optional). 
5. A light jacket or a windcheater if needed. 
6. Dry fruits or snacks (optional).

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The trek package includes the following:

1. Transport from and back to Bangalore
2. Meals
3. Tour guide fees
4. First-aid support

The trek package does not include the following:

1. Insurance
2. Meals on the bus
3. Any other expenses not mentioned above

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best Time To Visit Savandurga:

The best time to visit Savandurga is during the summer. Temperatures are pleasant and comfortable for trekking. Trekking during the monsoon is not advisable as the rocks tend to get slippery, making trekking very difficult and dangerous.

Savandurga Trek Map Location:

Savandurga hill is located a few kilometres away from Savandurga Railway Station. It is situated around 50 kilometres away from Bangalore:

3 Amazing Things to Do on the Savandurga Trek:

1. Visit the Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple: The Sri Narasimha Swamy temple is a famous pilgrimage place. It is a small temple which is peaceful and serene. Visit the temple and spend a few moments in prayer before heading up to Savandurga Hill.

2. Camp at the Savandurga Hill: Camp at the top of the hill. Put up your tent and enjoy stunning landscape views of the areas nearby. Camping at night is prohibited, so you will have to leave back for base by 6 pm.

3. Explore the Kempegowda Fort: At the top of the hill, explore the Kempegowda Fort. The historic fort has interesting sites to see.

Safety Measures:

1. Avoid trekking at Savandurga during the monsoon season.
2. Wear a comfortable shoes with good grip.
3. Carry a pair of gloves with good grip - they will come in handy when you make your way through the boulders.
4. Carry all your prescribed medication with you.
5. Take ample rest before heading out on the trek.

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