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Kotagiri Trek Details

Trekking in Kotagiri is the perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors and spend time enjoying the beauty of nature. Trekking in Kotagiri offers everything a hiking enthusiast can ask for. The hiking trail passes through tea estates, pine forests, tree plantations, terrain with wild vegetation and gushing waterfalls. Trekking in Kotagiri is very difficult and the scenic landscapes and interesting rock formations are a treat to witness.

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On the hiking trail you may come across wild animal species such as Bison, Nilgiri Tahr and Lion Tailed Macaque. Adding to the thrill of trekking through the Kotagiri plains is the relaxing and aromatic scent of tea that rises from the tea plantations located at the foothills.

The trek to Kotagiri is an amazing and exciting experience. Expert guides take you through scenic hiking trails. There are comfortable campsites to enjoy as well as a pick and drop facility from and back to Bangalore.

Kotagiri Trek - An Overview

Location: Nilgiris District

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 302 kilometres 

Famous for: Scenic plains, bison spotting, Catherine Falls and stunning views of the hills from Nilgiri View Point

Trip Duration: Two days, two nights

Trek Distance & Duration: 6 kilometres one way, approximately 5 hours to complete the trek. Timings and distances may differ due to multiple route options.

Altitude: 1795 metres

Difficulty Level:

The 6 kilometre long trek through the Kotagiri Hills is moderately challenging. The portion through wild forests requires you to pay attention and tread carefully along the trail. The rest of the hiking trail is fairly simple to complete and those who are moderately fit will be able to complete the trek easily.

How to Reach Kotagiri

1. If you are driving from Bangalore to Kotagiri take the NH route. The roads are good and there are many places you can stop for snacks and fuel. The drive should take you around six hours to complete.

2. There are buses that ply from Bangalore bus station to Mettupalayam. From there you can either take another bus or hail a private taxi, please fix a rate for the cab ride before your ride begins.

Kotagiri Weather Conditions:

1. The average temperature in Kotagiri is 16 degrees C for most parts of the year.

2. The hill stations receives moderate to light bouts of rain frequently.

3. Winter can be extremely cold, summer is mildly warm.

The Kotagiri Trek Route:

1. You can start trekking from the tea estates located at the base of the hill.

2. Explore the scenic and gorgeous tea estates before you take the route back on the hiking trail.

3. Walk through interesting terrain near the valley and visit the caves as you trek all the way up to Mettupalayam.

4. Make sure to lookout for the small paths that lead to the waterfalls.

5. At the waterfalls you might just spot bison and Nilgiri Tahr.

6. Other good routes to trek through in Kotagiri are the ones that lead to Elk Falls and Rangaswamy Pillar.

Best Time for Kotagiri Trek:

Kotagiri receives moderate rainfall and trekking here is possible in the months of June and July. However, for the best experience, trek to the peaks of Kotagiri in the winter. The climate is at its best and the atmosphere is perfect for hiking.

Kotagiri Trek: Two-day Trek Itinerary:

Day 0

1. We depart from Bangalore at 10 pm and pick up other trekkers along the way.

Day 1

2. Reach Kotagiri by 5 am, rest for a bit before beginning the trek.
3. Listen to instructions form the trek guide and begin the trek by 6 am.
4. Reach the peak at 8.30 am, rest for an hour return back for the campsite by 9 am.
5. Reach campsite at 11.30 am, have lunch and head out to the neighbouring estates for a tour.
5. Get back to the campsite for dinner and enjoy a campfire at the premises.

Day 2

6. Wake up at 7 am, have breakfast and immediately head out to explore the areas near the Dale River.
7. From there head a few kilometres away to the Nilgiri View Point.
8. Depart for Bangalore and have a self-sponsored lunch along the way.

Things to Carry:

1. Drinking water for the trek
2. A good pair of trekking shoes
3. A change of clothes and an extra pair of socks (necessary if bathing under the water falls)
4. Toothpaste and toothbrush, a towel and tissues.
5. Cap, sunglasses and light jacket
6. Camera (optional)
7. Sunscreen, insect repellent and moisturizer (optional)
8. Dry fruits and snacks for the way (optional)
9. Personal medication
10. Raincoat or poncho if going during the monsoon

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The cost of package includes:

1. Fee of trekking guides
2. Travel to and back to Bangalore
3. First-aid kits
4. Meals at campsite
5. Camping activities
6. Forest department permissions

The cost of package does not include:

7. Insurance
8. Self-sponsored meals
9. Any costs not mentioned in the inclusions

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Kotagiri is between the months of June to December. The monsoon season that starts in June is a great time to visit if you are trekking in Kotagiri. The weather is fabulous and the greenery around is at its striking best.

Kotagiri Trek - Map Location:

The drive to Kotagiri from Bangalore is a six hour journey and the route is fairly comfortable. There are many hiking trails in near the Nilgiri Hills.

3 Amazing Things to do on a Kotagiri Trek:

1. Tour a Tea Estate: At the foothill of the Nilgiri mountains lie many tea estates that are a must-visit for every visitor to Kotagiri. Walk through scenic plantations and get a taste of the soothing and calming teas.

2. Take a Dip Under Catherine Falls: Catherine Falls in Kotagiri is gorgeous and wonderful. Take a dip under the falls and enjoy the cool, gushing water.

3. Stop at the Nilgiri Viewpoint: Soak in stunning views of the valley below at the most famous lookout point in Kotagiri. It is an amazing spot for photography.

Safety Measures:

1. This is a trek of moderate intensity so check with your doctor before participating in case you have any physical ailments.
2. Follow the instructions of the guide carefully.
2. Wear comfortable trekking shoes so that you do not have problems while going up the hiking trails.
3. In case you need to, carry all your prescribed medication. There might not be chemists or medical stores nearby.
4. Make sure you get enough rest before leaving Bangalore.

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