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About Baba Budangiri Trek

Trekking to Baba Budangiri is a great experience for every nature and adventure lover. The peak is one of the highest in Karnataka and, on a clear day, you can see the wonderful view of the mountain, valleys and villages in Chikmagalur.

You will start at Mullayanagiri trekking point before reaching the peak via a manmade trail. While trekking through this portion, make sure to visit the waterfalls, they are the perfect place to get refreshed before the strenuous journey ahead.

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A true adventure enthusiast will cherish the climb from Mullayanagiri to the top of the Bababudangiri hill. The trail lets you experience the thrill of walking on the edge of a mountain and has you crawling up a narrow cliff.

The guided trek is split in two sections, the first part of the trek is from Chikmagalur to Mullayanagiri and the second is onwards to Baba Budangiri. Planned by expert mountain guides, the trail is exciting, a bit tedious and a lot of fun. What makes the trip even better are the fun games held at the homestay.

Baba Budangiri Trek - An Overview:

Location: Chikmagalur District

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Distance from Bangalore: 275 kilometres

Famous for: Panoramic views, shrine of Hazrath Dada Hayath Qalandar

Trip Duration: Two days, two night

Trek Distance & Duration: 8 kilometres, approximately 6 hours to complete the trek

Altitude: 1422 metres

Difficulty Level:

For the first part of the trek, the climb is relatively easy. It only gets a bit strenuous from Mullayanagiri to the top of the Baba budangiri Hill. Here you will be trekking through tough terrain.

How to get to Baba Budangiri:

1. Take a bus from the Kempegowda bus stop in Bangalore to Chikmagalur. From here, hire an autorickshaw to the Mullayanagiri Trek starting point. There are jeeps that can be hired from Chikmagalur as well.

2. The road from Bangalore to Mullayanagiri is good. There is parking available at any of the resorts or homestays in Mullayanagiri.

Baba Budangiri Weather Conditions:

1. Monsoon brings in rainfall from the months of June to September.
2. Winter begins at the end of October and goes on till February. The weather in winter is fantastic for exploring the outdoors.
3. Summers are mildly hot and temperatures remain in the 33 to 35 degrees Celsius range. Summers last from March to May.

Baba Budangiri Trekking Route:

1. The trek route kicks off from Sarpadhari and ends at Mullayanagiri.
2. From the Mullayanagiri peak one has to trek through interesting terrain to Baba Budangiri peak where there is a famous Sufi shrine and a temple.
3. On the way to Mullayanagiri, the trail passes waterfalls. You can stop near a few to enjoy the greenery around.

Best Time for Baba Budangiri Trek:

The weather during the summer and winter is great for trekking at Baba Budangiri. Avoid going in the monsoon though as it rains heavily and it is tough to make the climb up.

Baba Budangiri Trek - Two Day Itinerary

Day 0

1. Depart Bangalore at 8.30 pm, picking up passengers along the way.

Day 1

2. Reach the homestay at 6 am, freshen up and eat breakfast.
3. Depart the homestay for the trek base by 9.30 am to reach by 10 am.
4. Begin the trek to Baba Budangiri at 10 am and reach the peak by 1pm.
5. Have a self-sponsored lunch at the peak and then depart back to base.
6. Reach the base by 5 pm.
7. Rest for a while and then head back to the homestay by 6 pm.
8. Enjoy a few outdoor games and diner before calling it a night.

Day 2

1. Wake up early, have breakfast and then head out for sightseeing.
2. Depart for Bangalore to reach the same day.

Things to Carry:

1. A change of clothes
2. Dry fruits or energy bars
3. A good, sturdy backpack
4. Camera or binoculars (optional)
5. Cap and sunglasses (if necessary)
6. Drinking water (around 2 litres should be enough)
7. Sunscreen and lotion
8. Insect repellent

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The trek package includes the following:

1. Guide fees
2. Transport from Bangalore to the trek base and back
3. First-aid support
4. Games and outdoor activities

The trek package does not include the following:

5. Insurance
6. Meals on the bus and at the peak
7. Any other item not mentioned in the inclusions

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event/trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the Baba Budangiri hills for a trek is either during summer or in winter. Summers are pleasant and the winters bring with it an amazingly cool climate. It is good to visit during the monsoon, but avoid trekking during this season as visibility on the trek is low and it’s tedious to trek in the rain.

Baba Budangiri Trek Map Location

Baba Budangiri Hills are located a few kilometres away from Chikmagalur. The drive from Bangalore to the Mullayanagiri trekking point is around 275 kilometres.

3 Amazing Things to do on a Baba Budangiri Trek

1. Visit the Bababudangiri Shrine: Named after the Sufi Saint Baba Budan, there are a lot of places to rest around the shrine. If you walk ahead, there is a temple located inside a cave.

2. Drive down to Dhabe Waterfalls: Visit Dhabe Waterfalls located close to the hills. At the falls you can bathe under the waterfall or sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

3. Photography: On the trek, there is plenty of opportunity to click beautiful pictures of the hills and its surroundings.

Safety Measures:

1. Wear a sturdy pair of trekking shoes. The latter portions of the trail have steep slopes and a rocky terrain.
2. Apply insect repellent as there could be mosquitos at the top of the mountain.
3. Carry all your prescribed medication, there might be no or a lack of medicine shops near the hills.
4. Get enough rest the day before making the climb up to Baba Budangiri.
5. Check with your doctor whether you are fit enough to make the journey if you have any medical problems.

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