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Kurangani Trek Details

Trekking through Kurangani hills offers trekkers the perfect opportunity to explore nature and enjoy a bit of hiking. The 12-kilometre climb to the top takes you through a whirlwind of different scenarios. There are steep cliffs to pass, dense woods to tread through and grasslands to walk on. Along the way you’ll be presented with remarkable views of green landscapes, gushing waterfalls and dreamy cloud formations. The highlight of the trek at Kurangani is walking amidst low hanging clouds. It is an experience that will linger in your memory forever.

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Strong winds, the changing weather and a chilly atmosphere, makes this trek a thrilling experience. The hills are a fantastic place to go with friends, click a few photographs and enjoy nature. If you trek on Kurangani Hill during the migratory bird season (November - March), you might be able to see a few exotic migratory birds.

The guided trek to the Top Station will be a magnificent experience for all trekkers. Treks are undertaken by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Besides trekking, you can also camp on the hills and participate in fun and thrilling outdoor activities. The trek passes through routes made famous in Bollywood films and Tamil cinema. An added benefit is a convenient and comfortable bus ride from and back to Bangalore.

Kurangani Trek - An Overview:

Location: Theni District

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Distance from Bangalore: 480 kilometres

Famous for: Camping, Bird Watching

Trip Duration: Two days, One Night 

Trek Distance & Duration: 24 kilometres, approximately 9 hours to complete the trek. Timings and distances may differ due to multiple route options. Timings and distances may differ due to multiple route options. 

Altitude: 2438 metres

Difficulty Level:

For most parts, there are wide and clearly visible walkways to the summit of the peak, this makes trekking easy. You may have to climb up rocks and walk on steep slopes, for these portions you will need to be a little cautious.

How to get to Kurangani:

1. There are many KSRTC buses that ply from the Kempegowda bus stop to Theni. From there, you can either book a taxi or catch another bus to Kurangani.

2. There are private taxis that ply to Kurangani from Bangalore, these are expensive and you also have to pay for all the tolls along the way.

Kurangani Weather Conditions:

1. Monsoon in Kurangani starts from the month of June and goes on till August.

2. Winters are cool, temperature can drop to around 16 degrees Celsius in the months of November and December.

3. Summer are hot and temperatures can rise to 38 degrees Celsius in some months.

Kurangani Trekking Route:

1. The most popular trekking route at Kurangani is the trail to Top Station. There are many cottages and homestays that offer comfortable accommodation.

2. The route begins from Kurangani Village and it is the more scenic and exciting one to trek on.

3. The trail passes through exciting and diverse terrain - look out for the lovely Neelakurinji plants.

4. There are other routes you could take too but these are very difficult to climb and more suitable for extremely skilled trekkers.

Best Time for Kurangani Trek:

The best time to trek at Kurangani is either in the monsoon season or during winter. The weather during these seasons is perfect for trekking.

Kurangani Trek - Two Day Itinerary

Day 0

1. Depart Bangalore at 7 pm and pick up passengers from stops along the route to Kurangani.

Day 1

2. Reach the homestay at Kurangani at 6.30 am.
3. Have breakfast and sit for a briefing session by the trek guide.
4. Start trekking by 8 am, make a stop at the waterfall in between for a break.
5. Reach the top of the hill by 2 pm and spend the night camping.

Day 2

6. Wake up the early have breakfast and then enjoy a few outdoor activities and fun games.
7. Make the climb downhill at 9 pm.
8. Reach the base by 3 pm and then immediately depart for Bangalore.

Things to Carry:

1. A change of clothes
2. Energy bars of dry fruits
3. A sturdy backpack
4. Insect repellent and mosquito coil
5. Windcheater or a jacket, depending on the weather
6. Cap and Sunglasses (optional)
7. Sunscreen and Moisturizer
8. Drinking water for the trek

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The trek package includes the following:

1. Meals at the camp
2. Transport from and back to Bangalore
3. First-aid support
4. Trek guide fees
5. Forest Department permissions
6. Camping facilities

The trek package does not include the following:

7. Insurance
8. Meals on the bus
9. Other costs not included in the inclusions

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Best time to visit:

Avoid trekking in Kurangani during the summer. Temperatures are extremely hot and sometimes there could be forest fires on the hill. It is best to trek at Kurangani toward the end of the monsoon and in the winter. The climate is cool, but you will have to cope with strong winds.

Kurangani Trek Map Location:

Kurangani is located near the famous Kolukkumalai Hills. Although it is situated a reasonable distance away from Bangalore, visiting the place is worth the effort.

3 Amazing Things to Do on the Kurangani Trek:

1. Camping: At the summit of Kurangani Hill you can enjoy stargazing and a bonfire. You can either setup your own tent or stay at an already erected tent at a campsite on the hill.

2. Swim at the Waterfall: just before you reach the top of the hill you will come across a huge waterfall that is safe for swimming. You could also stand under the waterfall to enjoy the splash of the gushing water from the top of the hill.

3. Visit the Kurangani Tea Estate: Make a quick pit-stop at the Kurangani tea estate that is located nearby. Walk through the calm and scenic plantation and then sample refreshing varieties of tea.

Safety Measures:

1. Wear strong and sturdy trekking shoes. Some portions of the trekking trail have steep slopes and rough terrain.
2. Apply insect repellent, as there could be mosquitos at the top of the mountain.
3. Carry all your prescribed medication, there might be no or a lack of medicine shops near the Kurangani hills.
4. Get enough rest before trekking to the top of Kurangani.

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