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Mullayanagiri Trek Details

Located at a distance of 264 kilometres from Bangalore, Mullayanagiri Peak is the fourth highest peak in Karnataka, lying between Nilgiris and the Himalayas. It is situated at an altitude of 1930 metres above sea level, surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations. This place is known for its misty landscapes, steep serpentine trails, coffee plantations and the beautiful dense forest.

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On your way, you will come across deep caves with some beautiful patterns on the walls due to mineral deposits. There is also a nandi statue and a Shiva temple on the summit. This place serves as a perfect weekend getaway as it takes only 2 days 1 night to finish the trip.

The trail here is steep and goes zigzag, hence the starting point of the trek is called Sarpadhari - Sarpa means ‘snake’ and dhari means ‘path’. This trek suitable for both experienced as well as novice trekkers.

Mullayanagiri Trek Overview

Location: Chikmagalur district, Karnataka

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Distance from Bangalore: 264 kilometres

Famous for: Misty landscapes, coffee estates, waterfalls

Trip Duration: Two days, one night

Trek Distance & Duration: 8 Kilometers, 2 - 3 hours each way

Altitude: 1930 metres

Difficulty Level:

The trek to the peak has a difficulty level from easy to moderate. It is very steep at a few points, which can be a bit tough but it should still be manageable even for beginners. Most of the trail is simple, making it a good option for those who are new to trekking.

How to reach Mullayanagiri:

1. If you are travelling by public transport then there are many direct KSRTC buses from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. From there you can hire a jeep or auto to Sarpadhari (trek starting point).

2. If you are planning to go by road in your own car it will take around 5 hours to cover the distance of 264 kilometers.

Mullayanagiri Weather Conditions:

1. Chikmagalur experiences summer from March to June, but the weather being humid and hot, trekking is a bit difficult

2. The monsoon season is from July to September. It is difficult to trek as the rains are very heavy.

3. It is very misty during the winter season.

Mullayanagiri Trek Route:

1. The distance from Chikmagalur to the trek starting point (Sarpadhari) is around 15 kilometers.

2. You can hire a jeep or auto till the starting point.

3. Once you arrive at the starting point you can see a board which mentions ‘Sarpadhari, the trek starting point’.

4. The initial part of the trek is very steep almost inclined at an angle of 60 degrees with many bushes and small trees around.

5. On your way up to the peak, you will see some deep caves and a nandi statue.

6. After the statue is the final stretch to the peak, and also you can find a Shiva temple at the top.

Best time to visit Mullayanagiri:

The best time to trek Mullayanagiri is during September to February when the weather is just perfect for trekking. You can trek during summers also but it is difficult due to the uncomfortable weather. Better to avoid monsoons as this place experiences heavy rains.

Mullayanagiri Trek Itinerary - Two Day Trek:

Day 0:

1. Leave Bangalore at 9.30 pm and pick up passengers at four points in the city.
2. Reaching the homestay at Chikmagalur by 6.30 am.

Day 1:

2. Fresh up and have breakfast by 8 am.
3. Reach the trek starting point (Sarpadhari) and begin the trek at 9.30 am. All the necessary safety information will be provided.
4. Reach the top by 12.30 pm and have lunch there.
5. Descend the peak and reach the homestay by 6.30 pm, freshen up and enjoy the bonfire.
6. Have dinner and back to homestay.

Day 2:

6. Wake up at 6.30 am, pack your bags and head out to Jhari Falls immediately.
7. Enjoy your time at the beautiful waterfalls and leave to Bangalore.
8. Reach Bangalore by 7.30 pm.

Things To Carry:

1. Carry at least 2 litres of drinking water on the trek

2. Trekking shoes

3. Extra clothes for the two day stay

4. Sunscreen lotion, moisturiser and insect repellent

5. Tissue paper or hand towels

6. A light jacket or poncho, depending on the season

7. A cap and sunglasses (if necessary)

8. Dry fruits, energy bars (if necessary)

9. Personal medication

10. Backpack

11. Powerbank

Inclusions & Exclusions:

The package includes the following:

1. Transport from Bangalore to Chikmagalur and back
2. Accomodation with full day meals on day 1 and breakfast on day 2
3. Veteran guides to lead you through the trek
4. First-aid support
5. Forest department permissions
6. Campfire
7. Visit to Jhari waterfalls

This package does not include:

1. Meals on the bus
2. Insurance
3. Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

Disclaimer: The information about the trek here is general. We request the trekkers refer to the details on the specific Event / Trek Booking page for specific detail.

Mullayanagiri Trek Location:

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak located in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.

3 Amazing Things to Do on the Mullayanagiri Trek:

Photography: With the mesmerizing and breathtaking views of the dense forest, coffee plantations and waterfalls, this place definitely calls for a memorable photo with your mates.

Camping: Setting up a bonfire after a long day trek is the best thing ever. Listen to some good music, dance along and have a great night.

Jhari / Buttermilk Waterfalls: One of the best place to end your trekking trip. It is surrounded by lush greenery.

Safety Measures:

1. Should you have any ailments, do check with your doctor if your body is strong enough to do the trek.
2. Carry trekking shoes that has good grip. Some of the steep trails make this necessary.
3. Carry with you enough of your personal medication for the two day trip as there may not be easy access to medical shops nearby.
4. Rest prior to the trek as there will be walking/climbing for several hours.
5. Wear appropriate clothing.
6. Follow the guidelines and instructions.

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