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New Year Parties in Delhi NCR 2020

Includes Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Celebrate New Year Party 2020 in Delhi NCR. Book New Year 2020 Parties and Events in Delhi NCR on 31st December

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and it’s not too early to start making plans! The year 2018 sure seems to have whizzed by fast, but that’s only more the reason to mark the last day of the year as an eventful one. The nation’s capital, Delhi, is no stranger to the frenzy of New Year’s Eve and each year it delivers on great New Year Parties and events at some of the best hotels and chic pubs the city has to offer. Whether you are looking for New Year Parties in Delhi in 5-star hotels, parties that are kid friendly and family friendly, parties for stags, or if a New Year’s Party in Delhi is not your style and you would prefer a getaway near Delhi, you’ll find all this and more on our list of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in Delhi.

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New Year Party Delhi 2020 - Exciting New Year Events in Delhi NCR on 31st December 2019

The New Year’s celebrations in Delhi NCR are plenty. Whatever mood you are in, the city will have something that will suit your mood just perfectly. One can expect live performances, fine dining experiences, great dance venues, some of the country’s best DJ’s performing, and much much more at the hotels and clubs located all over the city. The usual lively neighbourhoods in Delhi such as Hauz Khas, Saket, Vasant Kunj, Aurobindo Marg, Connaught Place, and Rajouri Garden will all have parties one should keep a look out for. The NCR regions of Gurgaon and Noida are also no stranger to New Year celebration and the popular hub spots of Galleria, Cyberhub, and Sector 29 in Gurgaon will be thriving and Sector 18 in Noida is where you need to be at if you’re in that part of the city. The best of the New Year celebrations in Delhi have all been listed below. Find the best New Year parties in Delhi NCR in just a few scrolls!

New Year Events in Delhi NCR- Getaways from Delhi

Okay so maybe a New Year party in Delhi is not your idea of fun. Maybe you want a little more peace and quiet this New Year ’s, or maybe a quick getaway with your partner is how you’d like to spend the day. The good thing is that Delhi is located in a strategic location with many resort towns and hill-stations a stone’s throw away. Rajasthan with picturesque spots such as Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur is a good option, for a more serene and charming getaway, the hills are always a good option. Check New Year getaways from Delhi offered by EventsHigh.

New Year Parties in Delhi 2020 - 5-Star Hotels

Delhi and its number of brand name 5-star hotels are popular club venues that have people streaming in every weekend. New Year’s Eve is no exception and you can expect the 5-star hotels in Delhi to be having the best new year party in Delhi NCR. Expect a good crowd, great food and alcohol, and dance tracks that will keep you moving for hours past midnight. Check the New Year Parties in 5 Star hotels in Delhi.

New Year 2020 Party In Delhi NCR - with Stay

Drinking and Driving is a strict no-no! If what you’re looking for is a New Year’s party in Delhi NCR that also has accommodation, then you’re spoilt with options here as well. Several hotels in Delhi NCR offer NYE packages that include a room at the hotel and where you can comfortably crash at once you are done partying. You don’t have to worry about how to get home or walking those extra steps to the Uber or Ola, you can just conveniently make your way to the hotel room and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast the next day as well! Check the New Year Parties in Delhi with Stay.

New Year Party in Delhi NCR in Resorts

The Resorts located in and near Delhi understand this special time and provide guests with a host of packages that are difficult to turn down. Several resorts offer great packages for New Year parties in Delhi and nearby areas such as Manesar, Agra, and Neemrana. Guests can enjoy comfortable accommodation, entertainment and cultural activities, fireworks displays, access to all facilities available at the resort, and most of the packages are also inclusive of complimentary meals and drinks. Check New Year Party in Resorts around Delhi.

New Year Eve 2020 Events in Delhi NCR with Family

New Year’s Eve is a great holiday to spend with the kids and family. Whether you would prefer to just visit one venue or you are looking for a getaway, there are several new year celebrations in Delhi NCR which cater to families and provide a host of activities and entertainment to children which include games, a DJ party section exclusively for kids with supervision, and other cultural activities to keep the children and adults entertained.

Best New Year Party in Delhi NCR For Couples

If your New Year plans involve your significant other, you’re spoilt for choice. The best new year party in Delhi in clubs and pubs will have a couple entry which is a more economical option. You can choose from more foot tapping places to a more romantic setting, the options are endless. There is also the option for a quick New Year getaway with your partner.

New Year Bash in Delhi NCR For Singles/Stags

New Year’s is a great time to spend with friends. If you and friends are choosing to stay single this New Year’s and are looking for venues with stag entry, you don’t have to really worry. There are many new year events in Delhi NCR which have a stag entry. While the parties come with a slightly heavy price tag for stags, you are also assured a good time and you can find a fee that works best for you on our blog.

Event Packages for New Year Celebrations in Delhi

The assortment and number of New Year Packages are large. For every activity or event, you can think of, there will also be a special package available for it. Whether you are looking for getaways, events in clubs, events in bars, or events in gourmet restaurants even, you can expect a special New Year’s package that has been specially curated for the event at all the new year events in Delhi. The packages usually comprise of great deals and if you are looking for some, you ought to book soon, as they tend to get sold out quite quickly.

New Year Parties in Delhi 2020 - Outdoor Parties

The crisp chilly air and the crackling of bonfire in the background may be just how you want to spend this New Year’s Eve. There are several offbeat options to choose from and outdoor New Year parties in Delhi are more popular than is expected. For the adventure lovers out there, spending the New Year’s camping is also a really good option.

Budget New Year Parties in Delhi

Attending a party on New Year’s can be a very expensive affair. The prices are usually steep and as bad as you may want to celebrate the night, you may not be so inclined to empty your pockets out. No need to fret though, the good old budget New Year events in Delhi are available and you can bust a leg at any of these venues without going broke. Check budget new year parties in Delhi here.

New Year Parties in Delhi NCR with unlimited food/alcohol

New Year Parties in Delhi NCR are galore with great packages, as mentioned above. One of the best packages to keep your eyes out for are those that offer unlimited food and alcohol. This way you are spending exactly how much you want to and you can spend the night eating and dancing the night away without having to worry about the bill at the end of the night.

Romantic New Year Parties In Delhi NCR

Spend your New Year celebration in Delhi NCR with your significant other enjoying a romantic night out. Your partner and you can enjoy a night out in the city or a quick getaway to a beautiful resort. You could also spend the day together in the woods and enjoy a nice campfire come evening. There are plenty of ways to swoon your partner this New Year’s Eve, and we have a list of options just for that.

New Year Celebrations in Delhi- Brunches

Are you looking to start your new year with a delicious brunch? The year should not only end on a high, but it should also begin on a high and what better note to begin the year than with a gastronomical spread? Several places in the city offer a brunch spread that is sure to tickle your taste buds. All you need to do is to gather your troops and head out for brunch where conversations about the night before are sure to be plenty.

New Year Camping near Delhi

How about a New Year away from the city? A night under the stars, surrounded by nature and all the beauty she has to offer? Camping on New Year’s is gaining more and more popularity with many preferring to get away from the city and to bring in the new year in a more peaceful and tranquil manner. If you are looking for a different and unconventional way to spend your New Year’s Eve, this should definitely be on your radar. Check New Year Camping places near Delhi here.

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