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Looking to be at some super happening parties in Pune? Here are the top thumping venues that host the most happening, stunner New Year Parties in Pune. Get ready!

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Bringing the newest party trends alive, Penthouze has been one of the most happening party hubs in the city. The pub on the 13th and 14th Floor in one of the most commercial buildings the city, sets new party trends to the already thriving party scenes in Pune. Penthouze is known for its exceptionally talented mixologists and the mind blowing drinks that they come up with. After great New Year parties in the past the place is all set to hit another massive New Yeear Bash this year too.

Image Credits: Facebook - Penthouze

Upcoming Parties at Penthouze

The Bar Stock Exchange, Shisha

The Bar Stock Exchange has one of the most amazing ambiance that can set the crowd on a party mode. With some of the best DJ's rocking the show, new Year Party at this place is going to be more than just a party night. This place is also one of the most well known party spots in Pune.

Image Credits: Facebook - The Bar Stock Exchange

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street in Pune has one of the best and spacious dance floors. To add to the party vibe is the location of 10 Downing Street, away from the hustle bustle of the city. The river-side balcony is one of the best highlights if you are planning to chill around at a fun party. The perfect party powered venue can let you in on the best way to kick start your new year eve celebrations.

Image Credits: Facebook - 10 Downing Street 

Hard Rock Cafe

This popular party zone hosts the best New Year parties throughout the country. Hard Rock Cafe Pune is no less. With live bands, themed parties, amazing food and drinks, Hard Rock Cafe is going to let your New Year Party dreams come to life.

Image Credits: Facebook - Hard Rock Cafe, Pune

The Flying Saucer Sky Bar

The rooftop bar gives you the perfect birds-eye view of the city. As on of the most happening pubs in the city. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar is bent on making your party experiences epic fun! Apart from the ambiance, the food, drinks and music are a total party starters.

Image Credits: Facebook - The Flying Saucer Sky Bar 

Rude Lounge

Rude Lounge is one of the most popular party places in the city. Starting with ambiance, to music and food, everything about this place is sure to let party vibes get on a high. You can imagine how their New Party is going to be setting party standards in the city.

Image Credits: Facebook - Rude

Upcoming Parties at Rude Lounge

Mi - A - Mi

If you're looking to dance away with a party buzzed crowd and DJ performances that bring the roof down, you need to be at Mi-A-Mi. With a great line up of music, drinks and food, the place sets the party ablaze. Mi-A-Mi is also among the top party hubs in Pune with a crowd that is game for a loaded party night!

Image Credits: Facebook - Mi-A-Mi

Upcoming Parties at Mi-A-Mi

Blue Frog, Pune

The place is known to have hosted some of the best parties in town on every possible occasion. Blue Frog, with a great line-up of DJ's and artists steals the party thunder of every other party place in town. This New Year is going to be just another mind blowing party and you just cannot miss it for the ambiance, drinks and music.

Image Credits: Facebook - Blue Frog Pune