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New Year Parties in Gurgaon 2019

Includes Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Celebrate New Year Party 2019 in Gurgaon. Book New Year 2019 Parties and Events in Gurgaon on 31st December

New Year’s should be a special celebration. After all, you are bidding goodbye to one year and welcoming another, that is sufficient cause for celebration in our books! Whether 2018 was a great year or not, there is always a fresh start waiting for you as we enter a new calendar year. If you are in Gurgaon and wondering where the best New Year parties in Gurgaon are, you don’t have much to worry about. This financial and technology hub offers a plethora of options for all its residents. Gurgaon is already well known for having some of the best pubs and bars in the NCR regions, and you can be sure the nightlife here will be lively and a New Years bash in Gurgaon may be something you do not want to miss out on.

New Year 2019 Parties in Gurgaon

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New Year Party Gurgaon 2019 - Exciting New Year Events in Gurgaon on 31st December 2019

New Year’s celebrations in Gurgaon will offer a variety of options. In whatever way you would want to spend your New Year’s Eve in Gurgaon, we reckon the city will have covered. Even if you want to get out of the city and enjoy a new year’s eve party at a resort in the neighbouring regions, or maybe you fancy a camping and outdoorsy experience, places in Gurgaon offer those two. If you are particularly looking for a New Year’s event in Gurgaon itself, you can expect the 5-star hotels, Cyberhub, and Sector 29 to have some of the best New Year’s parties in Gurgaon! We’ve made the task of deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve in Gurgaon much easier for you! A few scrolls down and you will have a list of all the places with New Year events in Gurgaon.

New Year Events in Gurgaon- Getaways from Guragon

Gurgaon enjoys a great position! Not only is it well-connected to Delhi, but it is also only a short drive away from some great places! Fancy a trip to Alwar or Jaipur? Or maybe Neemrana? Or perhaps something as close as Manesar. A little New Year getaway sounds like a treat and especially when you can make a long weekend out of it ( we’ve checked the calendar, and yes, you can!). While the New Year events in Gurgaon will keep you plenty occupied, maybe a relaxing getaway is more in your cards.

New Year Events in Gurgaon- Parties in 5-Star Hotels

The 5-star hotels in Gurgaon are sure to deliver in being some of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve at in Gurgaon. The clubs at these hotels already have some of the best parties over the weekend and you can expect them to stretch the extra mile to give you a very memorable new year’s eve party.

New Year Party In Gurgaon with Stay

Are you heading from other locations in NCR to celebrate new year's in Gurgaon, and need a place with accommodation? Well, Gurgaon has that taken care off too! Check in to the several hotels in Gurgaon that offer not only great accommodation but a great dance floor as well! Yes, enjoy a New Year Party in Gurgaon with stay! You won’t even have to worry about transport at the end of the night, a short walk to your room is all you would need to do. Bonus: you will have a scrumptious breakfast spread to look forward to in the morning!

New Year Party in Gurgaon in Resorts

Gurgaon and its neighbouring areas have a number of resorts! You won’t eveb have to look too hard! These resorts come with great accommodation and amenities. They too recognize the special time that is new year’s eve and offer great new year’s parties. The whole family will be entertained by the activities they provide and you can make a family trip out of it. Bonfires, firework displays, DJ- night for kids and adults, and complimentary meals and drinks are all part of the package. Sounds like a New Year party in Gurgaon at a resort has something for everyone!

Best New Year Events in Gurgaon with Family

New Year’s really is not always about parties and the nightlife. It is a great time to spend with family and your loved ones. New Year events in Gurgaon that are family friend won’t be really hard to find. There is also always the option to take a holiday with your family and spend time at a new place. Resorts and hotels offer great family-friendly activities for new year’s.

Best New Year Party in Gurgaon For Couples

New Year’s has a romantic side to it too. Hollywood has sure made the midnight kiss a very popular thing. Wondering where the best New Year’s party in Gurgaon is to spend with your significant other is? If you are looking for a lively night with a dance floor, then the clubs and bars in Gurgaon will have some great offers for couples. However, if you are looking for something more romantic, a gourmet meal, a quick getaway, or even a camping trip are some of the other options you have.

New Year Party in Gurgaon For Singles/Stags

If you are single this New Year’s, well you have the same options as the couples do too! We would recommend you get some friends and make it a better night. New Year parties in Gurgaon will mostly always have a stag entry, and a camping trip or a weekend getaway with friends also does not sound like a bad way to spend New Year’s at all!

Event Packages for New Year Celebrations in Gurgaon

All the New Year Eve events in Gurgaon will come with some special packages. The clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and almost every event you can think of will offer a package deal, usually, with a really good deal. These packages would have been specially curated for the night and having a close look at what the city has to offer in terms of packages and deals would be a good idea.

New Year Party in Gurgaon: Outdoor Parties

The winter chill is not enough to deter most folks from the outdoors. Staying crammed indoors might not be how you imagine spending your new year’s. Besides, standing around a bonfire always has a cosy feel to it. Your New Year celebration in Gurgaon can easily comprise of the great outdoors too! Whether it’s a terrace party or going all out and camping, you can enjoy the great outdoors in whichever way you please.

Budget New Year Parties in Gurgaon

Celebrating New Year’s in a city like Gurgaon does not have to be as expensive as it seems. There are a few good budget New Year’s Eve events in Gurgaon too. With these splendid options, you won’t have to worry about starting the New Year’s in a dull or in a broke way!

New Year Parties in Gurgaon with unlimited food/alcohol

A good New Year’s package to look out for is one with unlimited food and alcohol! If you opt for this package you can more or less anticipate exactly how much you will be spending and moreover, manage those expenses better! You also won't have to worry or keep tabs on what you’re eating and drinking all night. There are several New Year’s Eve parties in Gurgaon that offer these packages, you’ll only need to decide which one is best suited for you!

Romantic New Year Parties In Gurgaon

For the romantics out there, there are several places in Gurgaon that will have special events especially curated for the night and designed exclusively for couples. The night is sure to be full of love and promise for the new year.

New Year Celebrations in Gurgaon- Brunches

Your New Year celebrations do not have to be a night of drinking. It can be starting the New Year with a delicious brunch, now that sounds like a great tradition to start! One ought to start the year right and a brunch spread sounds like the best way to do that. Your favourite breakfast spot might just have a great brunch menu exclusively for New Year!

New Year Celebrations in Gurgaon- Camping

For the adventure lovers and for those seeking a New Year’s celebration in Gurgaon that is different and unconventional, how about considering a camping trip to any of the nearby hill-stations? It does like a great way to take advantage of the long weekend, and do we really need another reason to travel?

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