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About Devarayanadurga

As one of the popular destinations for trekking from Bangalore near Tumkur in Karnataka, Devarayana Durga is a great one day trek option for trekkers. The place also has quite a few sightseeing spots along the trek, including temples and beautiful springs.

Image Credits: Flickr - Hari Prasad Nadig

At an altitude of 3940 ft, the trek is quite a great adventure perfect for nature lovers. Every elevation along the way that leads up to the peak, either has an old temple or a calm, beautiful spring surrounding. History traces that the hill station was earlier known as Anebiddasari and later, Jadakana Durga after a chief named Jadaka and finally as Devarayana Durga after king Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar captured the fortified hill.

The hill station also hosts one of the famous natural water springs, Namada Chilume. There are also other springs like Jaya Thirtha, Rama Thirtha, Dhanus thirtha that rise out of the hill. To add to the fun, there are also old caves with sculptures, that trekkers can explore while on the trek. A trip here makes for a great weekend getaway from Bangalore.

With trails that lead through lush green slopes, the nature lovers would love the climb with some of the best scenic views on the way. The hill station is also a host to the Yellow Throated Bull-Bull, a species that has been quite rare spot. The place is an absolute delight for Birdwatchers, photographers, history buffs apart from being one of the great trekking spots. While the best time for a trek here is March to May, trekkers also keep it a year round trek.

Things to do

1.Explore the old caves and temples.

2. Visit Chennarayana Durga

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