20 Stunningly Impressive Treks near Bangalore that are perfect for an Adventure Junkie

Bangalore, as a city gets a bit to overwhelming over the weekends. But also, proudly sets a number of magnificent yet easy-to-get-to trekking spots, that is not very far from the city. Here's a list of great trekking spots that are perfect for an adventure junkie!

1. Ramanagara

Image Credits: Flickr - Navaneeth KN

As one of the perfect one day trekking spots, Ramanagar is not very far from Bangalore. The trek offers some of the best trekking and unwinding experiences. The trek is also an easy level trek. Trekkers can do both day and night trek.

Distance:  - 55 Kms from Bangalore

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2. Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is one of the popular escapades for the people of Bangalore. With a stunning sunrise view-point, this place is an amazing spot for a one day trek. The trek is quite an easy one with great views at every stop.

Distance : 60 Kms from Bangalore
Trek Length: 2 Kms

3. Skandagiri

Image Credits: Flickr -  Kalyan Kanuri

Skandagiri is one of the oldest hill fortresses, at an altitude of 4430 ft. The 3 Kilometer trek is perfect for birdwatching and also for a night trek. Skandagiri is also called as Kalavara Durga. During the trek, the trekkers get to explore 2 caves. Sunrise from on top of the hill is one of the perfect views and the trek is a moderate level difficulty trek. 

Distance: 61 Kms from Bangalore

Altitude: 4430 ft

Trek Length : 3 Kilometers

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4. Anthargange

Image Credits: Wordpress - adventurefanatic

Anthargange is one of the popular tourist spots for the temple and the spring that originates from the hill. The name Anthargange translates to ‘Inner Spring’ and the spring on the hill flows through the temple right in the middle of the hill. The Anthargange caves are the highlight once you reach the top. There are several caves that can be explored. This is also one of the great spots for night treks. 

Distance: 80 Kms from Bangalore

Altitude:  4050 ft

Trek Lenght: 4 Kms 

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5. Makalidurga

Image Credits: India Hikes

Being a moderately difficult trek, Makalidurga offers some views that are worth the difficulty of the trek. The view from the top, of the nearby lakes is a sight one would not want to miss after reaching the peak. The fort at the peak is also a temple of Shiva and one of the best places to explore. Trekkers will have to cross a railway track before starting the trek, the view from the top, of the track is another highlights of the many. 

Distance:  60 Kms from Bangalore

Trek Length:  5 Kms 

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6. Kabbala Durga

Image Credits: Blogspot - harshatravel

Kabbala Durga is also a part of the Kanakapura ranges. The peak hits up to a 2090 ft and is one of the best spots for trekking and sightseeing. The Kanakapura town also has some of the best sightseeing spots and is famous for silk and granite industries. Hence, the spot is one of the best places for corporate and team outings.

Distance: 80 Kms

Trek Length:  3 kms

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7. Devarayana Durga

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As one of the popular hill station destinations near Tumkur in Karnataka, Devarayana Durga is a great one day trek option for trekkers. The hill station also hosts one of the famous natural water springs, Namada Chilume along with other springs. The trek also shows some of the best terrains and a lovely spot for birdwatchers. At an altitude of 3940 ft, the trek is quite a great adventure perfect for nature lovers.

Distance: 70 Kms from Bangalore

Trek Length: 1 Km

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8. Madhugiri

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Madhugiri is the second largest monolith in Asia with an altitude that scales up to 3,930 ft. While the difficulty level of the trek is still easy, the windy area along the climb might make the trek a bit harsh. However, the peak rewards the trekkers with some of the amazing view of the surroundings. The Gopalakrishna Temple at the peak is one of the finest architecture but now in ruins. One could explore the spot as an architectural delight.

Distance: 60 Kms

Trek Length:  3 Kms 

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9. Ranganathaswamy Betta (BR Hills)

Image Credits: Flickr - Toufeeq Hussain

Ranganathaswamy betta is also called as Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta (BR Hills). The trek is an exquisite experience and offers some of the stunning views while trekking up. The place is surrounded by shrub forests. This is also one of the highest in along the Kanakapura ranges. Ranganathaswamy hill trek is a moderately difficult level trek that scales up to a 3780 ft.

Distance: 60 Kms

Trek Length:  10 Kms 

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10. Bheemeshwari Hills

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Bheemshwari is one of the most scenic trekking spots that can also be perfect for nature walks and adventure activities. The inviting lush green lets the trekker halt for some stunning views while trekking up to the peak. The 5 Kilometer trek along Bheemeshwari hills is quite an easy level trek. 

Distance :  110 Kms

Trek Length: 5 Kms

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11. Kumara Parvatha

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Kumara Parvatha is the third tallest peak in Karnataka. It is also one of the most challenging 2 day treks. The trek also trails through dense and lush green along the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. With about 15 Kilometrs of trek ahead, the trekkers can find a number of great stops to campout at for the night. As quite a strenuous trek, this 2 day trek might trail along some rough patches, making it a moderate difficulty level trek.

Distance:  220 Kms

Trek Length:  -15 Kms - 2 Day Trek

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12. Nishani Betta

Image Credits:  Escape2Explore

While Nishani Motte is one of the lesser known treks, it also is one of the most exhilarating treks along the Western Ghats of Coorg. At an altitude of around 4100 ft, the trail shows the mystic terrains along Coorg. The trek is a moderate difficulty level trek. The best ttime to trek along Nishani Motte is during the monsoons.

Distance: 250 Kms

Trek Length: 15 Kms

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13. Mullyanagiri

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Mullayanagiri, is the highest peak in Karnataka and is situated along the Chandra Drona hill ranges. The altitude scales up to a 6136 ft. As one of the best trekking places in South India for avid trekkers, Mullayanagiri has some of ancient caves that trekkers would be excited to explore along the trek. Catching a sunset at the peak is one of the best things while on a trek up the peak.

Distance: 263 Kms

Trek Length:  12 Kms 

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14. Thadiyandamol

Image Credits: flickr - snpper san

Thadiandamol is the second highest peak trek in Karnataka, at only about 280 Kimoleters away from Bangalore. At an altitude of 5735 feet and about 30 kilometers from Virajpet town in Coorg, the trek offers some of the stunning views from the peak. Apart from being one of the best trekking places in Coorg there are also caves that the trekkers can explore while on the trek. The popular Nalknad Palace is at the base of the hill.

Distance: 264 Kms

Trek Length: 8 Kms 

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15. Brahmagiri

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Bramagiri is one of the most attractive, most sought after trekking spot by avid trekkers. Nestled in between the lush green of Wayanad and Kodagu, the peak offers some of the stunning views of the stretch of ranges along Brahmagiri . At an altitude of 5270 odd ft, the view from the top, after a trek is an absolute delight. The trail along the trek is one of the well forested. One of the routes to Bramagiri also has Nagarhole National Park crossing, keeping the nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts excited throughout the trek.

Distance:  270 Kms

Trek Length: 9 Kms

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16. Kotebetta Trek


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Kotebetta is one of the stunning treks in Coorg. The trail starts from the small town called Hattihole, the charm of the place adds to the trail with a river adorning the sides of the trail. At an altitude of 5400 ft, Kotebetta is also the third highest peak in this region. There are great spots to camp out at Kotebetta if you are in a group.

Distance:  275 Kms

Trek Length: 10 Kms

17. Kudremukh Trek

Image Credits: Flickr - Dhruvaraj

A trek along Kudremukh is one of the best things an avid trekker would be looking forward to. The trek trails through the stunningly beautiful Kudremukh National Park. This is among the wet, evergreen forests and is also the second largest wildlife protected area. Trekking along this trail is permitted between 6:00 am and 5: 00 pm. While spotting wildlife is one of the best things along this trail, the National Park is home to endangered species like wild dogs, tiger and leopard.

Distance:  331 Kms from Bangalore

Trek Length:  9 Kms

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18. Kodechadri

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Popularly known from the Mookambika Temple along the hills, Kodechadri is one of the most favourite among the trekkers and tourists. The 12 Kilometer trek on reaching the peak, elevates to a 4,400 ft, showing stunning views of the landscapes close by.

Distance: 278 Kms

Trek Length:  12 Kms 

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19. Narasimha Parvatha Trek

Image Credits: - trekfriends

The 13 Kilometer trek takes one to the Narasimha Parvatha peak, which stands mighty at the Agumbe. The trek shows some of the dense forests of Agumbe and it is important for the trekkers to stick to a group trek for this one. The trek in itself holds quite a challenging trail and a trek terrain that might be tough for a beginner, hence this is mostly done by avid trekkers who have an experience with trekking. 

Distance: 360 Kms

Trek Length:  13 Kms

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20. Dudhsagar Trek

Image Credits: Flickr - Karthik - Narayana

One of the most fun treks, the Dudhsagar trek along the border of Goa and Karnataka trails along the railway tracks that show forest terrains and old tunnels, that make the entire trek challenging as well as fun. The trek by the end leads to the waterfalls that never fails to mesmerize tourists. The whole trek seem worth the thrill and challenge once you catch a view of the waterfalls amidst the forested train trails.

Trek Length: 14 Kms 

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