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About Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the fun underwater diving activities that adventure lovers have been approaching popularly. A perfect activity for explorers & underwater lovers. There are also professional Scuba Divers who go on exploratory purposes, research purposes and also on military missions. 

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Unlike the normal breathe-hold or a diver's umbilical, scuba diving offers a source of compressed air that the diver can carry underwater. This gives them better and longer access to the deep and experience it better. The Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, also known as Scuba is where the term ‘Scuba Diving’ comes from. 

Origin of Scuba Diving

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Somewhere along the mid twentieth Century, two systems of scuba, device that lets the diver breathe underwater, without him having to resurface to catch breath, emerged. This discovery made a complete difference among passionate divers.

The closed-circuit scuba, also called as re-breathers came in handy. The exhaled air has carbon-dioxide replaced with oxygen and replaced with oxygen. Now these are largely used for scuba divers who dive for recreational purposes.

The open-circuit scuba lets the diver's exhaled breath into the water directly. There is a tank of compressed air that the diver needs to carry underwater to breathe in from. The exhaled breath is directed into the water. 

The whole process of scuba diving involves moving underwater using fins attached to the feet of the diver. The dive mask lets the diver get a vision underwater and the dive suit that protects the diver underwater. Professional scuba divers are trained and are required to be qualified with valid certification too. 

A few commercial or recreational purposes that lets a diver scuba dive is Aquarium Maintenance, spear fishing, underwater photography & videography, underwater tourism and more.

Depth Limit Details:

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With recreational scuba diving, the diver goes about 100 ft deep. Trained divers can dive deeper depending on the depth that the agencies in respective countries, which usually limits between 140ft and 160 ft.

Professional diving also has it’s limits set to about 160 ft depending on the availability of compressed air from the nearest available spot.

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