Venkateswara Hills

Venkateswara Hills in chennai

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About Venkateswara hills

Take a chance and enter the unexplored but promisingly captivating forests of the Sri Venkateswara National Park and sanctuary. Explore the natural water pools, streams and wondrous falls. There is a large variety of wildlife. The trek begins at Kumaradhara Dam Area and takes you through the Angel Falls right to the pool at the top of the Venkateswara Summit which will mesmerize you with its beauty! This is a challenging 144 km trek located 357 km from Chennai, but one of the most sought out destinations.

Located deep in the Eastern ghats, the lush green foliage is a must. There is also stunning unique wildlife that can be witnessed here. The twisted pathways here, make it truly an adventurous experience! But the best of all is the clear blue waters of the falls and springs within this mountain range.

Distance from Chennai - 357 km

Difficulty Level - difficult

Trekking Length - 144 km

Altitude - 2799 ft

Best Season - September to March

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