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About Kolli Hills

Located about 357 km from the city of Chennai lie the Kolli hills said to be a beacon of mystical powers and are fated to the allegations of Witchcraft being practiced here.Many fear this locale for the practices they believe are dangerous, though many also visit to see if the rumours are true!

Beginning at the Puliancholi Village and the relatively easy trail ends at the reputed Akash Ganga Waterfalls.Don’t miss out on the number of caves which lie well hidden and the few temples. This 18 km trek requires your bouldering skills and is quite challenging!

Located amongst the eastern ghats this is a pillar of beauty and nature. With the promise of a refreshing dip in the enormous falls as well as the much needed break from city life, this is the perfect locale for a vacation.

Distance from Chennai - 357 km

Difficulty Level - Moderate to Difficult

Trekking Length - 18 km

Altitude - 1000 to 1300 m

Best Season - February to December

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