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About Unventured

Out of the founders’ passion to travel came up the travel company, Unventured, that organizes trips & tours on cycles. Their philosophy of travel, that stress on the fact that travel should be able to bring the travellers closer to the places they travel to, through interactions is the ultimate aim.

They work on short weekend trips, to city tours to long haul expeditions to Ladakh & eastern Himalayas. Letting the travellers engage with the places’ traditions, culture and way of living, these cycle tours create the best of the travel experiences. This offbeat travel method has totally become one of the favourite ways for travellers to explore the cities & towns in no time.

Letting in on the important details about the city they travel to, the short anecdotes make these trips all the more a learning experience for the travellers.


52 Lakshmi, 4th Ma, 1st Cross Rd, MLA Layout, Krishnappa Block, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032
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