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About The Bangalore School of Music

The 29 year old Bangalore School of Music was first founded by Mrs. Aruna Sunerlal in 1987. Ever since then, the academy has been reaching out to thousands of passionate music lovers, looking to excel in music. The Bangalore School of Music believes that music gives a sense of fulfilment and is also the ultimate expression of emotions. Mentoring over 7500 students annually, BSM also gives opportunities for less privileged of about 4000 in number, to learn quality music. Believing that music can be a life changing experience, not just as a hobby but also in terms of career, BSM makes sure music training reaches at free of cost to at least 200 children who may not be able to afford a charged platform to build their passion. 

The academy offers lessons on all Orchestral instruments including Piano, Keyboard and of course vocal. An enthusiastic team of about 500 students are trained by some of the most dedicated faculty to appear for London Boards & Progressive Music Examinations.

The Bangalore School of Music also organises over 35-40 music concerts in a year. These concerts feature International artists, with an aim to enrich the musical experience of the students as well as audience. Along with these are the intensive music development measures taken by BSM, which involve events that improve standards of education in music. Various concerts, festivals, seminars, Music Outreach for the underprivileged, Cross Cultural Dialogues & Festivals and Audience Development help with raising standards of the music BSM aims at presenting audiences with. These developments and creative ways of involving the students to be able to present and perform great music has helped both beginners and professional musicians.

The music school has 13 teaching studios, a dance studio, a library and amphitheatre facilities for the students. With all the modern facilities, Bangalore School of Music is well equipped and focused on taking steps to raise standards of quality in both producing and presenting music. 

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23536090, 23546090


No 8, CBI Main Road, HMT-HBCS Layout, RT Nagar Bangalore India 560032
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