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About Sangeet Sadhana

Sangeet Sadhana was started by Ms.Anindita Mukerjee, a professional singer and an efficient vocal trainer with Indian Classical music. Her experience of over 30 years of career in Indian Music is surely inspiring the learners who are also looking for a career oriented passion. The music school focuses on nurturing classical music as more than just an art. Vocal classes are based on attention to details that are unique with each individual. Classes on Hindustani Classical, Light Classical ( Ghazals, Bhajan, Thumri, Folk) and Hindi Movie classics are offered. There are also options for beginners and advanced level learners who are looking to excel in the classical music. 

Sangeet Sadhana has a systematic way of approaching classes with both beginners and advanced classical music learners. Basics of the course include detailed theory on classical music, introduction to Ragas, structure to music and more. Apart from vocal classes they also offer classes on classical music instruments for both beginners and advanced level learners. 

Various Styles of Music

There is a unique style of delivering raagas the students come across in Sangeet Sadhana. It goes as follows:

1. To express Ragas in different styles – like the Khayala, Tarana, Tappa. Some light classical styles like Thumris, Dadra, Ghazals and Bhajans which follow certain raagas and moods.

With more than 200 students, accomplished professionals and Gurus, Sangeet Sadhana is one of the most reputed Musical institutes in Bangalore working tirelessly in popularizing a beautiful form of music so that like-minded people gain the most out of it and continue, spreading classical music. 

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