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About Cubbon Park MG Road

Fresh air, lush green serenity, big parks and an amusement centre for kids- if you are looking for these all at one place, head toward Cubbon Park. Morning, afternoon or the evening, the pace is lively any time, any day. Located in the heart, the greenery hub is the lung of the city, one. Lalbagh can be considered the other! Set up across 100 acres of land, Cubbon Park is situated opposite to Chinnaswamy Stadium. On all sides of this beautiful park, there are attractive destinations for visitors. But let's talk about the speciality of Cubbon. Inside the Cubbon Park, there is a toy train that features in the favourite list of the kids. And even for many elders. A model railway platform has been built where passengers board the train. The train takes you to almost all the corners of the park and is the best choice for those who wish to get a quick view of the park. Inside, there are water drinking and eating facilities s well. Kids get their share of delight in the form of swings and rides specially set-up for them. There are seating arrangements at places for people so that you take rest if tired.

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Cubbon is 'the best' place for you if you love nature, fresh air and walking in open and green fields. Toy train and rides are kids' portion of enjoyment for sure. Entry fee is very much nominal and so are the rides and train fare inside. So sit for hours in and out of the park in amidst lush green fields and trees, play games and breathe hell lot of oxygen, here this component is high, very high!

Entry Fee: Pricing: Rs 10 is the entry for adults and Rs 5 for kids.

Timings and Closing Days:

The park is open from 6.00  in the morning till 6:00 in the evening.

The park is closed every Monday and every second Tuesday. Make sure you do not embarrass yourself at the entry gate on these dates!

Try These Out: The toy train is one attractive thing you should definitely give a try to.

Cubbon Metro: Cubbon Park Metro station is adjacent to the Cubbon Park and was opened in April 2016 for public use.It connects M.G road and other metro stations in this line.

Places Neraby

Head to commercial street for some shopping. The place is one of the favourite choices for shopping enthusiasts. For that reason,you have M.G Road and Brigade Road markets, and these are quite glittery and charming especially in the evening and night.Visit Visvesvaraya museum nearby.

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