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About Chikmagalur

Located about 250 Kilometers away from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is one of the quaint towns at the foothills of Mulayangiri ranges. The town boasts of refreshing views of the hills and the calm, quiet lifestyle adds to the charm. The absolutely zero pollution and a laid back vibe are few reasons that this place is adored by tourists from all over India and is a top destination for trekking near Bangalore as well asweekend getaway.

Image Credits: Flickr - Prashantby

The town right up close to 3,600 ft high, has some of the beautiful coffee estates and beautiful hills that call out to adventure lovers and trekkers.Scenic hills views and adventure activities are major attractions for tourists. Since the place is not very far from Bangalore, people looking for a getaway from the city find this place very convenient. 

As an ultimate haven for  avid trekkers, Chikamagalur offers a dozen of interesting trekking options. Trekking up Mulaiyangiri Range for one of the best and second tallest viewpoints, is one of the happening trekking spots. Apart from this, there are also other trekking spots like Kudremuka, Kodechadri and many more where trekkers can explore and enjoy trekking experience in an absolute fun and adventure level. 

There are also scenic waterfalls along Chikmagalur, that one can spot every now and then while on the road, do not forget to stop over to admire those. Stay at Chikmagalur is also another interesting factor. Home-stays here offer some of the best facilities for tourists while they get to enjoy their time out exploring the hills and the town too. Some home-stays also organise treks along the hills near Chikmagalur.

Interesting Things To Do:

Visit one of the Coffee Estates

Trek to Kudremukh and through the National Park along the way

Spot wildlife during the treks

Trek up Mulaiyangiri

Go on a Temple and Sightseeing Tour for a day

Enjoy a Nature Stay at one of the homestays in the middle of Chikmagalurs lush green

Camp out for a night during one of the treks. 

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