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About Belur

Belur is one of the historical places and a great tourist spots near Hassan and an ecstatic weekend getaway in Karnataka. As a place that holds a massive architectural art and heritage from King Vishnuvardana’s rule, there is no question about the Cheenakesava Temple. A perfect example of the art and workmanship from the Hoysala Empire, this temple is said to have built by Shantaladevi, queen of King Vishnuvaradana. 

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This legendary temple that was started off as a sign of King Vishnuvaradana’s victory over Cholas is filled with mind blowing sculptures are architectural perfections. However, this temple with its rich historical details took about 103 years of working and completing. It was King Vishnuvaradana’s grandson who completed the work of this temple during his rule. 

With major art and sculptures lined up for people to look up to these arts, the Cheenakesava temple is also among the proposed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The word Cheenakesava translates to ‘Handsome Kesava’. The temple is also surrounded by other temples, closely placed, the Soumyanayaki temple and Ranganayaki temple, which is also filled with classy architecture and art carvings.

The temple is also filled with well carved pillars placed along the premises of the temple. One of those is the ‘Gravity Pillar’. This pillar that stands as tall as 42 meter, doesn’t stand on any support of foundation but itself. Hence the name gravity pillar, one of the art marvels in Belur. Along with it stands 48 other pillars remarking great architecture and workmanship of the Hoysala Empire that deserves recognition in the history of art and architecture in India.

Things To Do:

  • Visit Halebidu, a historical marvel.
  • Visit the temples with archaeological greatness that are nearby too.

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