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About Bandipur

A quaint village preserving the Newari culture, Bandipur is one of the beautiful tourist spots, perfect for a weekend getaway. The sight of 18th Century architecture that has occupied the town is such a delight to be welcomed to. Bandipur Tiger Reserve is one of the main attractions.

Image Credits: flickr- Sarath Kuchi

The Bandipur National Park is the highlight and is situated at the confluence of Western and Eastern Ghats, serving as a central link in the seasonal migration of Elephants from Mudumalai Sanctuary and Satyamangalam forest division in the east and south east to Nagarahole National Park and Wynad Sanctuary in the west and North West.

The National Park is a significant component of 5500 ‘Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’ which is one of the largest conservation areas in India. It supports a very high density of Elephant population with significant number of adult tuskers. The park is one of the richest wildlife areas in India, being particularly noted for its intact assemblage of seven large angulate species (muntjac, chital, sambar, chousingha, gaur, wildpig and elephant) and three large predatory carnivores – Tiger, Leopard and Dholes. The area is supporting a very high ratio of predator and prey species.

The entire National Park is an uninhabited large chunk of dry deciduous forest serving as catchments to number of rivers and streams which have been dammed for irrigation purposes. The Bandipur National Park has been brought under Project Tiger since 1973 and given rigid protection. As a result, there is a tremendous improvement in the habitat and wildlife population. Therefore there is a considerable scope for research on various aspects of wildlife.

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