101 Things to Do in Mumbai

The Definitive Guide For Things To Do in Mumbai - Meet Your City! Curated and carefully chosen by our editors, this 101 list represents the best of the best that this city has to offer.

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    Heritage and Photowalk to Gateway of India

    This bold basalt arch of colonial triumph faces out to Mumbai Harbour from the tip of Apollo Bunder. In the past Gateway of India used to be the arrival point for visitors from the west. Today it serves as a "monumental memento" of British colonial rule over India It is a major tourist destination and a popular gathering spot for locals, street vendors and photographers. There are many photowalks for photography enthusiasts and heritage walks for people who are intrigued by history. It is visited by millions of people across the world every year and is a very significant figure in the lives of the people of Mumbai, as the Gateway defines the grandeur of the city that is a culmination of both, historic and modern cultural environment.
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    A Visit to Haji Ali Dargah

    Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and dargah located on an islet off the coast of Worli. It is the most recognizable landmark in Mumbai and is 600 years old. Legend has it that Muslim saint Haji Ali died while on a pilgrimage to Mecca and his casket miraculously floated back to this spot. Thousands of people from all faiths visit this place after hearing about the tales of miracles that have happened here. It is also a famous location for watching the sunset in the Arabian Sea.
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    Heritage Walk in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

    For over a century the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel next to the Gateway of India has been the epitome of gracious hospitality, high living and impeccable service. Over the years it has entertained Heads of state, Royalty, Hollywood glitterati and icons of popular culture. It is a striking blend of nostalgic elegance, rich history and modern facilities. It is truly a great experience to visit the most famous Taj Hotel and to know its history with a heritage walk. It was the first hotel in India to employ women, the first to have electricity (and fans), and it also housed freedom-fighters (for no charge) during the struggle for independence.
  • 4

    Morning and Evening Walk at Marine Drive

    Marine Drive is a 3.5-kilometer-long boulevard which borders the Arabian Sea from Nariman Point to Malabar Hill. It is characterized by cool breeze with splashes of water which makes it a true delight to take a walk in the morning or evening. It's the ultimate seaside promenade, where Mumbaikars come to escape the claustrophobia of central Mumbai, gratefully eyeing an endless horizon while strolling or jogging along the broad windswept promenade. In the evenings, this is where locals love to consume the city's famous street snacks.
  • 5

    Photowalk to Elephanta Caves

    About 10 kilometers to the east of Mumbai, lies the island of Elephanta. A true example of Hindu cave culture, it consists of seven caves which can be divided into two groups—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. Nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, this unique island is not only a worthy destination in itself, but it also provides a great view of Mumbai’s skyline and is a perfect escape from the chaos of the city. Take a Photo tour and click some splendid shots.
  • 6

    Meeting the Sea at Juhu Beach

    Juhu is a popular destination for elite class for residential apartments and bungalows. A number of well known film personalities of the Indian film industry live here. It is also a favorite destination of Bollywood filmmakers for shooting. People come here to immerse the idols of Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a famous tourist location due to its scenic beauty and importantly food stalls that serve a range of cuisines and street food ; which are finger-licking good and must be tried after a long roam around the beach.
  • 7

    An evening walk at Bandstand Promenade

    The Bandstand Promenade is a kilometer long walkway along the sea on the west side of Bandra. It is all-in-one popular hangout spot, a jogging track, a park and also a lovers point. A evening walk here after a long day is a good idea as this beautiful walkway is the border to the beautiful sea in contrast to the city life on the other side. Explore the many attractions - the amphitheater, The Artist's Court, Bandra Fort, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mount Mary Church and also Walk of the Stars which is inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 8

    Street Food at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach

    Girgaon Chowpatty is one of the best known beaches in Mumbai, adjoining the Marine Drive. It is a good place to be after a long tiring day and watch the sunset or take part in various activities. One can enjoy horse and camel rides on the beautiful white sand, along with rides for children. Film shootings and street plays also happen here. However, it is most famous for its delicacies, attracting large crowds in the evenings. You will find all kinds of street food that are loved by locals and tourists alike.
  • 9

    Morning Breakfast Cycle tour of South Mumbai

    Cycling first thing in the morning is good way to begin a day, refresh yourself with the cool dawn breeze along with a little exercise and some yummy breakfast. However, when you have a group of other travelers, it becomes a whole lot more fun and enjoyable. Fuel up with a delicious breakfast and peddle your way through the major locations in South Mumbai as a group.
  • 10

    Midnight Cycling on Coastal Route

    Everyone goes for cycling in the morning but midnight cycling has its own thrill as we experience the real Mumbai with a bunch of other cyclists. It starts from Nariman Point to Bandra and makes halts at different locations. You can stop and click photos, have food and of course loads of fun. It is a beautiful place to experience in the night and is also very safe as you find police officers around every spot. So, grab your friends on a midnight cycling tour of Mumbai.
  • 11

    Ganesh Chaturthi at Chowpatty Beach

    Chowpatty Beach is one of the best known public beaches, adjacent to Marine Drive, in Mumbai. The beach is popular for its Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations when thousands of people from across Mumbai come to immerse the idols of Lord Ganapati in the Arabian Sea. It is also one of the many places in the city where the Ramlila is performed every year. A huge model of Ravan erected on the sand is burnt by the end of the 10-day performance. Therefore, the best time to visit the beach is during the month of October to March to witness the holy ceremony of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • 12

    Fruit and Vegetable Shopping at Crawford

    Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai is one of the most famous markets in South Mumbai. One of the most vibrant markets in the city, a whole array of dazzling fruits, vegetables and poultry can be found here. The mix of the fragrances vegetables, combined with the aromas of the fresh cheese and homemade chocolate, make it an interesting visit for tourists. At one end of the market is a pet store where different varieties of dogs, cats, and birds could be bought. I
  • 13

    Mangaldas Market for Fabrics

    Mangaldas Market is a mini-town filled with traders from Gujarat selling fabrics. Situated near Crawford market, this place is always abuzz with people in hunt of the most stylish ethnic wear at affordable prices. It also sells pretty scarves and dupattas, fruits and vegetables, jewelry along with an area selling of flowers and religious items.
  • 14

    Shopping at Colaba Causeway

    Colaba Causeway is a famous commercial street in South Mumbai, near the Gateway of India. The area is a hub of various art galleries and is a well-known shopping destination. Apart from upmarket retail showrooms, and small shops dealing in electronic goods, cosmetics, and music, it a has pavement book stall dating back several decades. It has numerous small shops and footpath outlets selling everything from artifacts to shawls, carpets and minor antiques to slippers of all kind, which make tourists and locals from South Mumbai, throng the area throughout the year.
  • 15

    Street Photography Walk to Chor Bazaar

    Chor Bazaar, in South Mumbai, is one of the largest flea markets in India and makes a popular tourist attraction. According to popular legend, if you lose anything in Mumbai you can buy it back from the "Chor Bazaar". In spite of this reputation, Chor Bazaar is said to sell mostly second-hand goods rather than stolen goods. It sells antique and vintage items, Bollywood posters, authentic Victorian furniture, replacement parts for automobiles, etc. One must be sure to search carefully through the pile of junk and bargain a lot. Many Street Photography Walks provide an insight on history of the market along with good photography skills.
  • 16

    On a spiritual trail to Siddhivinayak Temple

    Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesh and is one of the richest temples in Mumbai. The temple houses a small mandap with the shrine for Siddhi Vinayak ("Ganesha who grants your wish"). It has been visited by Politicians, Bollywood Stars, and even by Apple CEO, Tim Cook. It is a beautifully built and peaceful temple, which is a must-visit.
  • 17

    Heritage Walk to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Victoria Terminus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a historic railway station. It is also one of the busiest railway stations in India. The station building is designed in the High Victorian Gothic style of architecture. It is a very popular tourist site and has also been featured in the songs of the films like C.I.D., Slumdog Millionaire and Ra.One.
  • 18

    Museum Tour of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

    The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya ( formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India) is a major museum in Mumbai. It's built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, incorporating elements of other styles of architecture like the Mughal, Maratha and Jain. The museum houses approximately 50,000 exhibits of ancient Indian history as well as objects from foreign lands, categorized primarily into three sections: Art, Archaeology and Natural History. The museum houses Indus Valley Civilization artefacts, and other relics from ancient India from the time of the Guptas, Mauryas, Chalukyas and Rashtrakuta.
  • 19

    Experience Activities at Nehru Centre

    Nehru Centre is a memorial to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and promotes the teachings and ideals of Nehru through educational and cultural programmes. The Centre organises scientific, cultural and educational activities to engage their audience with Jawaharlal Nehru's ideals. It is spread across a large area which consists of a Planetarium, an auditorium for 1000 people, experimental theatre, art galleries, library and research centres.
  • 20

    National Gallery of Modern Art

    National Gallery of Modern Art is a gallery at Colaba which hosts various exhibitions and art collections of famous artists, sculptors and different civilisations. The gallery is a repository of the cultural ethos of the country and showcases the changing art forms through the passage of the 150 years and the NGMA collection today is undeniably the most significant collection of modern art and contemporary art in the country.
  • 21

    Dig History at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

    The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum (formerly the Victoria and Albert Museum) is the oldest museum in Mumbai. This museum houses a large number of archaeological finds, maps and historical photographs of Mumbai, clay models, silver and copper ware and costumes. Its significant collections include a 17th-century manuscript of Hatim Tai. Also, outside the museum is the monolithic basalt elephant sculpture recovered from the sea, which originated from Elephanta Island. This museum makes you go wow!
  • 22

    Lunch at Leopold Cafe

    The Leopold Cafe is a large and popular restaurant and bar on Colaba Causeway. It is not just a restaurant but a landmark in Mumbai with interiors very much like a European café. Interestingly, they have also preserved bullet marks that were left by the gunmen during the Mumbai Attacks in 2008. It is a café which is thronged by tourists and locals at all times not only because of food and its history but also because of live performances here.
  • 23

    Maha Shivratri at Babulnath Temple

    Babulnath is an ancient Shiva temple near Girgaum Chowpatty. It is one of the oldest temples in the city and is visited by lakhs of devotees during the annual Maha Shivratri festival. It has beautiful architecture and attracts history-lovers, devotees and travelers, all the same. During the Maha Shivratri, people throng the temple, dressed beautifully and performing various rituals.
  • 24

    Adventure Trip to Imagica

    Imagica is a one-stop destination for fun and adventure on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It consists of a Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park. The Theme Park offers 25 rides and attractions, and several F&B outlets to choose from; Water Park with exciting and thrilling water rides and the Snow Park which is the largest in India, where people of all ages can play in the (edible) snow, climb snow mountains, enjoy rides and even sip hot coffee in the –5C temperature. It is must-visit place which can be enjoyed with friends and family.
  • 25

    Navratri at Mahalakshmi Temple

    Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the most famous temples of Mumbai and is dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi the central deity of Devi Mahatmyam. It is beautifully decorated during the Navratri and people from distant places come to visit , stand for hours in long queues to dedicate offerings and seek blessings of the goddess.
  • 26

    DDLJ in Maratha Mandir

    Maratha Mandir is a Cinema Hall in Mumbai which is a landmark in Mumbai. It set a record for playing the popular and successful movie, DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) for 1009 weeks in a row. It is the most valued theatre for the Mumbai's Bollywood Box Office. So, if you visit Mumbai, you must not miss a chance to watch a movie here.
  • 27

    Watch a Cricket Match at Wankhede Stadium

    The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai has been host to numerous high profile cricket matches in the past such as 2011 Cricket World Cup Final and the last match of Sachin Tendulkar's international career. It is a very famous cricket stadium and if you happen to be in Mumbai during Cricket season, you should catch a match here.
  • 28

    National Centre of Performing Arts

    The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is a multi-venue, multi-purpose cultural centre in Mumbai, which aims to promote India's heritage of music, dance, theatre, film, literature and photography. It comprises of Jamshed Bhabha Theatre which hosts performances from large format orchestras to full-scale operas; Tata Theatre is Mumbai's preferred venue for Indian classical concerts, Western chamber music and theatre with a revolving stage; Experimental Theatre for innovative theatre productions as well as small-scale dance and music performances, as well as a teaching and workshop space. It also houses Piramal Art Gallery, Reading and listening libraries, Studio, Teaching and research block, Computerised music research laboratory and an Audio-visual archival vault with over 4,000 hours of recording and theatre research material.
  • 29

    Photowalk to Dhobi Ghat

    (Mahalaxmi) Dhobi Ghat is a well known open air laundromat in Mumbai, where washers or dhobis work in the open to wash the clothes from Mumbai's Hotels and Hospitals. Called the world's largest outdoor laundry, Dhobi Ghat is a very popular attraction among foreign tourists. Many photo walks are organised for photography enthusiasts and travelers to capture the action on site.
  • 30

    Horse Racing at Mahalaxmi Race Course

    The Mahalaxmi Racecourse is a horse racing track in Mumbai. British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performed at the racecourse as a part of his World Tour. Apart from events during the racing season from November to April, it also hosts the Derby annually on first Sunday of February. It is open to general public for jogging and yoga. It also hosts Marathons, Yoga to Tai-Chi sessions, horse-riding lessons, and much more. You can also find Aeromodelling hobbyists flying planes on the polo ground, during non-racing days.
  • 31

    Adventure Rides at Essel World

    Essel World is a popular amusement park located at Gorai, Mumbai. It is one of the largest amusement parks in India and draws a lot of visitors and tourists year round. It hosts Mumbai's first Ice-Skating rink. Many people hold parties here at the dance floor with various DJs. It also has bowling alley, rides, roller coasters, and India's scariest ride "Monsters in the Mist". Great place for a day of adventure!
  • 32

    Street Food of Khau Gallis in Mumbai

    Mumbai's true street food experience would be at the numerous Khau Gallis in Mumbai. This are cramped streets with small stalls offering delicious food items which are loved by locals and tourists. Some of the most famous gullis are in Mohammed Ali Road, Mahim Balamia Road, Ghatkopar East, Churchgate, and Carter Road.
  • 33

    Heritage Experience at Town Hall

    Town Hall is built in Greek and Roman architecture and houses the Asiatic society of Bombay which is a public state library in the city. Ancient manuscripts in Persian, Prakrit, Urdu and Sanskrit, a collection of 1,000 ancient coins, the exceptional gold 'mohur' that once belonged to Akbar and Dante's first issue of 'Inferno' are some of the most precious treasures at the Town Hall. It is one of the most magnificent places in Mumbai which makes it a tourist hot-spot.
  • 34

    Nature Walk at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a large protected area in the Northern Mumbai and is the most visited National Park in Asia. It has a scenic beauty and abundance of flora and fauna which attracts a lot of tourists and locals. 2400-year-old Kanheri caves sculpted out of the rocky cliffs is a major attraction here. The park offers lion and tiger safaris, a narrow gauge train which travels around the tourist zone showcasing parts of the rich biodiversity along with boating facility. Two watchtowers are available for panoramic views of the park. Adventure seekers also come here for rock climbing and trekking in the month of August.
  • 35

    Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery

    The Jehangir Art Gallery is an art gallery in Mumbai which has four exhibition halls. Its history is linked with the renaissance of Indian art. The complex also houses the popular cafe of Samovar, which displays the 70's socialist culture along with Natesans, the country's oldest licensed antique dealers. It consists of an Auditorium Hall, Exhibition Gallery, Hirji Jehangir Gallery and Terrace Gallery for Photography and Visual Art. They host beautiful art exhibitions and also conduct Art Appreciation Classes. One must visit the Jehangir Art Gallery in the art hub of the city to experience or even buy the great artwork in display.
  • 36

    Take part in the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

    Kala Ghoda is a 9-Day festival celebrating Art and raising funds for the betterment of the Kala Ghoda area. This festival is organized each year and is very popular among Mumbaikars. They hold various events like Children's Events, Cinema, Dance, Food, Heritage Walks, Literature, Music, Theatre, Street Festival, Visual Arts as well as Contests, Workshops & Seminars.
  • 37

    Attend a show at St. Andrew's Auditorium

    St. Andrew's Auditorium is a cultural space located inside the St. Andrew's College and hosts various performances of theatre, dance and music. Many popular shows and events including that of the famous Bollywood choreographer, Shiamak Davar, have been held here. One must attend an event here as it hosts the most talented artists who are a delight to watch.
  • 38

    Heritage Walk to Municipal Corporation Building

    (Brihan)Mumbai Municipal Corporation Building is a heritage building opposite to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It is the largest civic organisation in Asia. It is a must visit as it is an architectural excellence and boasts a very interesting history.
  • 39

    Attend an event at NSCI Dome

    National Sports Club (NSCI) is a one-stop destination for sports in the heart of Mumbai. It initiated setting up facilities for Billiards, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom and a well equipped Ladies & Gents Health club along with coaching classes in various games, including judo, Karate & Aerobics. The club also has restaurants, permit rooms, lounges and a consumer store. Members enjoy regular film shows on Sunday evenings and two housie sessions every week. The club organizes Musical Evenings, Food Festivals , concerts, exhibitions, 2015 Pro Kabaddi Matches are held here, which makes it a preferred place to hangout.
  • 40

    Shopping at Fashion Street

    Fashion Street is a famous shopping destination in Mumbai which is a cluster of over 385 street-side clothing shops on MG Road. It is also a popular tourist destination as you can find the latest fashion here and nominal prices.
  • 41

    Watch a Rugby Match at Bombay Gymkhana

    Bombay Gymkhana is one of the premier gymkhanas (sports arenas) in Mumbai. Their own Bombay Gymkhana Rugby Club houses a badminton court, table tennis area, a restaurant, and a lounge. Cricket is played in the winters, football and rugby during monsoon. It also hosts various cricket matches, rugby matches and national and international squash matches. If you are a sportsperson or a sports junky, you must watch a rugby or squash match here.
  • 42

    Spot emerging cricketers at Shivaji Park

    Shivaji Park is the largest public park in Mumbai and has a historical and cultural value due to the social gatherings it has witnessed. It is very famous for cricket as it has produced the most renowned cricketers of our times. Some famous names who have trained here are Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Ajit Wadekar, Ashok Wadekar, Vinod Kambli, with many more to come. This makes it the most desirable location to attend a cricket match. The Grounds also hosts events like exhibition and Yoga sessions.
  • 43

    Relive Childhood at Kamla Nehru Park

    Kamla Nehru Park is a scenic park located at the top of Malabar Hills and named after India's first PM, Jawaharlal Nehru. You will find a lot of kids playing here and specially around the shoe-shaped structure. Due to this shoe structure, it is often called Shoe Park and one can actually enter it! It is a good place for family picnic, also to enjoy the panoramic view of Marine Drive, particularly during sunset.
  • 44

    A Raahgiri Day

    Raahgiri day organized every Sunday morning is an initiative taken by The Heritage School Gurgaon to keep cities motor-free, pollution-free and chaos-free is now in Mumbai. Children and adults take part in activities like, biking, skating, running and walking, street games, street dancing, yoga, aerobics and zumba (for which stages are setup at various spots along the route). A Raahgiri Day is a (half) day well spent as you indulge in your favourite activities but also stay healthy, and keep your city healthy!
  • 45

    Watch the Sunset from at Hanging Gardens

    The Hanging Gardens (aka Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens) are terraced gardens perched at the top of Malabar Hill. They provide sunset views over the Arabian Sea and feature numerous hedges carved into the shapes of animals. Hanging Garden is a scenic and beautiful place to hangout with friends, watch the sunset or even pursue photography.
  • 46

    Bandra Fair at Mount Mary Church

    Film City is an integrated film studio complex situated near Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. It was renamed to Dadasaheb Phalke Nagar after the father of Indian Film Industry. It has several recording rooms, gardens, lakes, theaters and grounds that serve as the venue of almost all Bollywood film shoots. It has many types of locations including a temple, prison, lake, garden and even a man-made waterfall. It is open to the public with film tours also offered.
  • 47

    Tour of Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagri

    Film City is an integrated film studio complex situated near Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. It was renamed to Dadasaheb Phalke Nagar after the father of Indian Film Industry. It has several recording rooms, gardens, lakes, theaters and grounds that serve as the venue of almost all Bollywood film shootings. It has all type of location available for shooting including a temple, prison, lake, garden and even a man-made waterfall. It is also open for public and is a famous tourist spot as many film city tours are held which are guided to enlighten the travelers.
  • 48

    Heritage and Photowalk to Flora Fountain

    Flora Fountain is a beautifully sculpted architectural heritage monument at the Hutatma Chowk. It is a fusion of water, architecture and sculpture, and depicts the Roman goddess Flora. There are various Heritage Walks and Photography Walks held around the year. If you are a photography enthusiast or keen to learn about the history of Mumbai, then there is nothing better than this Neoclassical and Gothic architectural beauty.
  • 49

    Watch a shoot at Yash Raj Studios

    Yash Raj Films (YRF) is an Indian entertainment company established by Yash Chopra, a renowned and popular Indian film director and producer. They are the most celebrated production house in India and you must not miss a chance to watch a film shooting here. They also have a y-store for all the bollywood fans with cool official merchandise.
  • 50

    Ladies Night in Mumbai

    Every other night in Mumbai at different cafes and restro bars, is a Ladies Night where drinks are on the house usually after sunset. Mumbai is a good place with a vibrant crowd. Grab your girlfriends and have a super night out at places like Firangi Paani, Out of the Blue, TGI Fridays, I-Bar, and many more.
  • 51

    Karaoke Night in Mumbai

    Karaoke is the best way to bring out the bathroom singer in you. Karaoke Nights are a fun way to spend time with your friends, making fun of each other or to make new friends. IBar, Hard Rock Café, The Irish House, WTF, The Little Door, 3 Wise Monkeys, and The Bombay Bronx are some places to enjoy the Karaoke vibe.
  • 52

    Stage Shows at Experimental Theatre

    The Experimental Theatre is a 300-seat theatre at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. It stages innovative production designs and presentations, and is normally used to promote the exploration of new directions in performance art. The Experimental Theatre has hosted experimental plays, Indian epics, classical music concerts, and Western operas and ballets. Famous artists such as Romain Descharmes have performed there.
  • 53

    Visit the World Trade Centre

    The Mumbai World Trade Centre is the second tallest building in South Asia consisting of two towers. It promotes India’s international trade and hosts conferences, exhibitions, seminars, performances and fairs for the public. These events are attended by people from around the world.
  • 54

    Picnic at Madh Island

    Madh Island is a beautiful island in Northern Mumbai. It has various attractions and one of the many popular tourists destinations in Mumbai. One could spend a day exploring the famous Aksa Beach, Madh Beach, Madh Fort /Vervosa Fort made by the Portuguese, Erangal village with the farming community, and St. Bonaventure which is a church by the Portuguese near the beach. Picnic here with friends & family and stay the night at the nearby hotels.
  • 55

    Weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar

    Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful hill station near Mumbai where Mumbaikars often take a small trip for a quick break from the city. It is a serene and peaceful hill station with many tourist spots including Old Mahabaleshwar, Krishnabai Temple, 3 Monkey Point, Arthur Seat Point, Venna Lake, View Point, Wilson Point, Pratapgad and Lingmala Waterfall.
  • 56

    Experience G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

    G5A is a not-for-profit centre for contemporary art, culture and community exchange. It is a reconstructed Warehouse which consists of a Hall for movie screenings, workshops, seminars, lectures, discussion, performances ,Canteen, a Study for discussions and presentations and a Terrace for music, poetry, parties and much more.
  • 57

    Live Gigs at Blue Frog

    blueFROG is a well-known F&B and Music venue in Mumbai and overseas. It is popular among the youth for its music events that happen around the year and everyday. The performers include DJs, Bands and Solo Artists. Have a blast with your favourite gig, great food and your friends.
  • 58

    Cultural Event at Ravindra Natya Mandir

    Ravindra Natya Mandir is an auditorium inside the P.L. Deshpande Maharashtra Kala Academy that hosts cultural programs in Marathi and other languages. They host everything from Plays, Musical Presentations, Magic Shows, Natya-Sangeet, Lavani, One-Man Shows, Kathakathan, Poetry Recitation, Dance to Film Screening, Corporate Seminars , Annual Day Celebrations, Spiritual Discourses, Political Meetings, Cultural Festivals, TV Shows and Award Ceremonies along with Film & TV Shoots.
  • 59

    Music at Tuning Fork

    Tuning Fork is a space dedicated to comfort food and music. They pose as a collaboration between food and music and therefore provide a platform for emerging and talented artists to perform. It is a true delight to be here with friends – an absolutely awesome experience. They also host poetry shows , music bands, DJs and solo artists.
  • 60

    DJ Night at Kitty Su

    Kitty Su is one of the most popular nightclubs located in Mumbai after its success in Delhi. It has established itself as a dance music destination and you will find a huge crowd here who love music genres like, House, Techno, Commercial, Pop and Electro. Artists like Steve Aoki, Afrojack and many other talented DJs have performed here. So, if you want to experience nightlife of Mumbai then Kitty Su is the place you to be.
  • 61

    Photowalk at Lal Bagh Spice Market

    Lal Bagh has a tremendous history of textile industry in Mumbai in past years. Now it is known for its spice market which is famous and visited by many tourists and locals through heritage and photowalks. These walks provide a background on the area and guide you through the spice market, the vegetable market ahead, a farsan (fried snack) market called Chivda Galli, and a busy fish market. It is an extremely interesting walk and tells a lot about the culture and routine in India and Mumbai.
  • 62

    Have Fun at Della Adventure Park

    Della Adventure is India's Largest Adventure Park which located in Lonavala near Mumbai. Apart from 70 activities and attractions, it also has a resort and restaurants. They offer Aqua Zorb, Motor Dirt Bike, ATV Rides, Rocket Ejector, Crossbow, Swoop Swing, Archery, Shooting Range and Paintball. It is THE destination to have great fun with friends.
  • 63

    Musical Evenings at Hard Rock Cafe

    Mumbai is a hub for culture, music, and film and boasts of two Hard Rock Cafes locations. The one on Worli is India's first Hard Rock Café and the other oneis in the famous suburb of Mumbai, Andheri. Hard Rock Café is known for its live music performances with a line-up of talented artists. Great music, fabulous food & drinks and an evening with friends- Hard Rock just rocks!
  • 64

    Stand-up Comedy at Canvas Laugh Club

    Canvas Laugh Club is India’s first and only venue dedicated to the genre of live comedy which curates a program of the best shows and artists. Located inside the Palladium Mall, it is one-stop destination for some great stand up comedy, storytelling for kids as well as monologues. Relax, laugh and de-stress!
  • 65

    Bike Ride to Bhimashankar Temple

    Bhimashankar is an ancient and famous temple in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas situated all over India. Bhimashankar is also declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary due to its dense forest and rich biodiversity. It is common for Mumbaikars to go for a one day ride to Bhimashankar Temple, making pit-stops to eat. One can enjoy nature, click some photographs and also choose to trek.
  • 66

    Watch a show at Prithvi Theatre

    Prithvi Theatre is one of Mumbai's best known theatres which was built by Shashi Kapoor in memory of his father Prithviraj Kapoor. It hosts shows everyday, an annual Summertime programme of workshops and plays for children, the Memorial Concert on 28 February, an annual Theatre Festival in November, and many partnership programmes promoting language, poetry, international cinema & documentaries and performing arts – which are free to the public. It is one place that always buzzes with a great artist line-up and amazing display of talent.
  • 67

    RoadTrip to Goa

    You're raring to go on a Mumbai to Goa road trip after watching Dil Chahta Hai, right? Well, it's extremely exciting, adventurous and fun! It is one of the best road trips one can have as you can experience so much scenic beauty and greenery on the way, which is more than just refreshing. Goa is a one of the most visited tourist destination in India and is the land of beaches. Road trip with Best buddies to the beaches - Beautiful!
  • 68

    Camping under the stars at Gorai Beach

    Gorai is a village near Mumbai which is known for its beach with its calm, laid back charm in contrast to the fast paced life of the city. It is common for Mumbaikars to getaway here for picnics and it also thronged by locals, students from nearby colleges and tourists. While here, people often go to Uttan, little seaside town, for camping under the stars which is beautiful, peaceful and memorable experience.
  • 69

    Trekking at Khandala

    Khandala is a hill station in the Western Ghats and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway passes through it. Khandala is a common place for Hiking for people of Mumbai. Duke's Nose in Khandala is a very popular place for trekking, valley crossing, rock climbing & rappelling.
  • 70

    Exploring Nature and Heritage at Fort Bassein

    Fort Bassein or Vasai Fort is a large fort in Vasai village and is a monument of national importance. The fort has featured in many Bollywood movies - Josh, Khamoshi, and Aag. It is lush green and landscaping fort where many nature walks and heritage walks are held , as one can find various species of birds, plants, butterflies and reptiles here.
  • 71

    Beach Hopping at Alibaug

    Alibaug is a coastal town in Raigad District and is a well-known tourist attraction with a number of beaches. Alibag Beach, Alibag Fort, Varsoli Beach, Akshi Beach, Nagaon Beach, Kihim-Nagaon Beach, Mandawa, Kashid Beach, and Korlai Beach attract tourists for a great day at the beach.
  • 72

    Hangout at AntiSocial

    Social is an urban transformed workplace with an attached bar. They keep you connected while offline. Apart from a relaxing place to be, it has also been a platform for many events like rap battles, live DJs, etc with more to come. Social is located across Mumbai- Todi Mill Social, Palladium Social, Khar Social, Capital Social, and Fun Republic Social.
  • 73

    Comfort Food & Beer at The Barking Deer Brewpub and Restaurant

    The Barking Deer Brewpub is Mumbai's first microbrewery located at Lower Parel Mumbai. They serve freshly brewed beer, with yummy comfort food. They also host various musical events, comedy shows, storytelling, writing workshops, and also beer workshops!
  • 74

    Musical Night Out at Bonobo

    Bonobo (Bar.Love.Food) is a paradise for music and food lovers. It is a great place to hangout with friends, food and cocktails along with great music gig. The place is pet-friendly!
  • 75

    Spiritual Trip to Shirdi

    Shirdi is best known as the late 19th century home of the popular guru Shirdi Sai Baba and one of the richest temple organizations. It is a very popular destination for Indian and Foreign tourists as a pilgrimage. It is easy to visit Shirdi as a one day trip from Mumbai.
  • 76

    Romantic Cruise for Couples

    Take a Romantic Cruise in a beautifully decked luxury yacht watching the cityscape, sailing the Arabian Sea with your loved one . A date this beautiful is always remembered for life. You can spend some alone time with your date while having some delicious food and sipping champagne.
  • 77

    A Show at House Of Wow

    House Of Wow is a creative space for artists and enthusiasts from different genres of arts; performing arts, fine arts, culinary arts and more. It hosts shows, intensives, workshops, shoots, film screenings, live theatre, open mic nights, improv & stand up shows, wine & cheese events, customised art & fitness parties and much more.
  • 78

    Night Out with pets at Zoobar

    Zoobar is a pet friendly bar where you could have drinks and yummy food, but also bring your pets here. Everyday here is exciting - Monday: English Karaoke Night, Tuesday: Game Night, Wednesday: Wild Nights- ladies in animal prints can make their own cocktails, and get them complementary!, Thursday: Bollywood Karaoke Night, Friday: Commercial Hindi/ Bollywood Night, Saturday: Commercial Hiphop UK Punjabi Bollywood Night, Retro Sunday: Sunday Brunch. Don't forget to bring your friends!
  • 79

    Heritage Walk in Naval Dockyard

    Bombay Dockyard aka Naval Dockyard, is an Indian shipbuilding yard at Mumbai. It is one of the largest of its kind in Asia which makes it a must-visit and learn about the shipping history of India.
  • 80

    Attend a swimming contest at Andheri Sports Complex

    The Andheri Sports Complex aka Shahaji Raje Krida Sankul is a multi-purpose facility. The complex is used for national level sports tournaments like squash, boxing, tennis and karate. The sports complex has an Olympic size swimming pool and a diving pool with 4 diving levels. It is a really good place to witness a swimming championship or any other sports competition with young emerging talent taking part in them.
  • 81

    Splash around at a Pool Party

    Mumbai has unbearable and humid summers and there is no better way to beat the heat than to be at a pool party! Sagar Sangam Hotel, Bay Leaf III, Paragon I, Sky bar in C’est Le Vie, Palladium Hotel, and Dome – InterContinental are some places where you can chill, dip, hangout with friends and keep the cool.
  • 82

    Attend a Fashion Show

    Mumbai is full of fashionable people. You will find every girl and boy dressed up fashionably at all times. Mumbai also happens to be the location for the most renowned institution for fashion studies, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) and many more. Fashion shows are held every other day in the city, also because it is home to Bollywood. It is a great way for fashion enthusiasts, trend setters and bloggers to catch up on the latest fashion & style.
  • 83

    Shake it with Dance Workshops

    Dancing is in the blood of every Indian. We can dance anywhere anytime if our favorite music plays. So why not learn it professionally? Right here in Mumbai, you can find lots of dance workshops and classes that teach all kinds of dance forms from bhangra to hip hop and Bharatanatyam to Jazz. Shake it up!
  • 84

    Get Arty at Art Workshops

    Many talented and creative artists who live in Mumbai or visit Mumbai, teach workshops that are great opportunities to enhance one's artistic skills. These workshops are open for all ages. If you love art or you want to learn art, here is the chance. Find art workshops in Mumbai held every other day at different locations and bring out the artist in you.
  • 85

    More than just books at Summer Camp

    Kids love summer breaks. Get them happy and active with summer camps in Mumbai that are a fun learning experience. Summer camps aim at training kids in various extra-curricular activities like, Art and Craft, Dance, Music, Writing and Sports and even Living Values. These help them to be smart, savvy and also recognize their inlying interests. A summer well spent.
  • 86

    Play at a Gaming Centre

    Gaming is the best way to kill boredom and Mumbai houses many gaming centers and cafes where you can play video games, pool, air hockey, carrom, etc. along with friends. So if you are done watching TV or reading, you might want to take a break at a gaming centre. Satellite TV Video Games, Smaaash, Technopoint, Online Gaming Zone, and Games The Shop are some places in Mumbai to fill some energy in your lazy day.
  • 87

    Be a Tech Guru with Tech Workshops

    Mumbai has various technical institutions and India has a huge IT sector with growing opportunities. If you love technology or want to learn a particular technical course in these holidays, you can find numerous workshops happening. These workshops aim at teaching various aspects of technology like Android/iOS development, hacking, programming, software trainings, and much more.
  • 88

    Have Fun at The Hive

    The Hive is a co-working space for startups, entrepreneurs and the creative community, a workshop and event space with classes, a performance space to showcase budding and established talent and a cafe to eat, drink, unwind and work out of. It hosts Experimental Workshops, Film Screenings, Art Gallery, Comic Book Store, HAM Radio Enthusiasts, Board Game Lovers, Traveller Pit Stop, Meditation space, Theatre performances, social experiments and much more. It is a fun place to be and showcase your talent while mingling with your kind.
  • 89

    Gaining Spirituality at The Space

    The Space is a private studio located in the heart of Juhu. It is a space for lifestyle activities, classes and workshops. It is the most famous for its Yoga sessions which are immensely rejuvenating. It is a good place for spending some time discovering yourself.
  • 90

    Discover your inner Foodie at the Food Festival

    Mumbai is known for its street food and foodies. People of Mumbai love food and therefore many food festivals are held at different locations in Mumbai around the year. So, if you love food, food festivals are the place to gorge, slurp and burp!
  • 91

    Learn to Fly at Bombay Flying Club

    Bombay Flying Club is an aviation institute which provides aviation training to students with a science and mathematics background. Located at the Juhu Aerodrome, they offer various courses and are known as one of the best institutes for aviation training and knowledge.
  • 92

    Waterfalls at Bhivpuri

    Bhivpuri is a town in Karjat Taluka near Mumbai. A temple of Sai Baba of Shirdi is located here along with waterfalls which attracts many visitors on the weekend. People from Mumbai, tourists and mostly students come here to visit the temple and sit by the waterfall and have a picnic. However, adventure seekers come here for the famous waterfall.
  • 93

    River Rafting at Kundalika

    White Water Rafting is an amazing adventure sports for thrill seekers. So, people of Mumbai and many tourists head to Kundalika River fed by excess water from TATA Power’s Mulshi Dam making it a suitable choice for rafting. It is a great experience and especially awesome in the monsoon season.
  • 94

    One Day Trek to Kothaligad

    Kothaligad or Peth Fort is a small fort near Mumbai famous for treks because of its small height and easy climbing. The starting point for Kothaligad trek is Ambivali village which is linked to Peth via a dirt road. There is a small waterfall along this route. From Peth village it is a steep 1 hour climb to the base of Kothaligad fort. The view from there is beautiful and a must-do experience as a weekend getaway.
  • 95

    Get Fit at Lokhandwala Complex Joggers Park

    Lokhandwala Complex Joggers Park is a pleasant park in the popular neighbourhood of Lokhandwala. It is good for a morning walk or jog and is often frequented by celebrities and also hosts various fitness activities. If you are a fitness freak, get here quick!
  • 96

    One Day Trek to Korigad Fort

    Korigad is a beautiful hill fort located near Mumbai on the Mumbai-Pune Old Highway. One Day treks to this Fort is a common adventure for Mumbaikars as it is peaceful and the view from the top is breath-taking. There are two lakes in the Fort, Korai Devi Temple and 6 bombard cannons at the Fort.
  • 97

    Monsoon Trek to Pelhar Lake

    Pelhar Lake is less discovered and extremely beautiful lake and dam. It is a place for travelers and explorers. Best time to visit this place is during monsoon with heavy fluffy clouds in the sky and wet unbeaten roads. Photography opportunities too!
  • 98

    One Day Trek to Kohoj Fort

    Kohoj, the hill fort is situated in Palghar region. On the plateau of the fort, a temple of Lord Shankar and 3 groups of water cisterns can be seen. Off the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, this camping trek to Kohoj takes you to a beautiful place with great views and mesmerizing lakes nearby.
  • 99

    Waterfall Rappelling at Dodhani Waterfall

    Dodhani Waterfall is located at the base of Matheran Hills which is easily accessible from Panvel and Mumbai. People of Mumbai often seek adventure for weekends, taking a break from the noisy city. Rappelling is a technique used to descend from a rock patch or slope in a controlled manner and it is even more fun and exciting when the rock patch has a waterfall. Get, set, rappel and wet!
  • 100

    Trekking and Camping Near Mumbai

    Escape the concrete and embrace nature. Trekking and Camping under the stars in Lonavala. Mountain climbing, paintball in the forest, lakeside or forest camping, cooking in traditional ways, camping, campfire and barbeque- Bliss!
  • 101

    Attend an auction at Sotheby's

    Sotheby’s is an innovative global art business auctioneers. They hold various auctions with private sales galleries, worldwide selling exhibitions, retail wine and diamonds, financing, art education. So if you want to buy art pieces and antiques, Sotheby's auction has the best always!