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About Treks and Trails India

About: Treks and Trails India is an initiative to trek and be with nature. Yet it's not just another trekking group. The basic funda being - do the ordinary in an extra ordinary way. Treks and Trails India caters to a few listed activities such as: Organizing treks, forest trails, Cycling events. Conducting awareness about rural developmental. Volunteers for a Beach cleanup and Conducting free Medical Camps in rural areas. Objectives: Meeting like minded individuals. Sharing best practices and to evolve as the foremost community. Treks and Trails believe in Leave no Trace policy while conducting all its events. Grievance / Feedback: Equal opportunity is provided to hear any grievance during the event and after. Treks and Trails, India will accept all feedback constructively. To improve and learn together. Email us: Membership: Currently no membership fee is charged. However participants are required to pay for each event. Participants above 12 -18 years may participate with parental consent. Disclaimer: Your safety is our priority - Our outdoor Leaders have significant experience with outdoor activities and work very hard to make each event a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Basic First aid is always available during one day/ overnight treks.

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