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New Year Parties in Pune 2020

Celebrate New Year Party 2020 in Pune. Book New Year 2020 Parties and Events in Pune on 31st December

New Year 2019 is still a while away, but it's not too early to make plans. We have a number of awesome NYE Events coming up in Pune. We will bring to you the best-curated events across all venues and get you the most exclusive deals, event details and much more. Can’t wait? Check out New Year Parties in Pune 2019 on Events High and don’t forget to sign up! Ring in the New Year with us in style.

New Year 2019 Parties in Pune

  1. Hoedown 19
  2. NYE 2019 Celebrations with Resident DJ
  3. SOIREE - New Year Party
  4. New Year Eve 2019 at Roof Top Poolside
  5. New Year's Eve at Imagica
  6. Revolution 2019 with DJ Johny
  7. MAD19 - Memories and Drinks
  8. Twilight 2019 New Year Celebration

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New Year Party Pune 2020 - Exciting New Year Events in Pune on 31st December 2019

New Year is almost here. It’s time to say to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 with open arms. Grab your party hat and put on your best clothes because New Parties in Pune is going to rock the entire city. Some of the best new year celebrations in Pune will begin on the night of December 31st and continue into the New Year’s Day. The parties in the city are going to be LIT and the nightlife scene is going to transform into one huge candy store. You can now find parties suitable for your budget with great offers, awesome music, unlimited food and drinks, and revellers dressed to the nines. Get ready for the best NYE 2020 events in Pune.

New Year Getaway Near Pune

If you’re looking to celebrate this new year far away from the concrete jungle we have an entire set of activities arranged just for you including bonfires, camping in the midst of nature, stargazing, wildlife safaris, adventure activities, and much more. You can find some of the most fun and awesome getaways and New Year events in Pune on Events High.

New Year Events in Pune - 5-star hotels

Some of the most stylish and chic parties take place in luxury and 5-star hotels in Pune. So get ready this new year to let your hair down and dance to the best music in town, relish the delicious food, and enjoy the luxury of the plushest properties in Pune. Welcome the new year with the best New Year Eve party in Pune. Check the New year parties in Pune in 5 star hotels.

New Year Party in Pune with Stay

After a long night of partying, isn’t it easier to just walk over to your bed and crash? If you only you could avoid the hassle of heading back home, getting a cab, and getting stuck in traffic. The good news is that you can avoid all that by opting for New Year parties with stay packages. You can now party all night and bring in the new year in your luxurious accommodation.

New Year Eve Party in Resorts around Pune

Resorts near Pune are known to host some of the best New year parties. Head out and get away from boring new year parties of Pune and spend it away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend it in a resort near Pune. You can relax and let go and enjoy the entertaining activities arranged for the evening. Bring in 2020 in a fun New Year eve party in a resort near Pune.

New Year Celebration in Pune with Family

If you’re thinking twice about partying because of your kid/kids, worry not. We have the best kid-friendly parties in Pune which have kid zones and babysitters to take care of the young ones while you let your hair down. Enjoy the best parties in Pune for families.

New Year Bash in Pune for Couples

If you’re looking to party at the hottest clubs with your partner, we won’t disappoint you. Events High has the best New Year parties in Pune for couples. You can pick any one of the numerous parties happening in the city including theme parties, budget parties, luxury parties, and dance parties. Because what better way to welcome the New Year than to boogie on the dance floor.

New Year Parties in Pune for Single/Stags

Live Band performances, pool parties, theme parties, DJ nights in the most happening clubs, concerts, belly dancers, fire jugglers, huge buffet spreads, Bollywood nights, carnivals or any other kind of party will be a part of New Year Eve for singles/stags in Pune. All these parties are just a click away on Events High.

New Year Celebration Packages in Pune

Pick the best New Year celebration package with the best DJ in town playing beats till you drop, curated menus from around the world, and the best deals on food and beverages. Dress up to kill and say bye to the year that was at the best new year party. New Year packages in Pune come with all the things you’re looking for in an NYE party. So what are you waiting for?

New Year Events in Pune - Outdoor Parties

Do you want to be away from the concrete jungle while you boogie your way into 2020? Enjoy your New Year Party in Pune with some awesome options by Events High, away from hustle and bustle of the city. We have some great out of the city parties coming up in a hill, farm, or camp near you.

Budget New Year Party in Pune

Don’t want to spend big bucks this New Year? Don’t worry. We have the most awesome and LIT budget parties line up on Events High. Ride the wave of happiness right into 2020 with booze and music flowing till the end of the night. Get ready to groove and enjoy the best budget New Year parties in Pune.

New Year Bash in Pune with Unlimited food/alcohol

Remember everything that brought joy to you in 2019, drink away your unpleasant memories, and dance your blues away this new year. You can do all this with a little help from our bottomless glasses and all-you-can-eat buffets. Enjoy our New Year Parties in Pune with unlimited food and alcohol. Don’t wait. Book your tickets now.

Romantic NYE parties in Pune

For couples, New Year’s Eve can be a special night. On the last day the year, you can reminisce about the wonderful year the two of you have spent together. And spending the most important day of the year together will pave way for great memories for years to come. Ring in the new year together and celebrate this romantic day at the most romantic New Year parties in Pune.

New Year Eve Brunches in Pune

Who doesn’t love Brunches? Start this New Year with a lavish brunch at your favourite restaurant in Pune. We have the list of the best New Year eve brunches in Pune, whether it is a pizza party or a champagne session. Enjoy the free-flowing bar bounty, live-stations, and exotic delicacies this New Year in Pune.

New Year Eve Camping and Trekking in Pune

If you’re not super into partying and loud music, we are bringing a great curation of events in Pune far away from city life. You can feel the refreshing pollution-free air, experience picturesque trekking trails, explore lush green plantations, and camp under the stars this New Year’s Eve. Bring in the New year amidst nature, and enjoy the best New Year Eve Camping and Trekking events in Pune.

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