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About Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in the Westren ghats region at an elevation of 1,353 meters from sea. The breathtaking view of the hills, in-numerous waterfalls, streams, springs and cultivation delicious strawberries, makes Mahbaleshwar a hot favorite among weekend getaway destinations from Mumbai.

Mahabaleshwar has over 14 viewpoints which offer panoramic views of the amazing landscapes. These points are within close range of each other and are named after notable Britishers, some of them are namely Elphinstone Point, Arthur's Seat, Galoni Point, Lodwick Point, Wilson Point, Babington point, Connaught Peak and Hunter Point.  During the rainy season, the waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar, three in number, come to life. The Lingmala

Falls is located about 6 km from Mahabaleshwar and is formed by the River Venna. The waterfall plunges down from a height of 500 ft. Around 3km from Mahabaleshwar is the Dhobi Falls which is a popular picnic spot. The water plunges down into a deep valley and finally merges with Koyna River. The Chinamons Falls is located at around 2.5 km from Mahabaleshwar, in an exotic place with Chinese cultivated gardens at close proximity. 

Other than popular scenic spots, Mahabaleshwar also has some religious places. The Mahabaleshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an important Hindu pilgrimage site. The temple was built by the

Chanda Rao More dynasty in the 16th century and is a model of the Hemadant architectural style of South India. The Krishna temple is another place of religious importance in Mahabaleshwar. The place where the temple is located is locally known as "Panchganga" which means, Five Rivers i.e. Krishna, Koyna, Yenna, Gayatri and Savitri.

You can also extend your trip to Panchgani, which is a picturesque hill station near Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani provide good opportunities for those who love trekking and hiking on several tracks leading through thinning forests. 

How to reach?

The distance between Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar is about 263 kms. From Mumbai, it takes about 4 to 5 hours by car taking a route via Panvel through Mahad and Poladpur. There are frequent state transport buses from Dadar and Mumbai CST.

The nearest airport is at Pune about 120 kms from Mahabaleshwar. Nearest railroad is Satara, around 55 kms away. Nearest major railway junction is at Pune, 120 kms. There are regular state transport buses plying and even private transport is easily available to go to Mahabaleshwar.

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