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We are above eye level The eye sees... Mind comprehends... And an artist imagines. Your eyes give you a limited world. The inner eye stimulates you to rise above & see the view of those few freethinkers. Let Art Work Let art Work is a more than just a gallery… it’s a concept that nurtures budding talents. It is a vital force among the new generation artists that gives a new lease of life for their work by providing them a place to display it. Purely established to go beyond the concept of just profits, we work in creating a perfect opportunity for the ones who are yet to make their mark in the field of art. We wish to make the art patrons aware of those artists who have immense potential but are hidden from the limelight. The place is located in the lap of nature with magnificent mountains visible through each window. The gallery displays paintings, sculptures, installations & also conducts various art related events representing a new flourish of creative synergy. With the inherit aim to give a chance to young talents, Let Art Work is a massive platform that connects art lovers from a wider world. SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION “KHOJ”- Tapadia Art And Cultural Foundation is working since Sep 2013 to promote all the art forms at various platforms through different social activities. A cultural center that offers various recreational facilities like art making, art appreciation workshops for enthusiasts, it also offers other similar activities to educate about art. In order to spread awareness about art education and pursuing it as a serious career Khoj invited young, talented artist work from fine arts background for awarding scholarship. Selected artists were promoted through a unique concept 'Gift A Painting' by making their art available in a small size & affordable rate. Gift A Painting A unique concept developed by architect couple, trusty of Khoj Taptadia Art And Cultural Foundation, is an effort to change the mind-set of people and make them realize that gifting a painting is unique, accessible, affordable and possible and the same time classy. The authentic painting created in a small size, will be affordable, easily available and flexible to keep it the way you want. At the same time, Gift A Painting is an opportunity for artist to promote their work to individuals and corporate. About The People Behind Let Art Work Ar. Rashmi Parakh Tapadia Founder & Director Mother | Space Planner | Leader | Consultant | Rotarian | Writer Her philosophy behind LetArtWork is taking art to common man is necessary and at the same time challenging too therefore, creating a platform for art connect & to understand the worth of appreciating art work ...the concept of LetArtWork was born. Ar. Kapil Tapadia Founder & Director Director At Advantage Architecture, Pune. BNI l Lahotian l Almanite l Designer | Team Builder | Artist | Singer The concept of Let Art Work was a result of a small incident in China, where Kapil had visited to buy furniture along with the paintings for a project. A discussion with a friend made him realize that why can’t designers & architects do something to create art market in India, when there are is a huge pool of talent unexplored. His philosophy is to bridge GAP between ART & MART... A painting should be affordable must promote the artist& earn him respect. With Gift A Painting (GAP) & Let Art Work, Rashmi and Kapil strives to do this, by giving a helping hand and support , is achieved by selecting artist and awarding them scholarship and promoting their name and work in the corporate sector.

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