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About Hyatt Pune

One of the best 5-star hotels in the city, Hyatt Pune is located in Maharashtra, India. To describe the hotel in a single sentence, one can simply say that Hyatt Pune is a 5-star hotel with a seven-star service. The hotel has 209 rooms and is an upscale business hotel. If you are a business traveller, you know where to stay in Pune. They have created a warm and peaceful environment where you can get on with your work and meetings without any distractions. The interiors of this hotel are designed in a modern style which gives it a contemporary and sophisticated look, the ideal setting for important business discussions that involve international guests. The Hyatt Pune is also perfect for events such as wedding parties.

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The hotel lets you enjoy your special event surrounded by your nearest ones in a calm and peaceful environment. The surroundings can often be adjusted to your liking for that special touch of extra elegance that your wedding requires. To add to all of this, Hyatt Pune is well known for its exquisite cuisines. Check out their restaurants and menus to create an unforgettable gastronomy journey for your wedding guests. The hotel has different indoor as well as outdoor areas for you to carry out your wedding rituals comfortably and in what can be only described as sheer luxury. They have a humungous 929 sq. ft. the beautiful banquet hall that can easily accommodate over a hundred guests, ideal for wedding functions. You need not worry too much about the financial aspect of it all. The hotel has innovative packages and cost-effective solutions to turn your ceremony into a flawless event. From wedding décor to catering and bar services, the staff assist you with everything you can possibly imagine. Regardless of the event, you are planning to celebrate, the hotel team helps you through the planning and coordination processes making it altogether easier and fun for you.


Hyatt Pune, 88 Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, Pune, Maharashtra 411006
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