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About Football Classes & Workshops

Football is one of the most well known Team Sports. With tournaments and competitive matches between various teams across the globe, Football has become one of the most favourite sports internationally. 

Recently, with the new tournaments between well known teams in India, the sport has also made its way winning fans all over the world. Football is also known as Soccer in some countries, Gridiron Football, Rugby Football and Gaelic Football. 

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While this rules of all these football games vary from country to country, these are known as Football Codes. The various forms of football games have been rising from different countries, making this sport one of its kind and appreciated by an enthusiastic global audiences. 

History of Football

It was during the 20th century that various codes of football rose out of various countries, making the sport one of the most played sports. This time of growth and evolution that the sport underwent, also gave rise to popular football teams from different countries. The Football League was first founded in England in 1888. This also made football one of the first professional competitive sports.

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The birth of Football traces back to the time when the Greeks used to play different types of ball games which also involves playing using feet, something a lot similar to the current game of Football. Football is believed to have originated from the game Epyskyros an ancient game, which is closest to the game of rugby.

While this was still a game that was being formed and not completely established, parts of the game are also similar to a Chinese Game called Tsu’ Chu that had a set of rules like Football does. This made the game one of the first few sports with rules and teams while playing.

1856 in history shows English explorers playing a form of Football with the natives of Greenland during one of their exploratory trips. Various countries and traditions seem to have practiced games that are similar to that of Football in the past. 

While England still holds evidences of the game of Football or as referred to as ‘ball game’, clear evidences in writing s traces back to 1280. Documented writings of history from 1308 shows Ireland playing Football during these years. Eventually, 15th Century saw various countries playing Football, including Nottinghamshire. In 1863, the first Football Association was inaugurated in London. 

Since the game of Football has been associated with various football codes, the term ‘Football’ refers to most of the forms of game. However, the term depends to vary according to where it is being used. Quite a few countries like Australia and New Zealand have also changed their Football Codes to being called as Football. 

Why Football Classes & Workshops?

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Football is a team sport that is widely gaining a lot of global audiences as well as great players. The sport requires intensive training sessions that would help the player with various aspects that he would need.

The player is trained for best stamina for the sport. 

Being a team player and a great sportsman spirit is required of every player in the field, which the football training sessions focus on.

Apart from giving out the best to the team while playing, players are trained and encouraged to be able to work their way towards individual performances while still playing for a team.

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