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About Fireflies Trek

Time to go gaga over Fireflies Trek and be at the Fireflies Festival this season! Fireflies Treks are among the best things to do, this pre-monsoon in Mumbai & Pune! Fireflies Trekking and Camping events having been one of the popular buzz are quickly becoming a favorite unwind. Camping spots along places like Bhandarada, Rajmachi, Parabalmachi and more, show perfect trail for a Fireflies Trekking and Camping.

Maharashtra has some of the best trekking spots and has always been an adventure adda for adventure junkies throughout the country. From old hill forts, to defined silhouettes of mountain ranges, dense forests, untouched trails, exhilarating mountain peaks, to perfectly wind carved rocks and valleys and historical caves, the trekking terrains are perfect for avid adventure lovers and explorers. Here’s the thing, a beginner would instantly fall in love with these if they were ever on an exploration. Living in Mumbai or Pune for that matter totally pays when it comes to planning on a quick weekend getaway on an adventure trek or even on a history buff's exploratory spree.

With a tonne of things to do while on a search for the perfect adventure, treks that trail along dense forests and then to hill forts seem to every nature lovers favorite kind. These treks have their own perks. The trekkers get to camp out along these forest clearings and catch the stunning sunrise after a short trek up the hill fort.

Why Fireflies Trek?

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Adding to this are the seasonal delights that swoon over these terrains, the fireflies. Fireflies breed during the pre-monsoon seasons. Maharashtra’s hill ranges host their pre-monsoons as if it were the pre-party setting the tone for the lovely monsoons. And yes, the Monsoons are stunningly refreshing along these regions.

Pre-monsoon trek is one of the best ways to experience the sublime woods, while the hills are being buzzed over by the glowing fireflies. Popularly and fondly known as the Fireflies Trek, the mountain ranges are all set to welcome the adventure lovers carefully treading over and let them be lured by the enchanting fireflies. Paces like Rajmachi are said to have had the most perfect spots to witness millions of Fireflies all at once, deep in the woods. Trekkers get to watch them set ablaze during the nights, while trekking or camping along the area.

Best Fireflies Treks

Rajmachi, Bhandardara, Sandhan Valley and Kothaligad are some of the famous trekking spots that trekkers get to spot fireflies during the pre-monsoons. Fireflies are mostly attracted to the humid, marshy air and soil. So the pre-monsoons set the perfect conditions for the fireflies to mate and breed during this season.

There are Fireflies Festivals and camping events that various outdoor organizers host. These events are accessible to both folks travelling from Mumbai and Pune. At the Bhandardara Fireflies Festival, the campers are allowed to kick back with beer and enjoy the night as it does not involve trekking. This could be a perfect way of enjoying nature if you are not into trekking or adventure, but still be able to get enchanted at the Fireflies Festival.

An adventure trek in the night and camping out in the woods, makes it even more perfect for a Fireflies Trek along the dense forest regions. Apart from Rajmachi's Fireflies Trek, places like Prabalmachi and Sandhan Valley host some of the best Fireflies Trek and is perfect for trekkers travelling from Pune.

However, it is also required that the trekkers and campers understand the need to leave the nature and the surroundings undisturbed, as much as possible.

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