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About DJ Paroma

She left her high paying job as an air hostess to pursue her passion in music. DJ Paroma was once an average teen visiting clubs and tapping to the tunes of the DJ, but her passion for understanding the concepts of mixing and her love for music made her take a leap of faith and enter the world of House music.

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Her background

DJ Paroma or Paroma Chatterjee can twist the beats and produce any kind of music but her time at clubs as a professional DJ is mostly spent with commercial house and hip-hop. She has completed an ISO certified course in DJing from Livewires institute in Mumbai and even owns a Public Performance License that gives her the edge over other performers.

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She was trained by DJ Bob Omulo who still remembers teaching her and recounts his days with her by stating that her humility and passion for learning helped her in getting the highest scores in the class.
It was her time in the institute when she realized that DJing was the right field for her.

Her evolution as a DJ

She has successfully spun her way to some of the biggest live events in India.Her live acts include places like Candy Club (Chennai), Echoes (The college festival of IIM Kozikhode), Zero G (Bangalore) and many more events.

As every DJ needs to experiment and push his/her boundaries in order to keep creating better music, DJ Paroma has made a big name for herself in the clubbing industry in India.

Her enthusiasm is fueled by her fans' positive response to her music and performances. She was the 2nd runner up in the 2014-15 MY FAV awards for the best Bollywood DJ and the 1st runner up in 2015-16.

Her evolution from a trainee to one of the biggest DJs in India serves as an inspiring story to all the young women who dream of pursuing their passion.

Credits DJ Paroma

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