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Camping Places near Pune

The bustling city of Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra. It has seen rapid growth and development in recent years, but semblances of its old culture is still remnant here. The buildings and residential areas greatly bespoke this old world charm. With pollution and traffic having taken over the city in recent years, a break from the urban chaos is what we all crave at some point. The strategic location of Pune along the Deccan Plateau and the Sahyadri mountain range means there are several places nearby for a quick escape and camping under the stars sounds like a great weekend plan!

Here is our list of the best camping places near Pune and you will surely be packing your bags for a weekend away in nature.

1. Pawna Lake - 54 Kms from Pune

Pitch a tent right by the serene and pristine Pawna Lake and enjoy a weekend of camping, bonfires, swimming, and barbeques. The surroundings of the lake are beautiful and at night the whole sky turns into a canopy of stars. If you would like to squeeze in a little of a culture trip while there, you ca take a trek to any of the historical forts present nearby, which include Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, and Tungi Fort. Pawna lake is an ideal destination at any time of the year and lies at a distance of 54 km from Pune.

2. Bordi Beach - 283 Kms from Pune

We all love the beach life and what better way to experience it truly than to camp right on the sands of the beach. Bordi beach is located 283 km away from Pune and is a scenic location for a campsite. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball or a swim and end the days with beautiful sunset views followed by a night under the stars. Camping at Bordi Beach is the vacation we all need and a great spot for night camping near Pune.

3. Kundalika - 134 Kms from Pune

Camping is best coupled with adventure spots and Kundalika is your destination for that. The Kundalika river is well known for river rafting and it not only offers rafting but also provides facilities for boating, swimming, and kayaking. Kundalika is also a beautiful location and one gets the best of both worlds here. The river is 134 km away from Pune and makes for a pleasant drive and is one of the best camping places near Pune

4. Panchgani - 100 Kms from Pune

Panchgani is located less than 100 km away from Pune and the climate is best during the months of September-April. This place will spur your thrill for adventure with the plethora of activities it offers. At the campsite, one can enjoy campsite activities such as ziplining, obstacle courses, rifle shooting, rock climbing, water rappelling, trekking, and cycling, amongst others. Panchgani also offers great landscape views and wildlife.

5. Karnala - 121 Kms from Pune

Karnala is definitely a top destination for camping near Pune. It is not only family friendly but is enveloped in a sea of greenery that is breathtaking. The Karnala Fort and the Karnala Bird Sanctuary are attractions points of it and one can enjoy bird watching as there are over a 150 species of birds that can be found in the area. Enjoy activities such as trekking, cycling, bonfires, and bird watching at this beautiful hill station which is only 121 km from Pune.

6. Sinhagad - 32 Kms from Pune

Sinhagad or The Lion’s Fort is located only 32 km away from Pune and is the perfect quick weekend fix. It has seen many battles fought and also lies in the centre of other forts such as Rajgad, Torna, and Purandar. Camping here means you can explore and trek to all or any of these forts and enjoy the scenic views that are available at all of these historic places. To truly experience the best of what the landscape has to offer, one should try and make the trip during the monsoon season.

7. Kamshet - 45 Kms from Pune

Kamshet is another great camping spot if you are looking to go camping near Pune. Located only 45 km away from Pune, it is accessible by road and rail. It is home to several villages and one can enjoy a cultural trip learning about the rustic and traditional lifestyles here. Kamshet is well known for being a paradise for paragliders and trekkers and offers wide open spaces and dense forest covers due to the proximity to the Western Ghats. There are also several ancient cave temples to explore around the area.

8. Harishchandragad

A camping trip to Harishchandragad is one that will be for the memory books. The trek to the top of the Harishchandragad fort which is the Taramati peak is not easy and not for beginners but the views from the top of the beautiful terrain are like no other. Moreover, it also offers other activities such as valley crossing and rock climbing.

9. Kaas Plateau - 130 Kms

The Kaas Plateau is located 130 km away from Pune and its beauty is undeniable. If you are in to photography as much as you are in to camping then this plateau with its rich flora species and landscape will be your favourite destination. The plateau is best experienced in the monsoon season when the flowers are in full bloom. Grab your camping equipments and make your way to possibly the most beautiful campsite near Pune.

10. Torna Fort - 50 Kms from Pune

Create weekend goals like no other by camping at the top of a hill at Torna Fort. This hillock is an expanse of greenery and lush views and one can enjoy trekking trails all around. Enjoy a weekend away amidst all that nature has to offer with some of the best she has to offer and sunrises and sunsets that are just mesmerizing. Torna Fort is only 50 km away, so pack your bags already!

11. Nashik - 168 Kms from Pune

Nashik is located 168 km away from Pune and is well known for its wine and vineyards and the Sula fest. For some, camping is all about relaxing and being away from the city and crammed hotel rooms, and not about adventure sports. If this is something that resonates with you then head on over to Nashik and pitch your camp close to the Gangapur Dam. You will be surrounded by serene waters, vineyards, and beautiful sunsets over the horizon.

12. Lonavala

Lonavala is a favourite weekend getaway for most folks of Pune. A short drive or train ride away, Lonavala with its natural scenic views and pleasant climate is always an alluring destination. Lonavala is also a haven for campers and one can enjoy a series of adventure activities while there including trekking, hiking, zorbing quad biking, and cycling, amongst others.

13. Bhandardara Lake

Lake Bhandardara near Igatpuri Hill Station is a pristine water body that competes in beauty with the hill station Igatpuri.This water reservoir is a serene environment and a perfect escape from the humdrum of urban life. Camping near Pune is incomplete without a blanket of stars to sleep under and you get that and more when you camp by this lake.

14. Shirota Lake

The famous Shirota Lake is beautiful and it is also a great campsite. The campsite is located at an elevated level and offers some stunning views. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the tranquil and peaceful environment and enjoy activities such as swimming, hiking, and boating while here. The lake is only about an hour’s drive from Pune and is ideal for all groups.

15. Tapola - 148 Kms from Pune

Tapola is 148 km away from Pune and is known as the ‘Mini Kashmir of the West’. It is covered by a dense forest and the Shivsagar Lake and one can already begin to envision how beautiful the place is. Tapola is a getaway into the wild and one can enjoy jungle treks, kayaking, swimming, boating, and water scooter rides while there. This camping place near Pune is definitely not something one should miss.

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