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About Yes 2 Life

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Yes 2 Life Meditation Studio is a dream studio of Shibani Thakur.

Shibani Thakur is based out Pune and been practicing meditation for the last 12 years. She is a certified holistic yoga teacher, having completed Art of Living Basic and Advanced Courses, she is also trained in Reiki level III and Crystal healing. She is a trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Relief  course from eMindful.

Yes 2 Life conducts weekly meditation sessions in different locations in and around Pune. Yes 2 life has set out with a task of bringing back meditation into the busy and stressed lives for a healthier, violence free world. Says Shibani, the founder, “My goal is to set up a platform to put together practical bits through which spiritual knowledge can appeal to the modern, logically oriented person and creative tips for them to squeeze the practices into their overcrowded lives.”

Images Credit: Facebook - Yes2Life

The studio offers wide range of meditation courses from basic to advance levels. The offerings are both in-person, group and online depending upon the interest.  Sessions like Prana Dharana, Stretching, Pranayama,Chanting and  Dhyana, takes one into progressively deeper realm of meditation which is the highest form of self awareness. Today every individual in the city is stressed and feels clogged with lot of anger inside. The energy within is  is diverted towards external achievement and momentary satisfaction. 

Images Credit: Facebook - Yes2Life

The sole purpose of this studio is to provide peace and mindfulness. 


B-1204, Aloma County, Aundh, Pune - 411007
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