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About Thousand Oaks

Fun unlimited!!!

Image Credits: Website - 1000 oaks

You will love this place if you like all things brown and woody, with an ambiance of an old world english pub. One of the oldest and the most revered pubs of Pune. It has a beautiful al fresco seating with a perfect combo of Indian, Western and British culture.The DJ is great, they mostly play rock from 70's and 80's nbut sometimes they play some House too.

Try out the preparations like Tandoori Pomfret, Fish Hyderabadi Tikka, Tawa Prawns, Fish Chilly, Murgh Seekh Kebab, Chicken Clear Soup and Chicken Kathi Wrap

They are inclusive and believe in celebrating and respecting every occasion and DAY under the sun. There is enough on the plate for everyone.

Some attractions and events:

  • wednesday...ladies will have more and even more with ladies nite
  • Daddy Daughter Day out
  • The Andhra Food Festival
  • The Kerala Food Festival
  • The Chettinad Food Festival and the celebrations goes 

Image Credits: Twitter - 1000 oaks

  • Beer fest with the best crafted beer in the town

Image Credits: Twitter - 1000 Oaks

Like Food, music is also for all ears do visit them regularly to get a flavor of different genres. The portion is satiating for the Indian tummy, so 2 or 3 people can easily share generous morsils.

Phone Number

020 2634 3194


2417, East Street, Pune Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
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