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About Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Rajiv Gandhi Zoo as it is called now is spread across 130 acres encompassing a water body called Katraj Lake.

Image Credits: Website - Pune Zoo

Unlike the zoo of the yore where animals were caged behind iron bars, the present coo is a modern zoo with an objective of providing bigger better and naturalistic enclosures, in accordance with the Central Zoo Authority guidelines. Hence the animals enjoy a natural habitat and environment. There are 362 animals, of which 147 animals.are classified as endangered and critically endangered as per the schedules of the Wildlife Protection Act of India.

The zoo is currently recognized and categorized as a large zoo by the Central Zoo Authority. 100 dedicated personnel are employed by the PMC to take care of the animals.

The current designing of the zoo aims at contributing to the ex-situ conservation of the critically endangered fauna of the Western Ghats. The zoo also has a research wing to promote and carry out research in wild animal physiology, behvaior, diseases and treatment.

In the recent years with dedication and perseverance the zoo has been successful in the captive breeding of many endangered animals like the Bengal tiger, sloth bear, four horned antelope, blackbuck, monitor lizard, jackal, peacock, Russell’s viper, Indian cobra, etc.

The zoo has collections of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Among mammals, the zoo has a white tiger and a male Bengal tiger named Tanaji. Other mammals at the zoo include leopard, sloth bears, sambhars, barking deer, blackbucks, monkeys, and elephants. Reptiles include Indian rock python, cobra, snakes, vipers, Indian crocodiles and Indian star tortoise and birds such as peafowl also feature.

The snake park has a large collection of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. There are over 22 species of snakes with 10 species of reptiles comprising more than 150 individuals. This includes a 13-foot-long king cobra. Information about the snakes is provided in Braille, as well as more conventional formats, and the park includes a library. The snake park has organized many snake festivals and snake awareness programs to clarify doubts and destroy fears about snakes. 

Image Credits: Website - RGZP - Sumeet Gupt

Visiting Hours and Tickets Rates:

FROM 1ST APRIL TO 15TH JUNE – 9.30 am TO 6.00 pm

(Zoo gates will close at 7.00 pm)

FROM 16th JUNE TO 31st MARCH – 9.30 am TO 5.00 pm

(Zoo gates will close at 6.00 pm)

Ticket Rates

Adult ( Above 4 feet 4 inches) 25/-

Child ( Below 4 feet 4 inches) 10/-

Blind & Handicapped Persons (on providing proof)FREE

Foreigners 100/-

Students (School Trips- Accompanied by teachers) 

Students of Private Schools 10/- per person

Students (School Trips- Accompanied by teachers) 

Students of PMC, ZP & Government Schools 5/- per person

Still Camera 50/-

Video Camera 200/-

Guide (If Available- per group) 50/-


Adult ( Above 4 feet 4 inches) 40/-

Child (Below 4 feet 4 inches) 25/-


Getting There:

Slightly outside the city proper, the park is located along the Pune-Satara Highway near the Bharati Vidyapeeth University.
The park is 8 kilometres from main Pune city, close to the Katraj Bus Depot. PMPML busus may be obtained from Swargate. The Katraj dairy is also close by.
  • From Swarget bus stand any bus coming towards Katraj- Bus No. 103, 42, 301
  • From Shivaji Nagar bus stand any bus coming towards Katraj- Bus No. 2
  • From Pune Station bus stand any bus coming towards Katraj- Bus No. 24

Zoo Services:

Educational Services

Date                    Event

15th FebruaryPune Municipal Corporation Day (Three Days Flower Show)

14th March        Zoo Day

22nd April        Earth Day

22nd May        International Biodiversity Day (Three Days Summer Camp)

5th June                World Environment Day

July                       Vanmohotsav

July/August       Nagpanchami

August                Rakshabandhan

1st – 7th OctoberWildlife Week (Week of various competitions )

November         Animal Welfare Fortnight

  • Birthday celebrations of famous zoo animals
  • Free Two days monthly workshops ‘Olakh Pranisangrahalayachi’
  • Free Half Day Workshops ‘Maitri Karuya Pranisangrahalayashi’
  • Free Three Days Summer Camp ‘Olakh Pranisangrahalayachi’
  • Free Orientation Programmes
  • Free Guided Tour


For registration of any of the above mentioned programme, interested Schools/NGOs/group of people may 

please contact the Zoo’s Educational Officer on Tel. – 020-24367712 (O)

Adoption Services

Adoption schemes are rolled out to support animals. One can be patrons and support a specific need of the animals through donation or yearly maintenance.

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation centre

A  24x7 helpline for wild animal rescue or taking care of destitute animals.

Image Credits: Website - RFZP 

The 24 x 7 facility has basic infrastructure inclusive of surgical facilities, pre and post operative holding area, quarantine wards, electric fence enclosures, reptile enclosures (pits), primate enclosures, bird cages, and other enclosures suitably modified for specific animal requirements. Specially designed aviaries  inclusive of isolation area, pre -release area and holding area have also been built. Every enclosure is facilitated with temperature control devices for faster recovery of animals.

ARRC functions to rescue these sick, injured or orphaned animals and give them another chance at life. 

Phone Number



Pune - Satara Road, Opp Katraj Dairy, Pune, Maharashtra 411037
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