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About Pune Film Festival

An annual festival held here in Pune awarding numerous talented actors, directors and films. Its a prestigious event that many look forward to. This festival is contains a renowned set of awards that are awarded by the Government of Maharashtra. And the winning films and artists are chosen by an international jury. Dr. Jabbar Patel is the Director of the Pune International Film Festival - PIFF. 

One of the most happening cities of India and a growing city not to mention its the prime location for actors in India to choose to pursue their career via the famed FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), Pune is the budding home to  filmdom and talent. The city is also a hub for cultural diversity as well as a perfect combination of history in the film industries as well as the modern and upcoming cultures. This makes it ideal for hosting the film festival. 

The Pune International Film Festival was launched in 2002 and the craze goes on till today. Thousands of people come to be a part of the festivities every year.

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