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About Pune Biennale

Making Art Speak...for the sake of Art

Image Credits: Facebook-Pune Biennale 2017

Pune Biennale Foundation is an organization that brings together art, architecture and design for enhancing visual aesthetics in Pune. The Foundation, through its flagship activity of Pune Biennale, has created several public art projects. Its notable contribution in the city is several walls painted with public participation.

With local talent available in all facets of life and society, Pune Biennale is perfect platform to bring out the myriad facets of art and design and make it accessible to public. The aim of the foundation is to position Pune on the global art scenario by promoting ever green small time local talent available in the nooks and corner of the city. The model cohesively engages people, who inturn act as custodians of their very own creations. The message sent is a strong inclusive movement that makes causes and issues more profound and educates the general public to develop and appreciate aesthetic sensibilities in the society.

Image Credits: Facebook - Pune Biennale

Some Past Events:

1) My City/My Art: It is not gonna cost you anything to speak your mind, its absolutely free. Speak, articulate, and see your city grow

2) On going: Young Expressions - Movement to bring to together art schools across the country. Challenge yourself by dialoguing, engaging, exploring, painting, writing, expressing. Experience the open exchange on all 7 days from 10 am to 8 pm.

Pune Bienale and Pune Municipal corporation time and again has collaborated with professional artists, art students and school children on various projects aimed at building a community of aesthetic citizens who are aware of the rich heritage and fascinating stories that this city has to narrate.

For Example: projects like Pune Speaking Wall is a art movement, where city walls will be converted into interactive art galleries open to all.

Pune Biennale Foundation supports Pune Municipal Corporation's vision in this project.  Pune Biennale Foundation will curate the entire Speaking Walls project, which includes identification of walls, artists, themes, materials, and accomplishing the stated goals of beautifying the city. As necessary, the Foundation will share information regarding development and accomplishment of the project with PMC team led by the Commissioner.

The power of commune....is the buzz that creates buzzzzzzzzz

Phone Number

+91 20 2567 5333 / +91 9527 00 77 44


White Lotus, Opp Kamala Nehru Park, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004
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