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About Nana Wada

Peshwa's glory come live with Nana Wada.

Nana Wada was built in 1780 by Nana Phadnavis, the Peshwa’s chief administrative officer. It is close to the shaniwar wada, next to vasant theatre.

Image Credits: Wikipedia - Mahitgar

The architectural structures reminisces one about the gala durbars and immaculate administration of the yore. The first floor still has an intact Diwan-Khana (living room), and a veranda with paintings on the walls. 

The grandeur of the wada cannot be missed, even though the paints and carvings have chipped off, it still regales one with the stateliness and glory of the maratha kingdom. 

The wada is made largely of timber that is Teak, and has series of arches that adorn the balcony. The balconies have wooden railings, the ceilings have wooden carvings that run across the square patch extending itself into columns in the front room shaped like cypress trees. The faded wall paintings are hardly visible now with a dull depiction of the era. 

Image Credits: Wikipedia - Mahitgar

The wooden architecture highlights the royal status of the wada. The first floor still has the ‘Diwan-Khana’ (court house) and a veranda with paintings on the walls. The finely carved wooden ceiling, arches, cypress-shaped pillars and motifs of the banana flowers only enhances the royalness quotient of the place.

The wada also has an emergency exit provision with an escape stairway in the wall that leads one out of the wada.

The wada currently houses a municipal school and a municipal office of old records. Restoration of some parts has been undertaken to bring back the wada’s glory. 


715, PMC Vidyalaya Rd, Narayan Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002
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