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About Karla and Bhaja Caves

Karla and Bhaja Caves are located near Lonavala in Maharashtra around 2hrs and 65 km from Pune. 

Image Credits: WIKIPEDIA - Karla

The beautiful caves are located just 3 km away from the main road amidst green surroundings. They are from the Hinayana phase of Buddhism, which is of 2nd to 1st century BC. 

The karla cave are located near Karli. Though the bhuddist remnants are few, its remaining space is occupied by Goddess Ekveera. The main cave complex s a rocky hill side with large cut windows for fresh air and ventilation. The cave has a large prayer mansion called as chaitya. The carvings are intricate with depictions of man woman and animals.

Bhaja caves is also in the close by vicinity and built by the Hinayan Bhuddist. The caves have no. of stupas. The caves are a climb of 150-200 large steps from the nearest Bhaja Village.

Image Credits: WIKIPEDIA - Bhaja

How to Reach Karla and Bhaja Caves:

Bhaja caves are located near to Karla caves at distance of 12 kms from each other. Khandala is close to the caves which can clbed along with the visit.

Nearest airport is at Pune, while nearest railway station is Malavli. Lonavla station, 10 km from Kalra is the most convenient base for visiting Karla and Bhaja caves.

Distance from Pune, Lonavala and Mumbai:

Lonavala to Bhaja Caves Distance – 15 KM

Pune to Bhaja Caves Distance – 79 KM

Mumbai to Bhaja Caves Distance – 95 KM

Other places to visit enroute.

  • Karnala Bird Sanctury
  • Ekvira Temple
  • Khandal-Lonavala
  • Lohagard Fort
  • Matheran


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