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About Ghangad

A hundred kilometers away from Pune city lies the Ghangad fort. One of the most important forts within the district of Pune, Maharashtra.  The fort is estimated to be at least three hundred years old which says a lot about the structures magnificence. In the years 2011 to 2012, some restoration work was done with the help of the locals. 

In spite of its age, historians have been able to piece together very little information about the Ghangad fort. It is widely believed that the fort was used as some kind of a dungeon for prisoners. Another belief is that the fort was used to supervise the flourishing trade route that connected Pune to Konkan. Whatever is known of the Ghangad fort can be concisely put as until the year 1818, the fort was under the control of the Maratha Empire. It was in the same year that the fort was surrendered to the British forces post the fall of Korigad.

Image courtesy Sujit Mallick

Intrigued? This stunning beauty can be located in the heart of Tahini Ghati barely 30 kilometers from Lonavla-Khandala. There are two ways to get there. One way is by road via the Tamhini ghat road. Your second option for getting to the fort is via Lonavla which is the nearest town. If you take this route, once you reach Lonavla you will need to travel for thirty km in order to get to the village at the base of the fort. The village is named Ekole. There are lots of hotels st Lonavla where you can stay. After that, the next point where you can take a break for tea and snacks is at Peth Shahapur which has plenty of small eateries. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride at the Saltar pass.

For the trekkers out there, the pictures you see here may look a little frightening but worry not, the trekking trail is fairly simple. That is one of the best parts of the trek to Ghangad fort, the trek doesn’t tire you out and the view from the top is amazing with TailBaila, Korigad, Mulshi dam and Sudhagad fort within sight. So it’s a win-win. Please note that the difficulty level of this trek goes up by several notches during the rainy season and venturing into the trail for novices during monsoons is a no-no. You can camp there as well. You can carry your tents or simply pick a cave and build a bonfire to spend the night. Be advised that you are to carry all the food and other necessities because adjoining villages hardly have any stores for such provisions.

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