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About Garbett Point

80 km from Pune is a view of heaven from up in the clouds. Have your dose of adventure, climb to the top and be rewarded with the grand view of the plateau below along with various waterfalls on the neighboring mountains. Be mesmerized by the sunrise and sunset from up here!

The region is known for its lush fields and the biodiversity that enthralls here.

This is the perfect place to experience some piece and quite. It is the  smallest hill station of India and is known to be the most unpolluted hill station of Maharashtra as well as Asia’s pride of being the only automobile-free hill station.

This exquisite place is home to a large number of monkeys, namely from the species Bonnet Macaques and Hanuman Langurs.IT is also uncommon to come across a snake or two during your stay here. 

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Distance from Pune - 80 km

Difficulty Level - medium

Trekking Time - five hours

Altitude - 2625 feet

Best Season - Monsoon, Winter

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