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Classic Rock Coffee Co., Baner, Pune

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About Classic Rock Coffee Co., Baner, Pune

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Rock and Coffee...the ultimate mix to bang your head over a cuppa a Coffee.

When Kent Morrison decided to open up a coffee shop years ago, he knew he had to be different from the masses. This gave birth to rockin and roastin.

Classic Rock Coffee set its foot in Pune and has never looked back since then. It's a unique concept of sourcing great coffee to suit different mood and genres. 

Image Credits: Website - Classic Rock Coffee

“Dirty White Boy”, or cup of “Back in Black Bold” they are not the new kid on the block rock band players, but the out of the box deadly COCOA as a part of the menu.

The beans are sourced year around from different places and geographies. No two coffees are roasted alike. Some coffees can handle darker roasts, while some dont. Some coffees taste better at lighter roast, while other taste better at a medium roast and others at darker roasts. There is more and enough for everyone. The Classic Rock Coffee Makers understand this and give you the best roast for every coffee.

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The menu looks satisfying with a range of dishes, like the any time food or comfort food which one is never tired of.

One may wonder, is it a coffee shop or a pub or bar or what is has mix of every flavor to suit the different needs of its patrons.

It encloses a pub, concert space and a dance area. The space is airy, looks like precipice neatly laid over by bricks, the seating  resemble the piano keys, how can one miss the blue ambassador which is the grilling zone akka live counter. Light starters like Watermelon & Rocket Salad with Feta Cheese, will keep the tummy light so that you can take on more. For veggies, the paneer and cheddar will bring smiles. Sweet Child of Mine  a martini with Tiramisu will not make you dizzy and fall, its perfectly creamy and thankfully, not too sweet

Phone Number

090111 32553 / 077190 63330


5, Baner Rd, Pallod Farms, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
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