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About ABC Cheese farm

Cheese ain't visit to ABC farms and you will not stop yourself from saying this.

Image Credits: Facebook - ABC Farms

ABC Farms was started way back in 1976. A, B and C stand for Aga, Bhathena and Chinoy, the surnames of the first three founder directors of the Company. Today it is completely owned and run by Sohrab Chinoy and his family.

ABC believes in quality and innovation in the development of new varieties of cheese which perfectly suit the Indian Palette.

The oldest of the farms is located on Dehu Road, on the outskirts of Pune. The cheese factory is situated in Koregaon Park which also a retail outlet.

Every November/December ABC hosts a fair where cheese enthusiasts and curious folks come in and enjoy our cheese with wine and much more. if you need a better understanding of cheese and its varieties then head to teh cheese fair.The varieties are mind blowing with cheese made out of everything possible under the sun like Coffee cheese, stinking bishop cheese, Kiwi cheese, Black Currant cheese, Organic Smoked cheese, Sun dried Tomato and Basil cheese, Cherry Brandy cheese and all time favorite Boursin Paprika cheese. The affair is a double whammy with best of the wine also being made available.

Image Credits: Facebook - ABC

Say Cheese and be spoilt for choice. One can choose from Gouda, Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Parmesan three milk cheese and the list doesn't end. There is more and enough for every occasion and season.

Phone Number

020-26880555/888, 265220226


S. No. 35/, 36, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
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