Night Clubs In Delhi Perfect For Everyone Looking For A Place To Unwind

Posted on :
21 August 2016
Posted on :
21 August 2016

After a hard days work we all search for different spots in our city that may help us unwind. For some, it can be a fine dining restaurant, a live musical act or a DJ night with cocktails that will keep them dancing all night long. Here are some night clubs in Delhi that offer all of the above mentioned things under one roof. 

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1. Hype

Credits- Hype

The premier award winning night club in Delhi, Hype hosts some of the best parties in Delhi periodically. The live music is complimented with delicious food and entertainment provided to you by renowned professionals.

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2. TabulaBeach Cafe

Credits- TabulaBeach Cafe

Giving you the perfect escape from the busy and frustrating city life, TabulaBeach has an inspired menu with cuisines from places all over the world, an exclusive cocktail fusion bar and vibrant live music. 

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3. Capitol Club

Credits- Capitol Club

Located in the heart of Delhi, Capitol Club dominated the nightlife in Delhi for a couple of years after its launch back in 2003. The venue has an open air lounge, a VIP lounge and a dance floor for party goers to let their hair down. Over the years, the place has attracted many celebrities and corporations for various parties. 

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4. A State of Music - ASOM

Credits- A State of Music-ASOM

A venue that's not just a party place or a bar but a night club in Delhi that takes the idea of music with great food to a whole new level. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind or an adrenaline rush after a busy day, ASOM is one of the perfect spots in Delhi where you can let loose and dance your worries away. 

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5. The Groghead

Credits- The Groghead

This Gastropub in South Delhi boasts a classy decor, a long list of signature cocktails, an innovative bar menu and 9500 sq ft of space with muted walls and tungsten lighting that provide the guests a unique audio-visual fine dining experience. 

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6. Kitty Su

Credits- Kitty Su

A must visit for all the EDM lovers, Kitty Su keeps up the latest trends the global party circuit. The first club to introduce the concept of 'A' List with a special area known as the List, a small night club within the night club- The Salon and a champagne lounge called The Dressing Room. 

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7. Depot29

Credits- Depot29

Renowned chef Ritu Dalmia's restaurant, Depot29 is a venue spread across two floors and provides its guests with anything one can ask for. From a menu created by the famous Indian chef to a bar that hosts from of the best live performances every week, Depot29 caters to all kinds of party goers in Delhi. 

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8. Summer House Cafe

Credits- Summer House Cafe

The cafe offers you a relaxed atmosphere with an open air environment, American comfort food and chilled beers to beat the heat during the summers. The Summer Cafe boasts some exotic and popular cocktails in its menu that are perfect for late night casual dining. 

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9. The Hungry Monkey

Credits- The Hungry Monkey

The New York styled loft offers the ambiance of a restaurant but also offers the party feel of a bar. Serving different kinds of cocktails, The Hungry Monkey's decor is stylish yet simple. Their varied menu includes some scrumptious dishes that go well with the cocktails and the music. 

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