Top 10: Night Clubs in Mumbai That Know How To Party

Posted on :
21 August 2016
Posted on :
21 August 2016

The city full of hard working employees, businessmen, film stars and other celebrities needs to have some places that help the regular folk unwind on a regular basis. These clubs, pubs or bars serve delicious gourmet food, have an ambiance that will make you forget all your worries and throw some of the most extravagant parties in Mumbai. Here are our picks of nightclubs in Mumbai that know how to throw a good party. 

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1. AER - Bar and Lounge

Credits- AER

Sitting atop the Four Seasons Hotel, AER offers its guests a panormic view of the city, an extravagant lounge experience and delicious cocktails. The lounge offers an amazing dining experience and hosts some of the best parties in Mumbai.

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2. Trilogy Night Club

Credits- Trilogy

Another night club in Mumbai that excels in the providing the ultimate lounge experience, Trilogy Nightclub's matches the sophistication of a luxurious club and still manages to keep you dancing all night long. Their DJ and model nights have given a new meaning to partying in Mumbai.

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3. Tote On The Turf

Credits- Tote on the turf

This venue offers all kinds of luxury to its guests. From fine dining with gourmet food to a bar that will intoxicate you with its ambiance, Tote On The Turf is a must visit for anyone new to Mumbai. The Tote bar even features a suspended mezzanine floor which is only open to VIP bookings.

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4. Amadeus

Credits- Amadeus

Meant for those who enjoy the finer things in life, Amadeus is a Spanish and Mediterranean fine dining restaurant/lounge/nightclub in South Mumbai. The venue is perfect for anyone looking for some sumptuous food and a place to forget the city worries to great music.

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5. Club Alibii

Credits- Club Alibii

Club Alibii is a nightclub and bar spread across 4000 sq ft that promises to spoil you in every way possible. The dance floor is lit up with an array of colours by spiral chandelier as you dance to the tunes of the artist/DJ performing. The nightclub also features a floating round stage with a DJ booth and a private VIP booth. 

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6. Blue Frog

Credits- Blue Frog

If  you talk about the clubs in any big city in India, you surely cannot miss this Blue Frog. Spread across the metros of India, Blue Frog offers an audio-visual experience combined with delicious food and cocktails that takes the term clubbing to a whole new level. 

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7. Hard Rock Cafe Worli

Credits- Hard Rock Cafe 

India's first Hard Rock Cafe, the Mumbai (Worli) venue is perfect for a memorable night with your friends. Dedicated to entertaining rock music fans who love to party, Hard Rock Cafe has become a global brand in the party circuit and continues to enthrall guests with good food and music.

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8. SOHO Tapas Bar

Credits- SOHO Tapas Bar

This Tapas bar indulges in Asian fusion, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and pampers the food lovers while they sip some drinks and enjoy the tunes of the artist. The bar hosts some extravagant parties in Mumbai and even caters to the norturnal crowd looking for some good food.  

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9. Kaitlyn's Beer Garden

Credits- Kaitlyn's Beer Garden

The perfect place to unwind after a hard day's work, Kaitlyn's Beer Garden caters to all the beer lovers who enjoy delicious gourmet food and a relaxed ambiance. The place is perfect for a peaceful lunch/dinner as well as a musical night with good food. 

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10. antiSOCIAL

Credits- antiSOCIAL

The underground venue is a part of the Social franchise spread across metros of India. antiSOCIAL is a versatile venue that can be used for parties, leisure events, music acts, movie screenings etc. 

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