Meet Franz Andrini - Prominent Yoga Guru And Author of Yogapedia

Posted on :
12 August 2016
Posted on :
12 August 2016

The author of Yogapedia, an online encyclopedia on Yoga, Franz Andrini has dedicated his life to spreading the knowledge of yoga. The man started practicing yoga at an age when most youngsters spend their days at nonconstructive work. His journey through several ashrams with different masters has made him one of the most sought after names for those eager to learn. We got in touch with the teacher before his workshop in Bangalore and got to know about his journey so far, his motivation and how yoga is beneficial for everyone. Here is our one on one with the Yoga Master.

Credits- Franz Andrini

1. What inspired you to practice yoga at such a young age?

It was a quest about the meaning of existence, at the age of seventeen that drew me to the practice of yoga. A sheer desire aroused in me to know myself beyond body, senses and the mind, and find that elixir of eternal life. It was actually an Isa Upanishad book that set the tone to my future spiritual pursuits.

2. You lived a monastic life for 7 years. Tell us about your experience.

Well, it was a simple brahmacharya life: Getting up early, doing pujas, meditation, seva in the ashram and learning the Vedantic philosophy. Good days with lots of good energy. Certainly not glorious enough to make a movie out of it. 

3. Tell our readers about the connection between yoga and spirituality.

Yoga is nothing but an essence of spirituality, the union of the Self (atman) that has become immortalized and thus the Supreme Self (paramatma). That primarily happens when our consciousness, which is usually externalized, comes to rest within us. Sure, yoga has many levels and applications, and therefore many paths, but the final outcome is what I have stated above.

Credits- Franz Andrini

4. What are your views on this generations' youth and their health?

It is an entirely different generation and the whole mindset of it is a bit alien to me. While there are many who see the value of healthy life and exercise, and perhaps many more are exercising these days than ever before - due to the global awareness and connectivity, there are still many who, more than ever before, are into drugs and sedentary life. In a way nothing has changed, yet everything is different.

Credits- Franz Andrini

5. How did you come about Yogapedia?

Yogapedia was a spontaneous project done in collaboration with a friend of mine and entrepreneur, Vikram Narayanan, who decided to sponsor my asana videos and promote them, too. See asana videos here

Later on, YP took a bit different turn and I developed it into a real encyclopedia, as e-books on my web site. I keep adding new insightful articles in it that are all about yoga. Yogapedia is now part of the Lotus Membership on my web site.

6. Other than yoga, what are the other things you follow to stay healthy?

Yoga has many connotations for me. It includes also daily meditation, playing sacred chants and pranayama as well as puja to stay healthy, as health is an expression of our consciousness, too.

Other things basically include eating as much as possible organic food, not overeating, or eating too little. I prefer steamed food with a bit of ghee. Occasional fasting is important, too. Not reading the news too much and keeping away from negativity makes me feel healthier as well. Also, keeping romance with my wife alive makes me healthier, but sometimes seclusion cures me from everything.

Credits- Franz Andrini

7. In this day and age, not many youngsters are interested in yoga or meditation. What are your views on this?

I don’t think, youngsters, barring few exceptions, were ever much interested in yoga and its path of meditation. It is however good to introduce youngsters to yoga asanas at a reasonably early age, but young people should focus mainly to develop their talents. Few will always find their way to yoga, while others will come to yoga when they grow a bit older, when out of teens. Basically, yoga is here to stay and people will practice it more and more as it is already becoming a culture world-over.

8. Tell us about your upcoming events in Bangalore.

I have regular events in Bangalore, the city that I spent living in for many years. Usually I introduce newcomer into specific detox practices of yoga, for which I have a supporting online version, for them to follow up at their convenience. So, this time will be no different. There are also many old students of mine that I train in other yogic practices, including meditation and more advance asanas.

9. Your future plans

No plans. Just continue teaching till the rest of my life.

10. Your message to today's youth.

Join me.

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