Know Your DJs: Badass Female DJs From Mumbai Who Will Keep You On Your Feet All Night Long

Posted on :
12 August 2016
Posted on :
12 August 2016

Mumbai is known for it's renowned DJs and it's party crowd that never gets tired. Out of these renowned DJs who keep the party animals awake all night long, there are some women who have used their talents and unique music styles to keep people tapping on the dance floor all the time. We picked a few female DJs from Mumbai you all should keep in mind, the next time you feel like partying. Here is a list (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) of some of the best female DJs from Mumbai who have made a name in the Mumbai nightlife scene as well as in the global party circuit. 

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1. Kini Rao

Credits- Kini Rao

Known for her funky music, Kini started out as a resident DJ at Hyderbad's Poison. Over the years she has risen in ranks with a performance in GO: Madras and opening India's biggest music event, Sunburn. Even though she has performed in renowned party spots in Berlin, Copenhagen and London, she is a regular at Mumbai's Zenzi Mills and is a resident DJ and artist programmer at F Bar Mumbai.  

2. DJ Angel

Credits- DJ Angel

She started her stint in music as a drummer in school and realized her passion for spinning in 2007. Her phenomenal growth in the music industry can be seen with her becoming the most sought after name in Bollywood remixes. Her unique style and knowledge of the audiences' music needs have helped her rise in the global club circuit. 

3. DJ Shireen

Credits- DJ Shireen

The renowned DJ started playing with beats and tunes at an early age of 19. Her reaching the national finals of Times War of DJs was an early indication of her promising career as a DJ. Over the years, she performed at various party arenas in different countries. Apart from DJing, this muti-talented musician is a professional MC, rapper and event organizer. Her tracks were even featured in UK radios.

4. DJ Shilpi Sharma

Credits- DJ Shilpi Sharma

Actress turned DJ, Shilpi Sharma has been the resident DJ at EXO, St. Regis, Mumbai. She was the first mainstream Bollywood actress to shift to DJing and is currently turning heads with her remixes. This upcoming DJ even won the young women achievers award in Mumbai for her contribution to Indian music. 

5. DJ Paroma

Credits- DJ Paroma

After making a career shift from an air hostess to a DJ, Paroma hopes to make the whole world move to her music one day. Her motivation to keep pushing herself is the positive response she always gets from her audience. 

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