Upcoming Theatre Workshops In Bangalore That Will Make You A Professional In No Time

Posted on :
11 August 2016
Posted on :
11 August 2016

Theatre has been and will continue to be a major source of entertainment for the masses. For many aspiring actors, theatre plays a significant role. Bangalore is full of people who like to indulge in theatre. The city is also full of places that organize theatre workshops that cater to both professionals and amateurs. Here are some upcoming theatre workshops in Bangalore that will help you understand the craft. 

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1. Theatre Workshop for Women By Organizational Theatre

Events High

Basic theatre workshops in Bangalore have enjoyed great success and continue to engage the theatre enthusiasts with their wide range of classes and workshops. Their upcoming class will help the participants experiment with their creativity, train them physically, help them understand team work, self discovery and the basics of theatre. 

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2. Towards the Stillpoint: Breath, Voice, Presence - With Arka Mukhopadhyay

Credits- Shoonya

Shoonya is popular among the theatre folk for its events, performances and theatre workshops in Bangalore. Their upcoming event, The physical theatre workshop by Arka Mukhopadhyay, is for anyone who wishes to indulge in some self discovery and spirituality while learning the need of physicality in theatre. 

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3. Playback Theatre Workshop by Shoonya

Credits- Shoonya

Join Rajesh P.I. of the Actors Collective for a playback theatre workshop at Shoonya. Playback theatre is a form of improvisational theatre that helps both amateur and professional actors master the art. The form of theatre takes real life stories from the audience and re-enact them in real time.

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4. Basic Theatre Workshop By Uma Theatre

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As the name suggests, this theatre workshop will feature everything one needs to learn to perform on the stage. The workshop is designed to help participants overcome their stage fright, let go of their inhibitions and push themselves both physically and creatively. 

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5. Enter Stage Right - Beginner's Theatre Workshop by Tahatto

Credits- Tahatto

Tahatto's popular workshop for beginners in Bangalore is back. The theatre workshop will be spread over three weekends making it easier for working professionals to learn the basics of performing live on stage. This beginners theatre workshop will train the participants who will later put up a performance at Atta Galatta 

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